Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Naïveté is My Bane

As is spelling "naïveté". I knew it was a word, but trying to verify it without the accents is quite difficult. That aside, I think I could also describe the state of my emotions right now as "chagrin". Somewhere between several and many years ago, old me decided he would like to meet new people to talk to and be friends with, so he created profiles for himself on various furry lists, hoping people would happen across them, and would contact him. That was fine for a little while, but eventually, he decided that he would rather keep to himself, and have as small a group of friends as possible, so he deleted as many of those profiles as he could think of, but forgot one. Or at least his current self hopes there was only one, because he'd prefer not to be contacted out of the blue by anybody else, under the pretenses that he laid out back then. Current self would like to stop talking in the third person though, so the next paragraph will resume along the normal lines of writing about what sorts of things have happened since yesterday morning.

First of all, to give a little context to the above, the profile / site I forgot about has a name that's an anagram of the word "flip", but in the form of an acronym. I obviously can't remember when I registered there, and were it not for somebody finding my profile yesterday, I might never have. The email I received from them was along the lines of "I noticed you showed up as being really close to me, so if you want to chat sometime, that would be great", and after a good couple hours of hemming and hawing, and wondering if I shouldn't just be blunt and say "I'd rather not", I wrote a reply consisting of an entire two sentences, explaining that the information on that site was out of date, and I was sorry for the confusion. Then proceeded to have my profile removed (or so I hope) because I didn't want it there anymore, and that was that. There is one potential lingering problem though, being that I included a link to my LiveJournal in that profile, but while I have no desire to check for myself, I wouldn't be surprised if it couldn't be found just by searching for my name, and that's not hard to come by anymore. Dan even mentioned it in his post about cookies, as I wrote about before, and I am almost certain that the same person who contacted me last night is also a member of his site, so if anybody really wanted to track down who I am, I'm sure they could with minimal effort. Establishing a connection between my online and offline presences (that sounds weird) may take a bit more work, but with any luck, in the interim (starting now), I can think about how to respond if and when that happens in the future. For all I know, there may be furries from Chatham at Dan's meet in February, and something of the sort could happen there. That's really not too far away though. While I was changing into my uniform at work last night, I found myself thinking about how that trip is, for me, less than a month away, which is still hard to believe. Kind of makes me wonder how I'll feel when there are only a couple weeks (or less) to go...

In other news, I have all but one of the answers I needed pertaining to my night course. I left a message with the number and extension given yesterday, and a couple hours after that, got a call back from the same lady who called the first time, to confirm that the course does start next Monday, and will be held in room 115. Unfortunately for me, I do not know where room 115 is, and have squandered most of the time I would have been able to go out to the college today to look, but might still be able to tomorrow, sometime before work. As a result, however, I'm back to feeling anxious and unable to properly channel my anticipation into anything else, which I know won't go away until the first night of the class, and I'm able to feel comfortable. It happens with everything, really, but this'll be the first time in several years for anything related to school. I'm not sure if I have anything to say other than that though, and because I would like to go out to Walmart (for some new pairs of socks, a certain kind of dressing, and probably some snacks), EB Games (to pre-order Tales of the Abyss, assuming that's allowed), and Dollarama (obviously for more snacks) later, but not before washing the dishes, this will be done here. I hope they've started making supper already...

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