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It Might Be Too Late

I don't think this is going to come together in time tonight. It's already half an hour later than when I should've wrapped things up and laid down to go to sleep, but I have the distinct feeling that if I leave this until tomorrow, I won't get to it then either, because I want to go out to St. Clair to check where the room my basic psychology course will be held in is (in the college, yes, but at the moment, 115 is just a number) for one, and am downloading a good couple handfuls of new music right now, that I would like to work on re-tagging then to have on my PSP in time for work, for two. The former is obviously more important than the latter, but back on Wednesday, Laura was concerned that Friday night would be much busier than normal, so I'd like to have some different music to listen to, either while cleaning up, or (and / or) on the way home. All I've really been listening to lately is Dragonforce (aside observation on that in a moment), which is quite satisfying, to make that quite clear (the solos in Revolution Deathsquad are bliss <3), but it's also getting to be not necessarily old, but not new either - repetitive, really. The observation goes that last time I was in Toronto, I played a song by them in StepMania, and Xion commented to the effect of "it all sounds the same". To be fair to him, I did make the same remark to James back when he used to close, and I used to bring my cord to connect my PSP to the radio to work with me, but when he said that, it seemed like he was trying to tell me that I shouldn't listen to their music for that reason, which goes back to what I wrote about before, dealing with how I take things seriously. In fairness to myself though, I can't think of one song by them that I dislike, even with the quality of sameness after extended play. In the event of that happening, I can easily pause or turn off the music to take a break, and come back to it another day. As for it being busy, well, I kind of hope so. Even with what happened to Tom last weekend (forgetting to obtain payment from a customer who placed a large order), Laura wants him to be down in drive through, which I feel will be interesting to see.

At any rate, more things about music. I can't remember what time it was, but during one of the past couple trips I took to Toronto, Xion more or less introduced me to Dubstep. I'm no longer sure if he actually thought I would like it, or was just playing it for general interest, and to listen to, but that finally caught up with me tonight, and I've downloaded a couple torrents of music in that genre that I hope I will like. The description for one said that the uploader hopes "you play this at a loud enough volume to level your city block", which I certainly can identify with, and as toward the others, I'm not sure how to describe it. I also don't know if I'll end up really liking that kind of music, or if it was just something specific to the songs played back then, but it's interesting to be edging out into something I've never considered before. I am also now looking into music by Anamanaguchi, because I kind of like that chiptune stuff, but same as with Dubstep (should the "c" in the preceding word be capitalized as well?), I didn't know where to go with that before. In tonight's case (at least in regards to Dubstep), I started by looking up the page for that genre alone on Wikipedia, clicking the link to go to the page of artists producing music in that genre, and looking over the list from there. Skrillex sounded familiar, so I searched for that name plus a couple other terms on Youtube, and found a song by Korn, featuring him, called "Get Up!". I think that's the one Xion played before, because I remember liking the proper music, and being pleasantly surprised by, well, I'm going to call it a break, for lack of a better term, in the middle. At the time though, it seemed more likely that I enjoyed that song because of the video that went with it (I didn't watch the video tonight, so I'm not sure if it was the same one, or the movie we watched before was a live version), but now I can say that isn't the case. By extension though, I've also downloaded "The Path of Totality" by Korn, because as noted, I liked the actual music bits of Get Up!, so maybe the other songs in that album will be the same. One can always hope.

...something strikes me as really odd about the above two paragraphs. It's not like me to be so lucid and forthright, yet this won't be the only time that it's happened recently. I wrote that entire entry back on the 18th (the one about autism and insecurity) without having to really stop and think about what I wanted to say next, or to make sure everything was coherent and not disjointed as well, and coincidentally, speaking of being disjointed, I would like to interrupt this paragraph to mention that I am currently indoors, in my room, and my window is open, yet I'm wrapped up all cozily in blankets, yet I can see my breath, which has never happened before. Weird. With that out of the way, to what can I attribute this? I don't feel any noticeable change in the state of my emotions - the only other thought on my mind right now is about the time, and how I should be getting to bed - yet for some reason, I seem to be better at writing. Less so now that I've been distracted with something being caught underneath my spacebar, but the basic idea still stands. Maybe it has something to do with the time. Maybe my mind is saying "Oh, hell, he's going to force himself to stay awake to write this again, so I might as well try to help out", or maybe I'm finally getting used to the fact that if I go to bed with too many things still needing to be dealt with (written about) on my mind, I won't get a good sleep. Whatever is to blame (or thank), I like this, but I'm starting to lose my train of thought, so let's see about getting it back. I've written about downloading music, and there's nothing really to say of movies for Brandon, other than that I have more than I did before, but some things of a different nature did come to mind earlier, while our internet connection was down due to TekSavvy performing maintenance.

Both of those thoughts are about the furmeet / party Dan is organizing for February, and both, slightly in the context of going there before. The first thought I had is that provided it's still good, I should use my Bulk Barn gift card Michele gave me last year to buy some candy to take there. I'm not going to use it otherwise, and that would be a nice surprise. Secondly, and this is the one that goes into more detail, as I can't remember if I mentioned it in here before or not, Dan told me earlier this week that he invited Deoge to come as well, but got a reply saying that he might be busy. Let's set his availability to attend or not aside, and focus on the question. I wonder if Dan mentioned that I would be there, and if so, if Deoge asked how I was making the trip. This falls more into the category of fantasizing for me, but what it comes down to is wondering if, should it come to the point where Deoge cautioned Dan against letting me stay at his apartment, for what I used to be like, would Dan defend me. Considering the state things were in when he and a couple other friends and I stopped talking before, I wouldn't be at all surprised if such a warning were issued, but I sincerely believe I'm different nowadays. By no means am I exactly where I want to be yet, but I just wonder. If I had to guess, Dan would prefer to rely on his own feelings about me (which I do not know the nature of, outside of that he likes having me visit, because he said exactly that before), and Deoge, well, I suppose on one hand, I would like to meet up with people I used to know at that meet, but would be equally comfortable being just another face in the crowd (albeit the face of the cookie-provider, which is another annoyance, because I don't think I'm going to get the opinions on cookies that I wanted - go figure).

With that though, this is another entry finished, so I can go to bed and not sleep in until 4pm again tomorrow. As for all the other places I wanted to go to earlier tonight, I did. Tales of the Abyss has been preordered at EB Games (but it doesn't come out until the 14th of February), with $20 down, so it should cost only ~$25 on release, I got some more socks from Walmart, and plenty of snacks, even more snacks at Dollarama and Real Canadian Superstore, and put the hundred dollars Brandon gave earlier this week on my card at Money Mart, to pay for the internet this month, monthly fees for February and March, and $20 to load into my eShop account on my 3DS. All in all a successful night, but expensive, so I'll probably try to refrain from using my debit card from now until next Thursday. I still have ~$30 cash for snacks and whatnot - post-night course on Monday will be most important for that - but it needs to last for another week yet. I'll worry about that in the coming days though. The most pressing concern on my mind right now is thinking of a title for this. That, and I can't sleep sitting up~

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