Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Halfway to What I Want

Unless the way I feel improves within the next couple hours, I think I might have to do something that I haven't in a very long time - take a nap before work. I did go to bed an hour early last night, and decided to get up for the day at what I thought was 1:30, based on seeing those digits in the corner of my laptop's screen. The problem with that ended up being that because the same corner of the wallpaper I currently have applied is also mostly white, it makes the time somewhat difficult to read, moreso when I'm not sure if I want to get up or go back to sleep, and thus don't open my eyes all the way. So in the end, it was ~11:30am, and I've been awake since then, and am starting to get a headache thanks to that and the warm temperature today, and can't go back to sleep for a couple hours right now, because a package came for Brandon, which he's supposed to be stopping by to pick up on his way home from work, which isn't too far away, meaning that I'll probably be able to sleep from ~5 to 6:30 (if I decide to), then have a fun, tired night at work. It's good because I'm kind of getting a head start on waking up early, which would have happened in Toronto anyway, but this is currently the third day in a row, and all I want to do is sleep in. Maybe I'll just stick some pillows in my window when I get home tonight, go to sleep however early I wish to, and wake up as late as 4:30pm tomorrow, since it's my birthday and I should be entitled to do what I want. That reminds me of something that I don't want (or rather, don't like) though.

Earlier, Mom and I went out to Future Shop, because one of the laptops I have for Xion only has a floppy drive in it, so I wanted to look for floppy disks there. They didn't have any, as expected, but I could always order them online and have them shipped to the apartment, however, that isn't the thing I don't like. On the way home, Mom reminded me that this is one of the months which she requires grocery money from us for, which I am not at all pleased about. That on top of the fact that I apparently have to give her gas money even though I will physically not be here for an entire week, and have other major expenses plus wanting some money for myself so I can go shopping on Boxing Day just bothers me, greatly. I almost felt like telling her to make that my birthday and Christmas presents then. Keep the money that would be spent on those, so I don't have to pay her. In the end though, I'll probably just continue to complain about it as I am now for a couple days, and make it a goal to have my situation with money as I would like it to be by the end of January, instead of by the end of this month. I still do have enough to pay for everything and more right now, but really really really don't want to. Maybe that is the best idea though. See about going out to St. Clair to buy that World of Psychology book either later this afternoon or before 5pm tomorrow, give Mom her $130 before I leave, and rely on whatever I get paid this week to last until I return. I don't expect to make very much on the pay after this one coming, but as long as it's at least $220, I'll find some way to get by.

It's appropriate that I'm all worried about money and such again though. Prior to last night, the plan was to possibly go out to Walmart after work tonight, but upon setting foot outside after we closed yesterday and finding it to be nice, I stashed my uniform in an empty garbage bag next to the dumpster (camouflage and all that), switched memory sticks in my PSP, untangled my earphones, and set out for a walk. I did not actually need anything that I bought there, but the experience and it being unplanned was fun once again. Money permitting, I want to do the same with Real Canadian Superstore the night I get back, because that's the last time they're open 24 hours, but it probably won't be nearly as fun as yesterday. Somehow, on the way home, I was able to distract myself but continue walking, in such a fashion that I found myself at the other end of various blocks even though I didn't remember walking from one end to the other. Maybe it would be more appropriate to call it "zoning out", but really, all I was doing was listening to the song(s) playing on my PSP, and picturing what sorts of stepcharts I would make for them in StepMania. Not that I've even attempted that in a very long time, but just listening to the music, and picturing what it would be like to put an arrow on every single note, and possibly include lyrics to say "Nice work!" for getting past a difficult part. Suffice it to say I enjoyed the walk, and am glad to have gone again a second time. As for tonight, I plan to come home, put everything that needs to be washed in the washing machine, clean up newly-downloaded things on my laptop, and, as mentioned above, put pillows in my window, and probably go to sleep early. I want tonight to be easy, so it's a good thing the hardest part will be taking my laundry downstairs.

In the meantime, I need to take what opportunity I have now for a quick nap. Probably not even a full hour, but it'll be worth it if it makes me less tired at work tonight. Hopefully it doesn't take long to fall asleep~

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