Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Yesterday's Title is Appropriate

Just so long as the word "more" is added in between "getting", and "frustrated". For all of yesterday, my laptop was working fine, then comes today, where Windows has locked up twice, and I have another possible explanation, which is just as uncertain as the others. I think (but can't remember for certain) that just before these problems started, I updated Palemoon to version 8. I don't really see how issues with a browser could lead to the whole OS freezing, but as I'm down to being able to count the remaining possibilities on one hand, it's worth a try to upgrade, so I have. That, and updating my video card driver with one found over here, and sure enough, as before, it appears to be working again. Does that stand for anything though? Probably not. Until I can use it as normal for three days, let's say, I won't be convinced. On the plus side, I used what time it was working normally during the past day to start downloading movies for Brandon, and at the very end of last night, to create this list, to more easily keep track of everything. I might even change the sharing settings to allow the people listed to add things on their own (provided they're highlighted in a different color), but for now, I like that just as it is.

Setting that aside though, what I want most right now actually doesn't concern my laptop in any way. I want to know what's going on with this basic psychology course at St. Clair, because it was supposed to start last night, but I didn't go to check, due to the message left last week, however, I tried calling the extension given today, and was met only with the option to leave a message, which I didn't want to do then, but will tomorrow if the same thing happens. It's really only just frustrating, because hey, this is supposed to be happening, and it isn't, and I haven't been given any information aside from that it's been delayed. Are there more people than just me registered for the course? What's going to happen if somebody explains what a tutorial is to me, and I decide against it? I hate having all these questions, but I think the best I can do for now is to get to bed a little earlier than normal tonight, and wake up closer to noon to try calling them then instead. I should probably be up earlier anyway, as a reminder that I start work at 7 tomorrow instead of 8.

Unfortunately, I can't think of much else to say for today. I kind of want to go out to Walmart, but I'm not sure it's worth walking all the way out there just for snacks. I'm also too late to go to the bank, so I'll probably stop by there on the way to work tomorrow to deposit the money I got from Brandon and Manoah, and that is practically it. There would be at least one other thing, were I prepared for it yet, but I'm not, and I know that if I do set this aside to make preparations, I won't get back to it until after midnight, and as I've already heard of a couple sites taking part in the internet blackout tomorrow, I worry that LiveJournal might as well, and then I would miss two days in a row instead of one. This is all not very fascinating though, so I'm going to move on to something else. Probably starting another movie downloading for Brandon, since the one that was going before is nearly finished~

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