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Something Else Purchased Online

This time, however, it is of a more reasonable nature, unlike half the things I bought for myself in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and have no desire to keep now. I went out to Walmart as planned (or rather, I should say "I got a ride, as planned") and looked through their gaming accessories for at least ten minutes, but didn't see any sign of what I wanted. There was a different device, advertised as being able to double the 3DS's battery life, but from the looks of it, it was only a second battery which could be charged separately, and then connected to the console as if it were a power adapter. An external power supply, in other words, when what I was after was simply a better battery, which, once again, I couldn't find. I did see a couple cases that looked extremely tempting, and would have purchased Pokémon Black, had I not talked myself out of it with the logic that it wasn't specifically a 3DS game, but in the end, I walked out and went back home with nothing, which is rather meaningless now that I've purchased the battery and cradle pack online. I'm not sure that I'll actually need the cradle, and did consider purchasing the battery alone while I was trying to make a decision, but if I end up choosing to use it, fine, and if I don't, that's fine as well, because the power adapter cord can still be hooked directly to the 3DS.

It's rather funny, actually, how when I was considering buying that item online, and / or going out to Walmart to look for it, I decided not to, on the grounds that I hadn't needed to charge my 3DS all day, only for tonight to come, and have that happen twice. The first was partway through Dodongo's Cavern, and the second, just a few minutes ago, in Gerudo Valley, as I was going back and forth between there and Lake Hylia to collect two pieces of heart that couldn't be accessed at the same time. This, I feel, is the most enjoyable part of the game. Having beaten it once, and thus having a refreshed memory as to where all of the items are that aren't directly plot-related. In Ocarina of Time's case, pieces of heart, bottles, great fairy fountains, and - to a lesser extent, because their locations in dungeons are changed in Master Quest - gold skulltulas. I died twice in the Deku Tree, and once in Dodongo's Cavern (but only because I entered a room containing a Fire Keese which I didn't know about, which burned away my shield, and left me unable to defeat the Deku Scrubs) which will hopefully be all, because even with damage being doubled, I have about twice the hearts that I did before. About the only concerning thing for now is Jabu Jabu's Belly. Aside from the room with the spinning, spike-covered log in the first dungeon (it turns out that with proper timing, you can roll underneath it), I haven't encountered any great challenge, but that could all be turned upside down when I get to the third dungeon, because even in the normal game, there isn't any clear way to know where to go at first. That'll be something for tomorrow though, along with the several other things I have planned.

The most important? Go out to St. Clair to check in advance where the room is that I'll need to go to starting on the 16th. It would help somewhat if a campus map for the building here in Chatham were provided on their site, but wandering around a bit, if not just asking for assistance would yield the same result as well. After that, I want to go over to work in hopes of being there before Melissa heads home for the day, to ask her if I could add a couple days at the beginning of the time I've asked off for in February. That way, if she says yes, I can (hopefully) confirm the same with Dan back at home, then let her know for certain on Friday, and if not, then it will just be a four day trip, which will still get me to what I want to go there then to attend. Following that, I would like to go up the street to Food Basics, for all the ingredients I need to make another one of those cheesecake pies to take to work on Friday, and then, back home once again, likely for another leisurely night of recovering and playing Ocarina of Time 3D. I would still like to go out to 7-11 or Tim Hortons before I head back to work, yes, but with my lips being horrendously dry and nose swollen even when I don't have toilet paper stuffed in it, it's hard to want to eat anything that isn't liquid, cold, or both (and most things that meet those criteria are drinks). I still don't know that I'll be physically ready to go back to work on Friday, but if it's anything like tonight, the worst of my problems will be having to blow my nose every so often, and maybe developing a headache. There is that whole raspy voice thing right now too, but I rather like the way that makes me sound.

There is one important thing I need to do before I go to bed though, which would be right now otherwise, so I'm going to take care of that, then it's off to another nice, peaceful night of sleep. Last night was that way as well, until a helicopter (I swear it was a helicopter) flying overhead outside woke me up, so I'll just consider this part two. It's not like I don't need it, anyway~

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