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Karadur Inacu 

I Can't Be That Reclusive...

For some reason, the main thing I find myself thinking about right now is that email I got last week, saying that somebody had found my old profile on a website that I had forgotten about, and inviting me to send them a message so we could get to know each other. The response I sent then was and is correct - that the profile was out-of-date, and that I was sorry for the confusion and appreciated their understanding - but I also wonder if people are really that oblivious. I know of at least two confirmed furries in this city right now, both of whom are aware of me, so one would think that with the information each of them has, who I actually am (more than just "cat guy"), it wouldn't be too difficult to come to a general conclusion about who I am, and for us maybe to have run into each other by now, but no, things are still the same as always. The only interesting thing that has happened recently was when I walked up and around somebody else on the way home. I must have been walking really quietly or something, because he didn't see me until we were right next to each other, but when he did, he kind of jumped back with an "Oh!", and said "You scared the crap out of me!" I laughed, smiled, and continued on my way, thinking about what he might have thought he was looking at before he saw my face, and also wondering how it is that I keep doing that to people. Nearly every time I see Manoah at work, I apparently scare him because he didn't know that I was there, and then I go and scare a complete stranger on the way home in the same fashion, which I guess is fun, overall. As for what I started off with, well, I still wonder if either of them will be at Dan's meet. There's always a chance, but at the moment, I'm neither looking forward to nor hoping that doesn't happen.

That aside though, I can't explain it, but I feel utterly tired and drained and physically and emotionally exhausted, even though my afternoon was only moderately more serious than normal, and work was quite fun, due to it not being busy because of all the snow, and Laura and I thus having ample time to get as much done early as possible, which made it possible for us to be out of there at 1:30. I haven't eaten a whole lot of food today either - less than normal, to be sure, but I feel slightly nauseous right now, as if I've eaten too much - and got only ~30 minutes less sleep than I've been getting for the past half a week, none of which would seem to explain why I feel the way we do. Other most likely unrelated things are that I got a sliver at work tonight, and Laura thought I was actually cutting myself with my knife trying to pick it out, and this bubble-forming thing I have going on has progressed to the point where the bubbles have lost some of their thickness, but made up for that by being salty. It is the strangest thing, but seriously, they taste salty. It's a good thing I have only two cans of Pepsi left, because if the two things are related, I don't want to see what will come after this. I think I might even buy a bottle of water from Dollarama on my way in to St. Clair tomorrow, so as to be able to rinse my mouth out periodically during my class. That and gum, of course, but chewing that with other people there would be obnoxious, and I do not want that.

Otherwise, what more can be said of today? I had a fairly interesting chat with Dan before I left for work, which I was hoping to post an excerpt of the chat log of, but I can't until I'm sure about what it says, and I'm not sure, because it concerns a theory that I came up with only just yesterday. The general idea is that one of the overall reasons I might have issues with insecurity is because of my preference for ambiguity and uncertainty in how I think and act about nearly everything else, but until I can prove that that's actually the case, I don't want to say any more about it. I will however say that if I can find some place that sells acorns or acorn flour either here or in Toronto, that person who said they wanted acorns in their cookies will indeed be getting the closest I can give them, and otherwise, they'll be getting a recipe I found to make something that looks like an acorn, with a peanut butter chip, a small vanilla wafer cookie, and a Hershey's Kiss, all stuck together with peanut butter. Fun idea? Yes, definitely, and provided I can find all of the ingredients, those wouldn't take more than half an hour to make. Dan seemed to agree with the general idea as well (although he apparently didn't see the link to the recipe), because he said it would be cool if I was able to make something with acorns, however, even before he said that, I wanted to, because that's just one of the things I like to do. It is taking things that are presumably meant as a joke seriously, in a way, but to go there and do what other people weren't actually expecting is immensely enjoyable. The only example I can think of comes from an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway? that I can't remember the number of, but it's just that idea of them being joking, and me saying "Oh, you were joking? Well, I'm going to do what you said anyway, so I'll get back to you when I'm done". Of course, where cookies are concerned, if I did that, it would only be fair to make a batch of peanut butter balls as well, which I hadn't really been planning to do even though I saw that person say they were awesome a couple weeks ago, but there should still be icing sugar at the apartment, and I could just buy two jars of peanut butter instead of one, so we'll see.

I want to say anything else can wait until tomorrow, because it's after 6, and since I have good reason to wake up earlier than normal, I want to set alarms on both of my laptops (which are currently in use) tonight, to hopefully be up at 2. I don't think there's anything else going on tomorrow (yet), but the beginning of a new week is always kind of special, so maybe something interesting will happen instead of it just being a normal day. For example, receiving a response to the email I sent about Brandon's most recent online purchase (the really expensive one) apparently not having been shipped out yet. I suppose it's better than nothing~

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