Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another Day of Frustration

In fairness, some of these things aren't especially new, but as it usually goes, there are certain things that I tend to not mind as long as everything else is going well, but there are also occasions where two or more incidents take place, or are brought to mind at the same time, and this is one of the latter. However, the list starts with work back on Saturday night, because I've been more or less in an anxious state since then, over the thought of my basic psychology course starting today. That said though, let's start with Saturday, and work forward from there.

a] Yes, Tom, I'm aware that you would like me to transfer all of these items from hot and cold line into bagged pans so you can wash the dirty ones, but it's only 11:30, and we both know better than that. No, I have never preferred to do that early since you started working here, to the best of my memory, and while Laura may, that's her choice. I respect that she's the manager, and as such won't talk down to her and say that she can't do this or that early if she does (unless it's something really dumb), but all the same, if I choose to wait until closer to the proper time (1am), that is my prerogative as well. As an aside to myself now, maybe it's that they want to get out as quickly as possible, which I completely understand, because I used to feel the same way, but now, I don't care. I'd rather be there somewhat later than normal (no more than an hour though, because that rule about not getting paid after that length of time is still in effect) and do a proper job. Also, why is it that, if what I noticed was correct, I've been the only one to have done any extra cleaning for the past three nights? On Friday, I organized and labeled all the boxes of various wraps, organized the shelf all of the cups and lids and boxes are on, organized the small wares shelf (bags, knives, forks, sauces, etc.), wiped off the top of the ice machine, and cleaned the grill really well at Laura's request. On Saturday, I cleaned and organized the shelf over in the middle of the back of the building, and cut the flaps off of all of the boxes in that area. Finally, on Sunday, I cleaned out the area where the garbage pail goes up front, completely filled the pop rack, and scrubbed the floor at the back properly, which is my normal self-assigned task for Sunday. Maybe that's just me trying to find something interesting, different, and productive to do, but it's not like I'm the only one there who can do those things. Tom closes tonight, and I don't expect him to be courteous with the customers, much less try to actually contribute, but I'll stop there, because that statement is unfair as-is.

b] When I got home last night, one of the first things I did upon stepping into my room was taking a look at my other laptop, to check SpinRite's status. The time remaining was finally lower than the total time the scan had been in progress for, which made me more confident that all I really had to do was wait, but no, I wouldn't be so lucky. The scan continued on as normal for a couple hours after that, but then just as I was getting ready to call it a night, an error message popped up, and all of that 54%, ~270 hours of progress was lost. I'm not sure what relevance a division overflow error has in this context, nor do I know what any of the fifteen variables I was instructed to copy down were for, but I did anyway, and sent a message off to the creators of the program with an anonymous emailing service, because I don't see any need to get a reply. As far as that drive is concerned, it is now nonfunctional, and will probably just be discarded as such. I will keep the USB cable, and maybe the power adapter as well, as those could be handy to have in the future, but now, well, I cringe to think about what it would be like if one of my 2TB drives were to fail. If it takes ~500 hours to fully scan a 1TB drive, then wouldn't that mean it'd take ~1,000 hours for two? Lovely thought, that...

c] When I first proposed collecting opinions about cookies from the people who will be attending Dan's furmeet in February, I was excited about the idea. It was different, original, and seemed foolproof, but evidently I didn't take into account people just not seeing the thread where the question was asked. Last time I checked, the most recent reply was about peanut butter balls being awesome, which would be about two weeks old now, and although I don't want to check again right now, because I need to avoid distractions, it's probably still the same. I know I can sort of do that too, in that if somebody asks me a question, I might not respond to them right away, unless I see the question as personally important, but what will I do now? Choose recipes on my own as the first alternative, because that way I could make as many cookies as possible, or ask Dan, Xion, and Chris to each pick a number between one and six, and bake the cookies whose recipes correspond to those numbers. I don't like that option as much though, because the more I think about it, the more there are certain kinds that I want to make, and certain kinds that I'd rather not, but included in the list only so there would be more to choose from. At worst, I'll just make whatever I feel like. What would be really fun is if that night (when baking is done) turns out like the same night before Dan's birthday did, where I tune everything else out, and do nothing but bake cookies and wash dishes for ~6 hours. That was fun before, but there was also more time then.

There was going to be a fourth as well, about downloading things for other people and more stuff being added to certain lists, but ultimately, I don't think it'd really come to the point of feeling frustrated about that unless people were getting impatient, as mentioned before, so I'm going to find something else to do for my last fifteen minutes. Leaving for St. Clair 45 minutes early may be a bit much tonight (I want to get a ride, and time myself on the way home instead (I expect ~50 minutes), but I'd rather get there early. Hopefully the first night goes well~

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