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Too Much of Everything

How can I do this without getting sidetracked again? Over the span of a couple hours last night, I started to reorganize my room again, because the cleanliness of Dan's room is rubbing off on me in such a way that I want mine to be like his, and one of the best ways I can achieve that is by eliminating clutter, but I almost have too much clutter to even know where to start. One thing that would make an immediate change (were it practical) would be replacing my bunk bed with a standard one. I think the idea behind getting this for me was so my friends would have a place to sleep, because Lee and Josh came over here quite often back then, but now, it's literally only used for storage, and to that end, the only things stored up there are faux fur throws and rugs which I haven't used for more than a couple minutes since I bought them, and a couple wearable items that do get used often enough to keep, but aren't right now, because I'm indoors. The throws and rugs alone though represent a ~$400 investment, for what? Pardon the profanity, but it seems clear now that I have a problem with collecting ultimately useless crap.

To go a different direction, I organized one of the closets in the spare room yesterday, so I could put the blankets I had that weren't being used in there as well. That is to say, I moved two comforters and four normal blankets out from under my bed and into the closet, and still have three more on top. I'm confident that the other two will be used once the temperature starts to drop, but even so, I don't need the other four. They look nice, but take up space. Or how about the collection of tails that I have? As with blankets, I currently own three that get used often enough to remove them from consideration, but after those, there are still six more. If I could get rid of those, and get rid of the stuff up on my top bunk, I could either shove my bed right up against the wall, or tuck my garbage pail back in the very back corner, and keep it accessible while introducing a more minimalistic feel to that area of the room. Let's also go up from that point for a moment. I have an entire shelf full of games, boxes for games, accessories for consoles, actual consoles, CDs, and various other paraphernelia that - as with my game guides and certainly other things in this room - do not need to be up there. I really should just move my entire collection of games for consoles that are in the living room down there (Gamecube, Wii, and PS2), and consider giving away / selling off / whatnot everything else that I don't need. My other PSP slim up there has a cracked screen, but that could be replaced at the cost of having to buy a new screen online. I could keep my black and red DS Lite, since it's a special edition, and give away or sell the two DS Lites that I have now, and probably do the same with my original model DS. I could also get rid of my two Gameboy Advance SPs, because I can play those games on my GBA Micro with the EZ-Flash cart that I have for it, and probably try to sell off all the games for the same, because they serve no usefulness outside of looking nice, once again. But even if I were to do that, though, what would I put up on that shelf afterward? One of the changes I made for reorganization last night was moving one of my bookshelves over to the corner by the closet, but I don't know what I want to put back in it, if anything, because nothing I have thus far actually needs to be on those shelves, and thus in sight from the moment I enter my room.

At any rate, I'm working myself into a rather oppressed state by writing about all of this, so I'm going to try to change the perspective from what I have now that I'm not sure about the feasibility of getting rid of, to things purchased recently that I don't want, but would normally just keep. While in Toronto (I can't remember if I mentioned it in here or not) I bought a robe at Sears. When I got home, I went to Walmart and bought another robe, then just yesterday, went out to Sears in the mall here, and bought two more. Of those four, only one fits me properly, so instead of just keeping them and saying that I'll learn from my mistakes, I'm actually going to try taking the two back to Sears this afternoon to get a refund (if they'll allow a refund for items purchased at a different location), and if I can dig out the receipt for the third, will do the same on Thursday when we go out to get groceries. As I just said, I straight up do not need them. They fit, but are snug and too short, which I don't like, and I'm still well within the window of opportunity to return them, so if anything goes awry, with that, it will be with the salespersons. Also, I'm still waiting on that blanket I purchased online back in November. As it turns out, the color I wanted was out of stock, so the seller sent me a message asking if I wanted a different color, or how they should proceed if I didn't. It took until last night for me to respond to them, but I asked for a refund, because I was able to find a similar blanket locally, which is the one I bought the second time I went to Walmart after work. As I see it, they can't very well refuse, because the item I wanted is out of stock, but once again, had that blanket been successfully delivered, it would mean there would be yet another in the closet in the spare room right now, and that, at heart, is the problem I have. I see something, and instead of thinking logically and asking myself if I'm going to use it, and if I'm going to be able to store it somewhere inconspicuous while not in use, I usually talk myself down, but end up coming up with some lame excuse to go for it anyway. With game guides, I typically convince myself to purchase it / them on the grounds that I collect guides, and / or that I have all the other books for that series, which is stupid. Buying those is a nice way to show support for a game or series, such as PoPoLoCrois or Trauma Team, but there has to be a more constructive way for me to channel my excitement / enthusiasm / passion. Regarding this afternoon though, I'll also get ~$60 back if I'm able to return those robes, and want to go out to Staples at the same time to get a notebook (the paper type) or binder for my night course, because after giving it some thought, I'd rather not bring my laptop. Too great a chance of distraction with that, and there has to be something said for actually writing something being better for helping to retain that information.

As for the rest of things, I'm just considering my options right now. It would be worth a try to find more game-related communities on here, and make a post to them with a list of stuff I have but no longer want. The worst that could happen is not getting any interest, but by doing that, I'd also be directly avoiding the thing I wanted to do that set all of this in motion, which is reorganzing my room. I think the best way to go will be to get a couple large boxes from work tonight, and toss everything that I no longer want in there. That way I can at least move those aside and proceed with finishing what I started last night, and after that, I can make up lists and figure out prices and do whatever else is necessary to hopefully get rid of some of this stuff. Also, just as a quick aside, I've decided to go with the new idea I had about money back when Dad making his Visa payment from my account was still an issue. I'll keep a balance of $500 in my checking account at all times, and anything above $600 will be transferred to my savings account, after normal expenses are accounted for. It might be a couple weeks for that to even out, now that Christmas and being in Toronto have passed, but for the several years I've been keeping twice that amount in there, I haven't needed it aside from to spend frivolously, and as the paragraphs above concerning having too many things should indicate, stopping that would only help. I need to find the receipt from when I went to Walmart on the 23rd though, and ask Mom about going out to do some more running around after that (yesterday, we went to Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Sears), and then there's work tonight to keep in mind as well, which will probably be a bit rough for it being my first shift back after two weeks away. The biggest shame though is that Melissa probably doesn't work tonight, because if she did, I would ask her about having February 16th through to the 19th off, to go to the party Dan mentioned while I was in Toronto. For the moment, it's one of those "Don't need to, but want to" things, and aside from needing an expensive train ticket again, I want to. Hopefully by the time February comes, I will be more certain~

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