Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Had Me Worried

Along with things needed to make another cheesecake pie, I bought a container of orange sorbet at Food Basics back on Thursday, since Sobeys didn't have it. Before heading upstairs that night, I had enough sensibility to think to put it downstairs in the basement, to keep other people out if it, but was still unbalanced enough (from being sick) that I put it in the fridge instead, and didn't realize what I'd done until I woke up the next morning. It was all soft then, as expected, but after a bit of patience and hoping it would work out, I am relatively pleased to report that ice cream / sorbet can be re-frozen without losing its consistency, presumably provided it isn't allowed to thaw completely first. Yay. Some of that served as my breakfast along with a can of Pepsi today, and will probably serve as supper when I get home from work as well, simply because I don't feel any real urge or need to eat proper food right now, which is one of the things that came to mind at work last night which I wanted to write about in here.

Although purely speculation, could my atypical emotions, thoughts, and mood(s) be coming from a state of hypomania, triggered by the handful of good things that happened earlier this week? I don't want to imply that I believe feeling this way could be a bad thing, because I like it, but to take an example from work yesterday, I noticed that I still had a lot of excited energy, but no proper way to put it to use, so I thought about maybe taking a longer route home, because surely that energy alone would be enough to push me wherever I wanted to go, without requiring much, to any effort on my part. I could even see myself running along as fast as possible, giggling, once again with silly excitement, but eventually talked myself out of taking a different route home altogether, because I really only wanted to do that with my camera, sort of as a repetition of what I did a couple years ago to sort out my thoughts. I kind of wish I still had those movies, alas, I deleted them, because I didn't think they would be of any use, and even then, I don't exactly have a whole lot on my mind right now that I want to talk about, but wouldn't feel comfortable discussing with other people. Do note that I said "right now", because that could change the moment I find myself in an excited mood again, but yeah. I did mull over some private things on the way home last night as well, which may be the reason I'm in a more calm state now, for all I know. In any case, the initial question seemed to have some merit to it, but past experiences have shown me that those states are usually closely followed by some sort of downturn, which I would do well to be on the lookout for. Possibilities include something happening at St. Clair (perhaps the college not being closed on February 20th after all), or complications being introduced for plans involving going to Toronto again next month.

Speculation aside, I can say with ~80% certainty that I will try to buy a train ticket when we next get paid. Manoah borrowed $80 last night, which he said he would pay back sometime next week, either with his pay from work, or with his GST check, because apparently those are out again, and if they are, I'll put the entirety of my check toward the ticket, pay for the remainder with the money that he now owes me, and keep the rest for snacks or whatever else. Thinking back a bit though, that almost certainly explains the random message he sent me while I was in Toronto back in December. He asked if I was home yet, and when I told him no, didn't mention the question again, and then we talked about how things were there versus in Toronto, until Dan told me that the Ninja Turtles game he wanted to play on the Nintendo required two players. Likely as that may be, I still like the comparison. He was at home, working and presumably maintaining a balance between that and having time to himself, while I was off on vacation, having fun, and literally having nothing else planned for the day aside from playing Nintendo games, and probably other activities I can't remember now. Am I spoiled? Yes, sure, but I don't think that feeling could be achieved any other way.

On that note, however, I would like to try and figure out where I'm supposed to go next in the Spirit Temple in Master Quest. Also, I hate to leave this until the very end, because I would like to say more about it, but it seems even more of the people that I liked working with are leaving now. Orlando was supposed to close last night, but when I first stepped through the door into the back, Laura cornered me by the walk-in to say that Orlando was no longer with us, having found another job, at a gas station, I think. Letdown? Definitely yes, and it appears he will never get back at me for sharply smacking his leg with a pile of paper bags, even though he said he would, but... things happen. Orlando is gone, so Mary closed instead last night, which was fine, and is there until midnight again tonight, in his place, which should once again be interesting, because both she and Laura seem to have it in for Tom. I'll just try to keep to myself, as usual~

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