Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Looking in the Wrong Direction

Know what FocusWriter would really benefit from? An option to make a prompt appear either when opening the program, or when opening a new document / tab, wherein one can name the file before they start writing anything in it and thus not have to worry that the supposed autosave feature requires the file to be manually saved first. In other words, I had a good half to two-thirds of an entry written up, but it wasn't saved, and Windows crashed. Then it crashed again, and again just when I was coming back from the bathroom, which is becoming immensely frustrating now. More frustrating though is that until today, I wasn't in the proper state of mind to know where to look. I assumed that because this all started with Windows just completely freezing, the problem must be related to to this laptop's graphics, but upon finding, downloading, and running this program, I learned that the problem seemingly stemmed from the wireless card, which led to more frustration in that the driver for that which I have archived in my reinstallation partition doesn't work for some reason. I can't remember where I got all of those originally, but this is just brilliant all around. I hopes of fixing that though, I tried installing a different driver (judging from the installer, anyway), which, so far, is working, but the same could be said of the other one, for almost the past week. On the assumption that everything is proper again, I'll probably try re-installing that updated graphics card driver, but not yet.

As for what I had written about earlier, the utter repetitiveness of people wanting to borrow money or have me buy stuff for them is starting to wear on me. Although he didn't make so much as a peep about it at first, Manoah eventually asked if he could borrow $80 again last night, and Brandon's wanting concert tickets is also more expensive than I originally expected. He actually needs four - one for him, and three for three of his friends - which would make the total $103, $117 with shipping, and almost certainly more, because there are bound to be certain fees and surcharges only added on checkout. I sent him an email earlier though, in which I pretty much flat-out said that I would put $150 on my card to be on the safe side, and if any of these three friends end up being tardy in giving him money to give to me, I will let that slide until the end of the month, but after that, ask him to pay me whatever they owe, and keep their money if and when they're able to give it to him. It's all-around fair, I feel, and I don't want to get into effectively lending money to people I don't know and haven't met, which he agreed with, so that issue should be sorted. However, above and beyond all that is how he's going away on the 8th (I think), and won't be back until I'm in Toronto, so I won't get any money from him until I get back. Great, right? I figure I'll take the $150 from my savings account, but lend Manoah $80 from my chequing, because he'll almost certainly pay me back before the 16th, however, I do wonder when this is going to end. Three times now he'll have asked to borrow $80 from me not a full week after paying me back for the previous loan, which seems pointless. Ideally, the amount would be growing steadily lower, until he figures out how to manage his money effectively, but I don't know what things are like for him, so it's not fair of me to say that.

On that note though, an observation to make about work last night. On any other weekend in the past, I'd have come home and written an annoyed entry about how I don't like closing with Manoah because he only works when he feels like it. Yesterday night, I didn't necessarily decide to put an end to those thoughts, but still did, in that I tried to make it work out so the only things he would have to do were what he normally does. He still managed to spill oil all over the floor in the middle, somehow, and certainly wasn't present on line as much as Laura or Gabby, but work got done, and I was overall pleased with how the night went. I need to stop worrying that I should let other people do as much work as possible, because my way might not be as good as theirs. If anything, it's because of those thoughts that I've been that way in the past. I still would prefer to close with Laura or Gabby though, because I rather prefer closing with people who work independently. If there was one bad part of last night, it would be Brandon coming back several hours after his shift ended (10pm, and he came back around 1), and expecting to be let into the back for free food. He pounded and pounded on the door, as if somebody would eventually come let him in, but instead, I went back there and told him that we weren't doing that, but it was for naught, because Manoah had different ideas, which is just aggravating, moreso because the only thing Brandon wanted to do was charge his phone. Really? You can't walk the twenty minutes or whatever it takes you to get home without using it? I'm not going to claim to know what that's like, but surely you can manage.

At any rate, it's six minutes after when I wanted to leave for work, so I'm off. Well, not before making a savings-to-chequing transfer, because there's no point going to Money Mart if I haven't done that~

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