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What's All This About?

To my surprise and delight, George came in to work tonight. We talked for a bit, but nowhere near enough to catch up on everything since we last saw each other, and I gave him kind of a hard time about never responding to my emails, which he said he just didn't receive at all. I wasn't able to remind him to check before he took off for home again, but sure enough, when I got home from work myself, I found a reply from him, which has me kind of... confused, overall. Here's what he said, modified slightly, albeit obviously:

sorry i missed your emails. by the way mom emailed you months ago but maybe it got spamed or something anyway heres her address [removed] if i dont reply mom will surely nag at me to get to it :). oh and she wrote a story in her blog that includes you in it. The story is titled "Love From Scratch". She wrote it back in Nov. and it's going out next week. Her blog address is.... mammyoaklee@wordpress.com
The title of the blog is The Heart of the BottomsUP 2/3 Acre. ill see you at 5 tomorrow.

Obviously the proper URL is with a period instead of an at sign, but what actually has me uncertain about whether or not I missed something is how he goes right into talking about his mom instead. She emailed me a couple months ago? Alright, I can see that, and back on the last night we worked together, he mentioned that he might have to give me her email address, so I could let her know when more things were downloaded, and work something out for her to drop off and pick up the hard drive whenever she was in the city. I don't recall ever seeing such an email, filtered as spam or in my inbox though, so maybe she accidentally assumed I had an email address with Hotmail, since she does as well. Still, George has a Gmail address, yet he claimed to only have been receiving spam emails, and nothing else when I asked why he hadn't responded to mine. At any rate, we then continue on to the "oh, and she wrote a story in her blog that includes you" line. Did she? As he said, it's not up yet, and I have to assume won't be until next week, but my curiosity is definitely piqued now. I met her all of once, and for only half an hour, if that. I did bake them quite a few treats, but I wouldn't think that anything that would make a strong enough impression on her. I might just have to ask about that tomorrow, because as it says right at the end, he is coming over at 5, which I'm looking forward to. It would be significantly better if I had the night off, but I'll take what I can get. The only other thing that could make it better is if I knew a week or so in advance that he was going to stop by earlier tonight, because I still want to make cookies and things for them.

In other news though, my laptop was acting up earlier, in a very worrisome way. Windows kept freezing for no apparent reason, so I have it installing updates right now, and will likely use most of the next couple days to get everything back to where it was before. The only data I know for a fact that I lost was my bookmarks in Google Chrome, but those can be replaced with little difficulty. I just hope reinstalling the OS fixed the problem, because I don't want to think about having to get a new laptop right now. Well, check that. Thinking about it is exciting, but spending the money wouldn't be. Brandon already sent me an email last night that led to ~17 back-and-forth messages about two shirts and a poster he wanted online, that ended up being ~$150 altogether ($25 for each item, plus a whopping $67.75 for shipping), and I'd like to not have to constantly be watching my purchases when I go to Toronto in February, but that's something different all on its own. Last night, I asked Dan for a link to the poll he said he would create on his site to collect opinions about cookies. It turns out he just asked people which kinds they would prefer instead of making a poll, but I haven't looked at the whole page yet anyway, so it's not like there's a difference to me. What is significant though is the title of that thread - "Islington Furmeet - Cookies". In other words, it is a furmeet, as suspected, which I am now looking forward to even more. Unfortunately, it's too early in the morning to want to say anything else right now, and I'd like to be up a little earlier than normal, to clean up a bit before George comes over. Therefore, it is bedtime now, and the one hope I will go to bed with is that Windows is still unfrozen when I wake up tomorrow. It still seems to be, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could be frozen as soon as I come back from the bathroom...

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