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Work Should Be Interesting

Why? Because last night, Tom inadvertently gave a customer their ~$47 order before they'd paid, and according to both him and Laura (put into my own words), they didn't stick around for a moment afterward. He was understandably upset - probably could've done without shouting profanities so much, or punching the counter on line in anger - and asked both Laura and I several times what we thought would happen as a result. She told him that she honestly had no idea, but I, at the very end of the night when he asked what my gut instinct was, said that he would probably be written up, but not fired (he was worried about that), because it's the first time he's done that, unless, as I told Laura, Melissa is looking for a reason to get rid of him as well, but that'd put her in a rather tight spot, because with Orlando gone, Tom and I are the only full time closers. It sucks for that to happen, yes, but it happens, fortunately not often. I did it once before too, as I told them, but it was with only a ~$10 order, and at the time, I was informed that "everybody gets one", and was forgiven, essentially. Unfortunately for Tom though, even if that rule still is in effect, there may be different consequences for an order that cost nearly $50. He might have that amount taken out of his next pay, but he did say that if Melissa tries to make him pay for it, he'll quit, so I'm really not sure. Speaking of Melissa though, the first time I asked her about changing my availability back in September or whenever it was, she asked if I would want Tuesday off as well, because she was fine with giving me both, and I said no, I could close on Tuesdays, but would need to have the afternoon off to go to Heart and Stroke. I saw no reason to suspect that she didn't understand me then, yet apparently she either didn't, or forgot, because on the schedules for the next two weeks, I have both Tuesdays off. Yesterday night, I told Laura that if it happened a third week in a row, I would leave Melissa a note to clarify what I said before, only to go in yesterday night to find that she'd jumped ahead of me, talking to Melissa on my behalf, and leaving a note for her to pass on what I said about Tuesdays. It seems no matter who I talk to there these days, somebody is always jumping ahead of me, but at least in Laura's case, she's been doing it to help.

In other news, I think I've discovered the reason for why my laptop kept freezing. I can't remember for certain, but I think the last time I checked for new updates (before reinstalling Windows), there was an updated video card driver, which I installed, which might explain it. Everything froze up again yesterday while I was installing Paint.NET, but I did indeed try to install the video card driver before that, whereas today, when I've started all over again (because I accidentally installed SP1 the first time, which I didn't want), the only problems I have are in the form of Windows not displaying any of my Reshacked icons for programs with them, even though they haven't been changed from the way they were before. DJMAX Trilogy is even updating, which is something considering it never worked before. I could probably have everything back to the way it was by the time I go to bed tonight, but I will probably stop off at 7-11 on the way home, since I have the next two days off, and would like to. All I've eaten so far today is granola bars, and I don't really want to make garlic bread later, because most of my remaining buns are bent or squished, and therefore are unsuitable to be cut in half. I'm not entirely sure about it right now though, because I am full. Why can't I ever be full when I come home from work? Anyway, George did come here yesterday, and was here for a good two and a half hours, but for the most part, we just hung out, as we used to do.

To start, I hooked both of our external drives up to my netbook, then started files copying over, while we just chatted for a bit, before I opened my laptop to show him what new things I'd downloaded since last time he was over, so he could see if he wanted any of those as well. We then watched an episode of Fawlty Towers, which was fun, and he seemed to like, followed by a random episode of Warehouse 13, which he liked enough as well to want, the rest of the series. Unfortunately, at that time, The Waltons was still copying to his drive, and wouldn't be finished for another ~30 minutes (it was about 6:45 then), so I told him I'd give him what I could, and we proceeded to mostly just talk. I let him try both the shooting gallery and horseback archery range in Ocarina of Time 3D, the latter of which he seemed to have a good bit of trouble with, then showed him where I stay at when I go to Toronto, because when we met at work on Friday, he claimed to be in Toronto around 4 times a week, I think. It would be beyond fun to run into him there sometime, and go out for a bit, possibly to introduce him to Dan, Xion, and Chris (in the sense of "These are friends of mine now, and here's a friend I used to work with, who I haven't seen in almost a year"), but it probably won't actually happen. He said he's considering quitting his truck-driving job now, because his boss rarely (if ever) pays him on time, which sucks, but makes me wonder what his next step will be then. Along roughly the same lines, I told him about how my night course is delayed a week, possibly more, prompting him to ask if I was going back to take a computer-related course again, and when I told him I was actually going for basic psychology, he seemed honestly surprised, and asked what appealed to me about it. I told him "personal interest, I suppose", because really, that's what it is, but it's almost like being at work on Friday night, where the same came up (after George had left), and Brandon stopped where he was, and stood dead still for a moment, then held out his hand, sort of like he wanted to shake mine or something. I was expecting those sorts of reactions, not necessarily from them specifically, but from one or more of the people I told, so it's kind of embarrassing now to think that the course might not be offered after all. I did listen to the message on the answering machine again, and the lady speaking definitely says that the course might be offered as a tutorial, if it's alright with me, so I'm going to have to give her a call tomorrow and see about clearing that up. Assuming it's what they have in mind, I would rather not be the only one there, but if that's the only way I can take the course, then maybe it would be worth feeling singled out.

Anyway, I need to go shave right now, because the hairs on my neck are starting to become really bothersome, after which I will probably play DJMAX Trilogy, if this update is finished downloading by then. It's almost 400MB now, so it had better be done soon...

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