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This Isn't a Game

While I am loathe to begin another entry with "At work last night", that's where the first thing I have to write about took place. Brandon was there, so I gave him verbal updates on his downloads, and we discussed whether or not it would be more efficient for him to come over here every time I had a good amount of stuff downloaded and stay here for the duration of file copying, or for him to just drop his drive off, and to have it returned once everything was copied over. Fairly mundane topics, in other words, but then, as I had been expecting on the way there, he asked what the items from his list (movies) that I'm considering not downloading were, and for a good couple hours, I tried to get him to accept that I wasn't going to answer and leave well enough alone, but in his own words, he went through the entire list (on his phone), and read off everything that he thought I might have an issue with, but still didn't get it. I don't have problems with downloading movies or TV series that might be particularly disturbing or whatnot, because I'm not going to watch them, and therefore I won't know what they're like, but while I tried to explain that, he didn't seem to understand, and thus didn't seem to realize that by extension, that would mean I could only refuse to download things which I had seen before, and out of his list of ~70 movies, there are maybe ten at most, making it a far quicker process. I can't really do this to myself though. I can't keep avoiding mentioning titles, but I don't want to come right out and say it either, so let's go with the same idea I had several years ago, in roughly the same predicament.

Word 1] _ _ _ _
Letter A] The sixth-last letter of the first sentence
Letter B] The letter "W", not doubled
Letter C] Make a synonym for "pristine" out of this letter, and the 39th word in the paragraph above
Letter D] Character [29 + 7 (23 × 4) - 14], spaces inclusive

Word 2] _ _
Letter A] If A = 1, and Z = 26, solve for [x] = 6
Letter B] There's a word that means "normal" or "ordinary" up there. Take the first vowel from it

Word 3] _ _ _ _ _
Letter A] Backdrop - Airship - Regroup - Swamp - what do these words have in common?
Letter B] In the second sentence above, two letters appear exactly seventeen times. This is the first, alphabetically
Letter C] Two of these letters and a vowel make a prefix that means "not"
Letter D] Oh, coincidence. Look back a bit. It's right there
Letter E] "B" and "C" wouldn't be complete without this letter - think angles

I'm starting to feel like I'm on Jeopardy or something. I didn't want to make it as obvious as before, but wow, does it ever become difficult to think of creative and original clues at the end. Alternately, those hints could be compared to Wheel of Fortune, because the lengths of each word are listed there, but yeah. Now that I've gone to all the trouble of doing that, I forget how I felt before, but as the title of this entry sort of offers an idea, I am, or more appropriately was annoyed at how quickly he forgot about what he said the other night. If I had given him an answer, he almost certainly would've pressed me as to why / why not, even though he explicitly said he would not before. Also, I had a dream wherein he guessed it right on (without having to go through others first, or be given hints), and that led to having another dream about going to Tilbury to get our hair cut, and being given a half-empty container of cashews with a big sticker on it, with characters from that movie, which had me pretty distressed until I peeled the sticker off, crumpled it up in my closet, and then tossed and turned until I woke up. Dramatic as it sounds, I wish there was a way to completely forget about that last night I was in Toronto the first time I went, but as there's not, I'll probably just do the most noble thing, which is what I mentioned in my previous entry - download those for Brandon anyway, and try not to let it get to me, because I was fine right up until he started repeatedly questioning me.

In different news though, there's a message for me on the answering machine from somebody at St. Clair College regarding my night course. They say it's being pushed back a week, so more people can register, making it initially sound like what happened with my second year of computer programming - not enough interest here in Chatham, so they can't offer the course. If not, then... give me a full refund, and we'll call it even, because I can still read through the book, assuming I have that afterward. Continuing, the person leaving the message then said that if need be, it (the course) would be "offered as a tutorial", if that was alright with me, but what, pray tell, is a tutorial in this context. One-on-one teaching? I very much doubt it, because then I would essentially be paying for the entire course myself, and I doubt the registration fee covers paying one or more people to help me learn everything that they would normally be teaching a whole class of people, so for now, I'll call the number they gave, and ask some questions. Specifically, if the class is guaranteed to start the week after next, and if so, what room it will be held in. If not, however, then I'll need to know what a tutorial is. I do still want to take that class, and have ever since I started on that whole "what makes me me" obsession (as noted back then, there's a difference between reading up on those things online, and being taught in a proper academic atmosphere), but leave it for there to be complications.

On that note, we're off to get groceries even though I don't really want to go today, because Naomi is at work, and even though Mom said we would be heading out at 5, just got home from wherever she was at, and is quite insistent that we leave now, which really isn't what I need today. I'm not buying shoes yet though, because I can't afford them this week (I can, but not without going below $400, which is my limit until our next pay), and I think am actually only going so I can stop in at the bank and hopefully work on the way there, to pick up money from Manoah, and to deposit the check I got yesterday. Mom and Dad need their money as well, but that's nothing new, so I might as well get ready. The sooner we're back, the more time I'll have to relax~

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