Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Master Quest is Hard

Assuming it's roughly the same length as in the original version, I've made it less than halfway through the Deku Tree, and have already died twice. Maybe that's why I've gone back to the file I beat yesterday night in hopes that there would be a bomb bag upgrade to be found somewhere on Death Mountain or in the Goron City. I seem to recall such, and there are two Gorons rolling around that I haven't done anything with, but that doesn't help the greater issue of everything else being done, and not having the patience for Master Quest. What I can say of a more positive nature though is that the ending once again had me tearing up, which is odd now, because I don't remember that ever happening any of the numerous times I beat it at Josh's house before. The scene with all of the game's minor characters dancing around in Lon Lon Ranch is enjoyable to watch, but serves as contrast to the prior scene of Zelda taking the ocarina from Link, which is sad - at least to me - for knowing what's coming up, and the scene afterward in the Temple of Time, with Link placing the Master Sword back in its pedestal, walking away, and Navi floating up and away as the music reaches a crescendo, and the bells begin to ring. Even just thinking of that now has put tears in the corners of my eyes again, which is nice in its own way, but still unusual, because it's essentially all in the music. With that removed, all of the emotion would be gone as well, but yeah. Another thing that I liked, but can't explain quite as well is Ganon's (not Ganondorf's) cute little rainbow tail. I was positively captivated by that the moment I rolled behind him and saw it, but aside from describing it as attractive, I'm at a loss for what else to say.

Stepping back from that game a little bit now, I've asked for a ride out to Walmart at 8 to check if they have any of these. The only other place nearby appears to be Best Buy, but that's where I run into some confusion. The location finder on that site says there is a Best Buy here in Chatham, at 802 St. Clair, which would be right out near Real Canadian Superstore. Maybe a Best Buy will be built out there eventually, but right now, the closest thing would be Future Shop, and all I can find of interest on their site is Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS, which I do want to pick up if / when it's released next month, but is of no use right now. Whatever the case, if Walmart doesn't have what I want, I just won't get anything there and save myself some money this time, and if they do, then good, because I'd like to have a better battery.

Other than that though, today has been just another of the slow, nondescript variety. I woke up half an hour earlier than yesterday, and I'm feeling slightly better as well, but my nose feels like it's about twice the size it normally is, and I haven't yet started to have dry coughs, which I was hoping would begin today, because they usually indicate that my cold is on its way out. I did take a walk out to Sobeys yesterday though, after changing my mind too many times, and only spent $10.60 there, but took forever walking back and forth looking at the various ice creams, trying to find orange sorbet, which they evidently didn't have. Eventually I decided on a combination of peach and mango, which is completely gone now, and I think I'm feeling ready to try Tim Hortons for supper, or failing that, making some more garlic bread here, because I'd like something more substantial than, well, junk food, really. It is now 8:00 though, so I need to get ready (apparently Adam has somewhere to go this time as well), and I also want to ask when I can next expect to get money from him, so yeah. Until later tonight, as long as I don't get too tired~

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