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Now the Dreams Start Again

It has been less than one day since Melissa said that she would give me more time off in February. Less than a day, and yet what did I dream about last night but being there again, except the layout of the apartment was different. There was a big floor-to-ceiling curtain pulled across the room dividing it in half, and the sink was right up by the door, behind another unusually (for an apartment) wide counter, and yeah. It seemed completely real, and I was even questioning why I was there just hanging out when I had groceries to buy and cookies to bake, but then I started to wake up, and the truth was made clear. It's still another month and a half until the time that I've asked for now comes, and there are many preparations still to be made, the least of them being confirming those dates with Dan as well, and making it so that I'm not going to just show up there completely unexpected, but he's offline right now, so I sent him an email, and will hopefully have a response by the time I get home from work tonight, which will probably be even shorter than I'm thinking of it being right now. Seriously, Orlando and I work from 5 to close, and we close at 8, so we'll go there, work for three hours, be closed, work for another half to full hour, and be out of there again. I don't really mind, because it isn't often that I have the opportunity to be done at ~9pm. My plans for after that aren't particularly special yet though. Most likely pick up some snacks on the way home, and enjoy another relaxing night back here, possibly downstairs in the living room, because it would be nice to do something different for New Year's Eve, or forgo snacks for the first bit, and come straight home to finish cleaning up my room, then go out, and not have to do that tomorrow, which would be preferable. I honestly don't want snacks right now, but it does feel like I should do something special with my night, so as always, we'll see.

Moving slightly away from that, it feels like I also have very little time this afternoon. I want to head out to Shoppers at 2, and probably won't get home from there until 3, so I could just go straight to work instead of stopping at home, but I also don't want to carry that package around all day, lest people get inquisitive at work. Aside from Laura, Orlando, and me, James and Bree (because we have somebody at work named Bree, and she is absolutely not like that character) are in until 8, and I think the biggest concern with them would be keeping them on their own tasks, because prior to leaving a couple weeks ago, there had been murmurings about them being in some sort of relationship. That hasn't come up since then, but even so, as Mary so bluntly put it last night, one of the most vital parts of closing early is to make sure certain things stay completely caught up and ready-to-go until the end of the night, and I would agree. She actually gave us quite a few pieces of advice though, which I found unusual. I don't know if it's my perception of her, or a genuine change that she has gone through now that she's been promoted to assistant general manager (Sheila is unable to come back), but she is actually friendly and fun to be around for the most part. Instead of mostly criticizing our work last night, she joked around, and at one point told me to smack Orlando because he had done something to deserve it, so I did. Then at the end of the night I whacked his leg with a pile of paper bags, which he didn't flinch at, but did say that he would get me one day after. As I talking about with myself on the way home, having people like that with whom I get along is a special thing. For him to complain about Tom being short and cutting him off, only for me to do the same thing and be met with a good-natured laugh evokes a feeling that can't be achieved by any other means. I did also notice though that for as much as I was talking to myself on the way home (and I was for most of the walk), I don't recall doing that much in Toronto. Maybe it's just one of those things that I only do when I'm on my own, but I'm on my own now, and I'm being perfectly quiet. That, however, would probably change if I stopped typing and just sat here for a bit.

At any rate though, this is the last day of 2011, and what can I say for that? This has been one hell of a year, for starters. Things were improving slightly in January, and certainly got quite a bit better when I went to Toronto for the first time in March, and since then have been relatively up and down, but I think I like where I am right now. George may not have responded to any of my emails yet, but in his place, I'm still friends with Orlando and Manoah at work, and have what I feel are new friends in Dan and Xion in Toronto, because while we don't necessarily know each other more than what we've seen to date, I like being around then, and, well, so this doesn't sound conceited, I don't think they would want to have me back if they didn't like being around me as well. As for the difficulty of the person here who wanted to invite me bowling... I literally cannot do anything right now but what I already am. If I contact them to say "Sorry, but I'd rather keep to myself", I'll forever have my doubts about whether or not it was the right thing to say, and if I tell them that sure, I would love to go bowling, I'm going to put myself out where I really don't want to be. I wish I could pick out how that differs from Dan inviting me to come up and visit him last year, but the only bit of nonsimilarity I can find is that Dan and I had been talking to each other for quite a while before then, which I actually wanted, whereas with this person here in Chatham, I'm fine as I am right now. That still doesn't preclude what I said before about being open to saying hi and exchanging introductions so we at least know each other, but that hasn't come up yet. In fact, I checked the thread on Dan's forum where they asked about me just a couple days ago, and there aren't any new posts, so I'm probably making it out to be more of a big deal than it is too. I'm off to Shoppers now though, and I think straight out to work after that to save myself some time, so here's hoping for a good last close of the year, and that I find something enjoyable to do at home as well. More Kirby's Return to Dreamland would be nice...

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