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I've Missed a Day Already

So, I'm currently out here laying on the couch in the living room (at least that's what I call it), because I'm not really that tired, but Dan and Xion have already gone to bed, and I don't want this visit to turn into another black hole where we do a bunch of fun stuff but I don't write about any of it. As such, to start, the train ride here was pretty uneventful. Having so many people on the train made the ambient temperature slightly higher than normal, which made me feel like I was going to fall asleep toward the end of the trip, but I got by, and was picked up at Union Station by both of them, but not before rearranging things between my bags, because I didn't want them to see one of the items straight away (it was / is a belated birthday present for Xion). Following that, we went out to Jack Astor's for supper, which was overall pretty nice, but not what I had in mind. You see, I very clearly told Dan last week or so that I wanted to go straight from Union Station to the apartment, because it would make me nervous to go to additional places when both of my bags were packed with fairly valuable items. He said that would be fine too, and yet off we went, out for supper first, and I even left both of my bags up at the front behind the booth at the invitation of one of the waitresses, but nothing unfortunate came of it. Supper itself was nice though, and finally - finally - somebody has done what I've been expecting these several years. The waitress who brought us our food flat-out asked (when she came to our table) "Are you a snow leopard?" I told her "That's correct", and she seemed satisfied, but yes. Then there was another diner who, as he was getting up to leave, said he just had to ask, and wanted to know if it was a bet or something, along with another lady on the way out who asked "Why do you have a tail?", somebody in Union Station who Xion said apparently made some comment to the person she was with, and one last couple waiting at the train station in Chatham, who, according to Naomi, were staring at me while I had my back turned. Fun.

At any rate, we came back here to the apartment after supper, and have been here since. I unpacked some of my stuff, gave both Dan and Xion the things I had packed for them (Xion said Bungee is in Uxbridge pretty much straight through until Christmas, but should be in on the weekend, so I'll be able to give him what I have to give him then), had a shower, watched both of them have a go at Tetris on the NES Dan hooked up, watched part of the pilot episode of Warehouse 13 with Xion, and that brings us pretty much up to right now. As previously noted, even if all I do is write up point-form lists of things I've done each day in here, I'll be quite content with that. I'm going to be here for a good while, so I don't want this ten days to go by unmentioned, and eventually to fade into obscurity. Plans for tomorrow are fairly simple for right now - figure out what things I want to make / bake, then go shopping for everything - but they would almost certainly keep us out for most of the day. If I were on my own, it'd take about three to four hours for all the running around I'm picturing, but as Xion said it takes him an hour to walk down to Food Basics, we'll probably be out for closer to five or six. Which I am completely fine with, so long as we don't get caught in the rain, because I have a limited supply of clothing, and would prefer it if the pants and shirt I wore today lasted until at least the 16th. Then again, facilities for washing clothing or other such articles undoubtedly do exist somewhere in this building, but I'm not sure when laundry is normally taken care of. Continuing on, or going back a bit, rather, today was my birthday, yes, but nothing really special was done for it. Adam was still at work when I left, so I didn't see him then, and won't until I return, and Naomi was upset about her laptop not working and me not having enough time to try to back up her music so I could reinstall Windows 7, leaving just Mom, Dad, and I at the table, which was still mostly nice. I got another Value Village certificate as a present, which I sadly have no use for right now, and couldn't use even if I did, as it's at home on my top bunk. There was supposed to be a second gift as well, but Naomi couldn't find it, so I told them to save that for Christmas.

In somewhat different news, shortly after I woke up today, Dan sent me a link that, at that moment, sort of complicated things for me. As the above two paragraphs are large enough though, I'm going to put the details in a cut.

The link he gave me was to a thread in his forum. The relevant posts are copied and pasted below:

Poster A]
New to the site, and pretty new when it comes to the fandom, but always looking to make new friends : )

Any members from around my neck of the woods?

Poster B]
You know I am xD

I have a friend visiting from Chatham on Tuesday. :3

That guy that wears the ears and tail everywhere is visiting me on Tuesday. :)

Poster B]
Dan do you think you could get him to message me? I think that is Cat Guy... I've been trying to find him but no one in Chatham knows his name :( everyone knows him as cat guy and I want to invite him bowling with a few friends and myself. :)

First and foremost, thank you to Dan for respecting my desire for privacy. That aside though, why me? I'm afraid the answer to that is plainly obvious, but oh, how that puts me in a predicament. If I say "No. Leave me alone" (however gently), I'm going to sound like a jerk, but if I say "Yeah, sure", I'm going to be putting myself in an uncomfortable position. I haven't been there in several years now (well, there was that bit back when Dan asked if I wanted to add Xion to my MSN contact list, but I'm over that now), and absolutely don't miss it, so... yeah. Insert a long sigh here. In the end, where Dan giving me that link is concerned, he just stated that somebody was looking for me, and I told him that I'm happy with the way things are right now. I like keeping to myself and having privacy and maintaining a certain mystique. He didn't say that was fine or that he understood or anything, but noted that he said he'd let me know that they were looking for me, and it hasn't come up since. Discomfort and such aside, however, the fact that I'm apparently only known as "Cat Guy" is amusing. I have introduced myself as Karadur at work for exactly two nights thus far, both of them being Halloween, and only a few people know that I go by that name (mostly only online), all of them being either current or past coworkers. Do I want that spread around a bit more? No, because as soon as the name gets around, the sooner people will be one step closer to finding me online, and poking their noses in where I'd rather they didn't. How will I proceed with what that person asked? If Dan doesn't mind (and I can bring myself to actually ask him), I'll create an account with a made-up name and temporary email address, with which to send a message saying "Here's the deal", with roughly the same content as what I wrote above. Otherwise I'll eventually run into them back in Chatham, and trying to respond then wouldn't go nearly as smoothly as it would online.

All of those other things aside, I think I'm ready for bed now, but first, some last-minute things as per usual. Work yesterday (Monday) night went really well. While it's almost certain to change eventually, I actually like closing with Gabby now. On Sunday night, Laura kind of scoffed when I told her that Gabby closed on Monday, as if she thought I didn't like closing with her or something, but that couldn't be further from the truth. She gets stuff done (aside from the grill), and we tend to leave each other to our own tasks, which I strongly prefer. Also concerning work, I went there before the train station today to pick up my pay stub, and a bottle of water to take on the train which Mary gave me for free, but I haven't the heart to open the former yet. Thursday will be coming up rather soon, and instead of checking how much I will be paid now, and inevitably thinking ahead to what I could use that money for here if I need it, I'll wait until I actually get paid, and the deposit is reflected in my Easyweb account. Also, I bought the book I need for my night course today, which was only ~$95 because I bought a used copy, but I should've looked inside it first, because there are some quizzes and such which the previous owner has already circled the answers for. Not that I would imagine that matters, but if it does, I hope I can get a refund instead of having to spend another ~$120 on a new copy of the book, assuming they're in stock. I am now starting to get a headache though, so I'm off to bed. Not sure what time I'll wake up tomorrow, but 2pm sounds fair. I intend to try to sleep in though, so we'll see. At worst, I'll have to do the most important shopping on my own. I could live with that~

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