Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I've Done It

I think I may have actually, legitimately made somebody angry today, for two different reasons. One of the guests from the party on Saturday stayed overnight - in the same room as Dan and I, specifically. As it turned out, they snored fairly loudly, which woke me up about four hours after I fell asleep, and prevented me from falling asleep for the half hour or so I laid in bed after that, so out of frustration, I rolled up my blanket, grabbed a pillow, and stumbled out into the living room, then laid down on the couch. Dan was out there as well doing something on his laptop, but he apparently didn't hear me, because when that guest eventually woke up and came out into the living room as well, Dan got up to ask if they wanted to leave their things behind while they went out for the day, and also commented that I was "Sleeping out here now". I told him it was noisy in the bedroom, and he looked out the window, saying that he didn't think there was still construction work going on. A moment passed, then that guest said "I think he means me", which is completely true, but I'm not sure what else I could, or should have said. It wouldn't have worked to lie and say I just wanted to sleep somewhere else, because that excuse is more transparent than a piece of plastic wrap, and saying "I couldn't get back to sleep in the bedroom" would lead to only one conclusion, being that noise from snoring is what prevented me from getting back to sleep. At any rate, after said guest left, I did tell Dan "I hope that didn't sound rude", because I really hoped it didn't, then he said that the guest was probably used to it. As for the second reason, after that person came back, they sat down to watch a movie with Dan and Xion while I went into the kitchen to make something else. Unfortunately for them, that something else required the use of the electric mixer to beat whipping cream, which, from what Xion said, drove that guest to saying "I might as well just go home". He did step in to the kitchen to ask what I was making first, but that was that. I did feel guilty and bad for having made so much noise when Xion said that it had pretty much ruined the movie, but in my defense, not one word or request to wait until later came from a single one of them, and when Dan came back and I apologized to him as well for making too much noise, he said "Yeah! How dare you make food to share with everybody!", and then we started the movie over from the beginning, because I hadn't seen the first part, and Xion ran into some problems with his laptop, which required two reboots to fix. Apparently a different person at the party who was playing games on his (Xion's) laptop installed / downloaded a bunch of stuff, some of which were infected with viruses, but he said that's all taken care of now, and I have no reason to not believe him.

In regards to the party itself, I think I had fun. There was a guy dressed as a woman which was.... unusual, but they watched and cheered me on as I played through the entirety of Kirby's Adventure (achieving 100% completion along the way) in the span of a couple hours, and I did the same as they played though Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and gave commentary on where they were going and what they needed to do next. Nice person, or so they seemed, but it was hard to know exactly how to act / react toward them. As for other people, there was that person who messed with Xion's laptop, who he has since described as "sniveling" and "a little kid", but whom I didn't interact with much, a fair few people who kept coming back for cookies, but didn't ask who made them or say "Thanks", somebody who was trying to generate interest in their version of a Rubik's Cube with pictures of anthropomorphic foxes on each side, and, of course, the guest mentioned in the paragraph above, who paid for pizza for supper for everybody. It's not that I dislike them, but I feel as if the two bad incidents and nothing really positive to even them out is the best thing to go on in lieu of actually being able to ask. All in all, it was a fun day, but for an event that was originally going to be held on the Solstice, I'm not sure what the purpose of it was, aside from just having a basic party. Since then, today has been pretty slow. I did bake several things earlier (no-bake cherry cheesecake, pudding pie, and banana bread at Xion's request, to use some of his bananas before they all went bad), but aside from that, we've just been sitting on the couch watching things, and I went on a bit of a tour of the non-bedroom areas with my camera earlier, because everybody else is in bed, and I was playing DJMAX Trilogy on my laptop which was hooked up to the TV, and I wanted to just capture the moment, if you will. I even went out on the balcony again, but there's not nearly as much to be seen out there through the display on a camera as opposed to one's natural eyesight. I do feel indescribably guilty about it being after 4:30am already and me not being in bed, but we're currently planning to take a trip to the zoo on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I'll probably just sleep in really late tomorrow afternoon, in order to make myself become tired earlier than normal. Also on that note, I'm no longer sure if I'll still make it out to Walmart. I would like to do that, yes, but I no longer feel like I couldn't find something just as fun to do here. At this exact moment, I would like to connect my laptop to the TV again to try playing StepMania on it, as well as wanting to go around and clean up a bit more (not to toot my own horn, but aside from a few individual plates or cups here and there, I think I'm the only one to have washed dishes over the past couple days), not to mention wanting to continue on in Ocarina of Time 3D, or play Super Mario 3D Land some more (in the end, my 3DS itself was defective, so upon getting a new one, I can play Mario as well, at the expense of having to start over again in Zelda), and I'm also feeling a steadily-increasing urge to go to bed. Oh, and since I've done it once, I would like to completely finish all three files in Kirby's Adventure before I leave, because I bought a Nintendo Points card at Zellers the other day, planning to use it to download the 3D version from Nintendo's shop, only to learn that for some inane reason, there are specific 3DS points cards, meaning I bought the wrong one. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. Head down to EB Games to grab one of those, stop in at Taco Bell for supper (possibly to get something for everybody), come back here, eat, play, and be happy, then go to bed early, maybe to go to the zoo on Tuesday. I also don't think taking the subway to downtown Toronto and walking home will happen this time. I literally can't see having the time for it, but what I do absolutely still want to do is go all the way up the stairs and back down the other side. Dan said they go all the way up to the roof, actually, so I can't allow myself to not do that this time.

Otherwise, I don't want to leave this final paragraph all lacking and short in comparison to the two previous, but I can't immediately think of anything else to say, and it's going to take at least two trips to haul everything back into the bedroom, meaning it would be best to start now, so I will. Until tomorrow~

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