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MediaFire Might be Better

Ever since the whole fiasco last week or so with MegaUpload being shut down, and FileSonic turning into a storage-only site, I've been thinking about whether or not I want to keep uploading stuff to my 4shared account. The argument for continuing is that I've had an account there since ~2006, and almost everything I have need for keeping online is stored there, which would, if nothing else, make going back through various tutorials I wrote on how to convert PMF movies, or how to blank out program icons in Windows (before the advent of the utility named "tbariconblanker") to update the links a pain. The argument against keeping my files there, however, is that I'm tired of them being reported, or deleted because they're similar to another file that was reported. For example, those rips of all four discs of Bonkers 14 I made and uploaded? What's the point to having them there, if somebody can report even only one or two songs from one of the CDs, thus making that folder incomplete, and preventing me from uploading them again in the future? Copyright claims and all that aside, it's a nuisance, and I'm not about to create torrents for things that are more or less fringe interests, because I'm not going to see the point to continuing to seed those after a time, and the torrent will be virtually worthless, unless somebody else seeds it until the end of the internet in my stead. Also, it's pretty dumb that even when I'm logged in, I have to wait 20 seconds to download my own files, so all in all, I'm thinking it might be time to switch. MediaFire is the site I most prefer the thought of right now, because it offers instantaneous downloads (well, one has to click a button first, but there's no fussing around with having to wait for a timer), and appears to have a less-clunky interface than 4shared. Until I have something new to upload though, the most I can do is create an account. There's little point uploading everything before I know abuse reports won't come from that site as well...

What? It actually worked? I am... surprised. I started downloading a movie called "Holes" last night, as one of the items on George's list, from this site, because I couldn't find a torrent of it, and, well, good luck trying to find the Disney movie when the name could clearly be taken another way. The last piece finished downloading just now, but to my dismay, trying to extract it prompted me to enter a password, which I couldn't see anywhere on the site. I did not expect "langacademy.net" to work, and yet it did. The AVI file extracted and plays just as it should, so that was a lucky guess, I suppose. Further to that though, I actually emailed George last night about some things, one of which was his list of movies. I would really like it if he could come over here for another couple hours by or before the 15th, to give him what new files I have, and also to bake one or two things for him and his family, because it's been a while since I've done that. Unfortunately, he didn't respond today, which doesn't come as a surprise, so maybe when I get home from work tonight I'll email his mom instead, as she could at least tell him to get back to me, and we could make arrangements that way. I would strongly prefer he come over here instead of her, especially because he's now at home looking for another job, but I don't know what will happen. Speaking of her though, she finally saw the comment I left with the recipe for no-bake cookies, and I finally noticed that last night. I can't remember when I left the comment, but she actually made a new post, saying that "Well, after reading this message, I immediately thought to myself, ‘Well, sorry [me], but this just won’t do! This cannot just sit here in comments, it would rarely be seen! So, my dear friend you are getting a post", apparently my message was long, but she posted it in its entirety anyway, including the part at the beginning where I said "George told me that you said these were your favorite kind of cookie, and as I recall, they’re what he brought home the first time, in case you’d like to try making them as well (apologies for the lax formatting – I’m not sure if HTML is allowed in comments).", and amusingly switched the way I had written "Pinch (1/8 tsp) salt". I think it makes more sense that way, because it says "A pinch (which is one-eighth of a teaspoon) of salt)", but she switched it to "(1/8 tsp) Pinch salt", and yes, the extra space is there, and yes, that is one of the first things I noticed.

Other than that though, today has been short, because I slept in until 4, which happened only because I wasn't able to sleep in yesterday, due to how much it warmed up overnight. Thankfully, it appears things should be going back to normal within the next few days, but it will remain to be seen if anything more interesting happens then. One random note to include at the end of this entry is that the bubbles in my mouth have now gone back to being a little sweet, but no longer salty, which is an improvement. To counter that, however, I've been eating too many of my granola bars, which I should've expected when I bought so many. I might be able to restrain myself for a short time at first, but eventually there will come the point where I say "Screw it", and eat as many as possible in one go, in order to get rid of them as quickly as possible. In unrelated news, one of the four new people Melissa hired last week works until midnight tonight, with Mary there as well, presumably to show them how to close the dining room, which should be fun. It's after 7 though, which means I'll need to head out in about fifteen minutes, and I want to finish registering for and poke around my MediaFire account for a bit to see what it's like. Maybe even upload a file or two, if I can think of any important enough~

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