Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Got What I Wanted

On two counts actually. For one, I was able to go out for a fairly long walk by myself this afternoon, in the rain and slight cold and wind, which was really fun. For two, I now have a 3DS. It's the special Zelda version too, meaning it came with Ocarina of Time 3D, and was overall $10 cheaper than it would've cost to buy the normal console and the two games I was after. Unfortunately, the afternoon still cost about $280, because I stopped in at the kitchen supply store for exactly one thing, for which the cashier gave me a funny look (it was a small brush, so nothing unusual), and also at Dollarama for some snacks, then Shoppers on the way home for some more of the same. The only problem coming from all of that? I also bought the last copy of Super Mario 3D Land that EB Games had, but it doesn't work, as described here. I'm going to take the game back to EB Games tomorrow and see what can be done, because I'd like to avoid having to call / arrange a replacement with Nintendo, because I probably wouldn't get it until after Christmas. On the other hand though, maybe it would be more effective to call EB Games first, to explain the situation and ask if / when they'll be getting more of the games in stock. I think that happens on Monday, which I will be here for, but at the moment, I'm thinking of Monday as possibly being our day for going to the zoo. Lovely complications.

In other news, further related to complications, albeit different ones, Dan was talking to that person who asked him to send me a message, and told them I was here right then, because I was, and... nothing ever came of it. I went over to see that they had said "Hi" or somesuch, but then I just hemmed and hawed and made up an excuse about having to think of what to say, and it didn't come up again after that. Maybe Dan noticed my discomfort and explained my wanting to keep to my small social circle to them for me, but even if do, that doesn't abate my still feeling awkward. I don't want them to think I'm that antisocial, because I'm fine with the idea of having just a quick chat so we can introduce ourselves and then wave / say hi if we see each other back in Chatham, but that's all I want, so hopefully that's what can be done tomorrow. I did send Dan a message after he went to bed, but before his laptop went on standby asking him to let me know if they want to talk again, so we'll see. Apparently this person lives just up the street from me, which is funny because I would figure they'd have seen me at least once on my way to or from work. As toward them not knowing my name, I can't say I mind that, so we'll see if that comes up tomorrow as well. I still don't want to go bowling though. As Dan noted when he said "Maybe they think you're a furry", I am not, therefore, those events don't really appeal to me anymore. Going out bowling with actual friends would probably be fun, and that's what we're thinking about doing on Sunday, but I don't want any more friends than what I have now, and certainly none that I can't only see at one place, and for a limited amount of time each day, such as Manoah and Orlando at work. It makes perfect sense when I put it that way, but the problem would be getting them to understand my way of looking at things.

It is now 5:30 in the morning though, so I think I'm going to get ready for bed. Tomorrow should bring actual grocery shopping - Dan was too tired to go today, and Xion had to wait at home for his groceries to be delivered - and hopefully a productive trip to EB Games, so I do need some sleep. Last night was kind of bothersome because having one pillow stacked on top of the other made my neck sore, but now that I know what the problem was, I can avoid it. It still probably won't be nearly enough sleep though, so I'm off right now, before I think of anything else to say. Hopefully the weather tomorrow is nice~

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