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I Got Tired of the Cats

SO HELP ME. The foxes don't fit in quite as well with the color scheme as the cats did (the grey ones, at least), but I'm NOT going to use a big ugly smiley face, nor penguins, nor anything else on that page :s

Woo. This is fun. Going on 7 in the morning now, and I'm still (mostly) wide awake :3 Played a bunch more Trauma Center earlier, although I'm still stuck on one of the Z missions. "Transplant" to be specific. I can remove the tumors fine. I can put the liver in the proper place (who couldn't :s). I can even connect the first vein to the part where you cut the other one. However, after that, I simply get told "Now I have to do the same thing again" (or something along those lines), then I can't do anything. No tips, no guides on what to cut. Nothing. So I gave up on that, and right now, I'm up to having done the first operation where you encounter a Mature Savato. Yay.

Work tonight was alright as well. I knew from the moment I checked the schedule that I was going to be on drive through, and I was, but we weren't terribly busy, although the store was a mess, but given the track record of the day people as of late, that's hardly a surprise. The worst part was after we closed. I spent an hour and a half at the back just washing dishes. Yeah. And to make matters worse, Manoah had the radio cranked, so I could hardly hear what I was listening to on my PSP. I do have larger earbud things that I could use, but they actually block out all noise, so I can't even hear if someone's calling my name or whatever. Feh. I plan on bringing those in from now on though, so I'll just have to pay extra attention to what's going on around me. I work tomorrow night from 9 to close, which should be alright, because I'm guaranteed to not have to be on drive through. It seems that's what happens now though. As long as I work both Wednesday and Thursday, I get put on drive through the first night, so I won't have to be on it the second. Works for me :3

So tomorrow night, Steve will probably be on drive through, and a good thing too. As Glenda pointed out tonight, all he does when he comes in these days is goes straight to steaming, or back to do dishes, as if those are the only things he's able to do. In all honesty, I used to do the same thing, but now it's more "Meh. I don't want to have to do whatever particular job, but in the end, I'm not going to have a choice, so there's no point arguing."

Anyways, there's also me, John, and Glenda working. John's only scheduled 'till 12, but depending on how things go, he may or may not get asked to stay later. Lord knows he might anyways, but that's something I'm not getting into right now~

Got a reply back from Michele, about my schedule for next week, and she said that Wednesday would be good, so it looks like I'll be heading in there then at least. I also said something about how if she really wanted, I could come in on Friday and do up a tutorial of sorts so the person I'm "training" can use it as reference. We still have an old copy of the directions somewhere, but they're not too clear, at very least.

As for the rest of today (from whenever I wake up 'till 9), I dunno. Naomi and Mom are going grocery shopping, so that's out of the question. However, I also have been thinking about getting (yet) another game from EB Games. Guitar Hero II, to be specific. They were playing it at the furmeet in London, and although I wanted to try it, I didn't have the nerve to say so then, and ever since, I've still had the urge to try it out. I went so far as to download the soundtrack, but that's not quite what I'm after :3 Only problem with that is getting over the "WTF I'm using a plastic guitar to play this game I must look like such an idiot" feeling. Still, if I can get over using the pad to play DDR Mario Mix, chances are I should be able to survive Guitar Hero :p

Feh. Well, if I'm gonna get any sleep at all tonight, I might as well try to now :3

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