Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Back to Normal Already

To think that at this time yesterday afternoon, I was just getting into installing drivers... Remarkably, Windows is pretty much all back to where it was when I reinstalled yesterday, with the sole exception that I can think of right now being needing to restart to change pagefile settings. Literally everything else looks and feels the same as it did before, which is obviously good, but it comes with the consequence of feeling like I don't have anything to do now. If I think ahead that far, February 14th, and the release of the 3DS version of Tales of the Abyss doesn't seem that far away (and really, there are only two weeks and a couple days to go), but that still leaves two weeks in which to be bored for a bit, at least for the moment. Were Dan online right now, I would probably be talking to him, because somebody finally posted a new comment over in that thread about cookies, but it's only partially helpful. Somebody said (and I quote) "white chocolate coconut cookies and oatmeal cookies.......and Acorns......Acorns and more acorns in cookies..". White chocolate coconut cookies? Sure, so long as they're one of the top three come February 16th, but I'm not sure what I could do with acorns. Finding some place to buy them in a form intended to be used in baking would be the first hurdle to overcome, and the second would be finding a recipe that isn't just meant to make something that looks like an acorn. Alternately, they're just playing on the fact that they have "Squirrel / Bovine / Boar / Raccoon" listed as their species, in which case I would have to follow suit by saying I want some sort of rodent meat in my cookies, but neither are practical, and I'm happy with my diet as is, outside of eating too much...

In other news, last night at work was pretty long, and distinctly grating until about 2am, and for another few minutes when Brandon stopped by around 2:30. The first problem is that the debit machine wasn't working properly, leading to having to ask people that if they were going to pay with debit, we would need to take their order inside, but if they had cash, they could remain in the drive-through. Everybody was fine with that except for one guy, who was either really opposed to coming inside, or hoped to pull off some deception on us. When it became clear that his card wasn't working either, I told him that if he could just pull off to the side and head in to front cash, he could pay at the debit machine there, but instead of doing just that, he said he would just give me his PIN, and let me take care of it. I said "Well, if you actually want me to..." at first, because it caught me by surprise, but then I had to take another order, and during that, noticed the potential issue, so I called Gabby up, and explained what was going on. She told the customer we couldn't do that, because really, much as he may have been honest in trusting us, I'm not about to process the entirety of his debit payment, and risk having the police called with accusations that he only gave me his PIN so he could get his food, and then I went and took a bunch of money out of his bank account after that, and he sped off really quickly (after taking his card back, of course), and from what I saw, was perfectly pleasant when he came inside. Sorry, but things happen, even if they are of the annoying sort. At least be happy that you came through before the dining room closed and were able to pay in there, instead of it being after 11, and having to be sent off without any food at all. Everybody else was either understanding or payed with cash, as noted, and the problem seemed to correct itself just before 11, because the machine worked fine the rest of the night, but that one guy was quite enough. As for Brandon, he came through to get some food, but instead of just waiting patiently in line, came right inside, because Cheryl didn't make sure the back door closed completely or something. I gave him an awful scowl, but I'm not sure if he saw it, and now, I think I might be getting to the point where if anybody else does that (comes inside when they're not working / haven't been specifically called in), I will aggressively force them out. Maybe that's just me being a control freak, but it's annoying when people do that.

As for the rest of things, I'm just thinking about writing a response to the email I sent yesterday morning, even though I haven't read the response I received in the afternoon yet. I realized an important truth, albeit possibly one that I've written about before regarding things that are on my mind right now, and I want to, if not find a way to change it, to defend / support the way I feel, so if and when I have more difficulties along the same lines in the future, I can say "This is why I am this way, and here's what could change, if need be". I'm trying to stay away from the idea of change though, because in order for it to be effective, it would have to be radical, and that could lead to problems of its own. I'm going to switch over to that so I can focus fully on it though, so maybe when I get home from work, I'll give a rundown of what has been going on with those emails. Time permitting, obviously, but at least tonight I don't have to fiddle with Windows and programs~

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