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They Just Don't Understand

Going back to when we were out running errands on Thursday night, it was just as we were pulling out of Real Canadian Superstore's parking lot that Mom asked if, were she to buy me just a light jacket, would I wear it. I told her "probably not", and I think asked why she had asked, to be met with a response of that she worries that I'm going to get sick. I tried to explain that it hasn't happened yet, and she just said "And I don't understand how", and we went back to being quiet for the rest of the drive. To make this issue clear (only for this Winter, apparently), I do not wear a jacket or coat or anything of the sort because I'm trying to make a statement about myself. I just do not find it as cold as other people seem to think it is. Last night, for example, the snow plus the wind on my walk to work made it so that by the time I got there, my arms and hands were pretty cold, but the rest of me was practically sweating. I even had to pull my hat-thing back off my head (so it rested around my neck) when I sat down, in order to cool off. Then on the way home, despite checking the weather when I got into the house to see that it was -9 / -13 with the wind, was warm all throughout. The only difficulty I had was trying to find and maintain a comfortably fast pace in the snow, and even when I managed that, I still made it back to the house breathing quite heavily, but saw no negative effects otherwise. My shoes could still stand to be replaced, but that's nothing new, and I'll get to buying a new pair before the end of the week. For now though, a Paypal transaction for some music I bought from LapFox Trax finally cleared yesterday, putting me down to having only $180 (as in total, without any reserve), and Manoah wants to borrow $80 from me as well, so yeah. I took that money for him from my savings account, and hope to use the $50 Brandon still owes me to pay for a majority of however much a new pair of shoes costs, and the rest will hopefully not be touched for the next two weeks after the 26th.

Having mentioned Manoah though, he sent me more messages in MSN today, observing that I was still asleep, but asking me to call him when I woke up, because he might need me to come in to work early, and surprisingly, I did just that. It baffles me as to why I would so readily volunteer for him, but instead of going back to sleep for another half-hour as I wanted to at first, I dragged myself out of bed, and went right downstairs to the kitchen for the phone. Fortunately, he wanted me to start at 7 instead of 5, which is kind of pointless being only one extra hour, but I'll still take it. I'm not sure how I would respond if he wanted me to come in on a day off, but when I'm already scheduled to close, yeah, sure. It's fun being there for an extended period of time. Might be nicer to have tomorrow off, what with the 23rd approaching quite rapidly, but it might not be necessary, as the only issue I would use the time to correct seems to happen infrequently enough as to not be an immediate bother. Specifically, my laptop has failed the 3-day test, in that yesterday afternoon, Windows spontaneously crashed, with an "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error, which I think updating my graphics card driver without cleanly uninstalling the other one first caused. Again, it's not a terrible bother, so long as it doesn't happen in the middle of copying files to an external drive, but it's still not entirely right, therefore I want to either try fixing that properly (booting into safe mode and running a program designed to remove all traces of previously-installed drivers for the selected hardware), or just flat-out reinstalling Windows 7 again, hopefully for the last time. The problem with that is how I've done enough since the last reinstall to make properly backing everything up the safer option, but that can be time consuming, and I don't have a great abundance of free time right now. I suppose what I can do though is complete backups-related tasks on Monday night (pending possible distractions from St. Clair), and reinstall Windows on Thursday. Maybe even tell Naomi she can go grocery shopping then, to have more time.

To completely change the subject again now, George sent me an email while I was out at work last night, that came as kind of a surprise, because now he's apparently going out of his way to stay in touch, when I hadn't heard from him for almost a year before. At any rate, apparently he walked out on his previous, truck-driving job. That doesn't come as a surprise, because he said he was thinking of quitting when he was here last weekend, but either he was too inspecific, or he's now out of work until he finds a new job. To paraphrase what he said, somebody at what was supposed to be his new job told him to walk out on his old one, so he did, but now he has to come back home to look for a new one, which might take some time. I'm confused in that the way he worded it makes it sound like he should already have a job at the same place the person who told him to walk out on his old one is employed at. I am honestly not hoping he'll come back to work with us again, but maybe that means he'll be around more often now. Maybe he, instead of his mom will come by to get TV shows and movies when they're downloaded, which would be nice(r). At any rate though, I would rather not spend my last few minutes here trying to think of other things to say, so I'm switching over to playing a game or something for a bit. Maybe Super Mario 3D Land, because that was pretty entertaining last time I played it~

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