Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

People Have the Wrong Idea

I left myself a short list of three items to write about today before I went to bed last night, but am quite determined to not put them in list form in here as well, because three is really too few, so let's see here.

For one, I can kind of understand it coming from Tom, but not Brandon, because several weeks ago, while we were at work together, he asked if I ever drank [alcohol], because he hadn't ever heard me talking about it. I told him that no, I didn't, and he said nothing else, but then, at work yesterday night, it came up again, from a slightly different angle. Even though he asked back before Christmas, Tom inquired once again as to how my trip to Toronto had been. I told him that I'd had fun, but couldn't remember a whole lot of what went on, which is completely true, because I've been looking forward to February - not back to December. I didn't explain specifically why though, so he went in a different direction and asked "Too much drinking?" No, Tom, that's incorrect. I can't remember if it was back in December or at some point before, but Dan bought a bunch of beer (it could've been in December, because there was a party organized then), of which there were still at least two cases left when I went home, but the only bottles I touched of that were empty, and being put next to the recycling bin in the kitchen while I was cleaning up. If anything, I did drink quite a bit more pop than usual though - between the three of us, Dan bought a new case of Coke about every two days - but that wouldn't account for my being able to remember, however, it does potentially explain something else that I've been doing for a fair while now, and is getting to be quite annoying.

It's kind of hard to explain, but instead of fidgeting with their hands or whatnot as other people might, I've been forming bubbles out of saliva in my mouth, with no real purpose or explanation, outside of being something I do without noticing most of the time. For the first hour or so after I wake up, and during the last bit of the night before I go to bed, I find that they're slightly thicker than normal as well, but that may be because I've been consuming far more Pepsi than water lately. That might also explain the vein under my tongue that I idly chew on (not enough to cause damage) when not making bubbles, so maybe I should make it a point to stop drinking Pepsi or any other pop for a week, and see if this clears itself up. It's not annoying to the point of causing stress yet, but I noticed last night that it was hard to talk to Laura purely because my mouth was full of spit foam, to put it bluntly. Speaking of her as well though, she ate the last piece of cheesecake pie from yesterday night, because James left a piece in the walk-in, but didn't eat it himself. I heard her say it was good at first, but then she came up front to ask how much I would charge somebody to make one of those for them. I thought for a bit, and said fifteen dollars - the pie crust, cream cheese, and whipping cream are all ~$3, pie filling is ~$4, and neither icing sugar nor vanilla extract should need to be purchased - to which she nodded, and went back to eating. Might I be approached by her in the future about making one of those now? Maybe, but sure enough, as expected, Tom walked by on his way to the back right then, and jokingly asked why I didn't save a piece for him, and also reminded me that I hadn't bought apple cider for everybody yet. Currently, I have too much on my mind to want to do that, but instead of trying to make him feel guilty for asking, just said what I thought of last time it came up - that if and when I did, it would be a surprise, therefore he should not expect it. As for the cheesecake, no. Either be there when I bring things like that in, or pay me to make one for you.

Anyway, I am halfway determined (maybe a little more) to figure out the solution to the Spirit Temple in Master Quest before I go to work today, so this is done here. All I really know about the room I'm in is that I have to retrieve a box from on top of a block of time to weigh the switch down that (presumably) opens the door to the Mirror Shield. Problem is, said block is over a pit, but playing the Song of Time next to it creates a block in the pit for the box to fall on, and moves the block that the box is on down a bit (assuming four positions from bottom to top, the starting configuration is 0, 0, 0, 1, whereas after playing the Song of Time, it's 1, 0, 1, 0). Curiously, playing the Song of Time over by the blue switch in the room covers it up with a block of Time, but removes the block at position 1, and moves the top block up from position 3 to 4, thus either moving the box up with it, or placing the box squarely inside the block, and I can't find any other areas in the room where playing the Song of Time would cause only the block at position 3 to disappear, thus making the box drop down onto the block in the pit. Confusing? Yeah, but that's why I want to have it figured out before 4. Maybe there's a switch to be shot with an arrow or something...

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