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Karadur Inacu 

I Should Be More Careful

I went to the other 7-11 after work tonight (the one at the corner of Lacroix and Richmond), and, for once, wasn't the only customer in there. Somebody else was already up at the counter buying lottery tickets, but they were gone by the time I gathered my snacks, so I thought nothing of them being there. According to the guy behind the counter, however, I'm going to give somebody whiplash one of these days, because every time I walk in, people spin around to look at me. He noted that I'd been a customer there "for years", which isn't entirely accurate, but is true as far as it not being unusual to see me there goes, but as for people looking, I honestly don't notice. Unless somebody says something to me, be it at 7-11 or any other place, even not in a building, I'm going to try to avoid physically bumping into them (assuming we're on the same side of the street), but not furtively turn around after we've passed to see if they're looking back at me. It just doesn't matter, but to hear that I get (presumably) wide-eyed looks is interesting. A random customer at work on Friday night called over to her friend, and said "I like his polar bear stuff. He's even got the tail!" gesturing at me, so I might've said something then, but still, no. The double meaning in the following statement is exquisite, but please don't treat me like I'm some animal in a zoo. I will respond if you speak to me, even if it's just with a simple nod or smile.

In only loosely-related news now (related in the sense that it has to do with me not paying attention), I learned tonight that those spiral lightbulbs make a splendid, alarming popping noise when smashed. After getting home from my trip to get snacks, I went down to the basement for something else from the freezer, and on my way back toward the stairs, walked directly into the low-hanging lightbulb. At the time, it was annoying and surprising, because I didn't know if I was bleeding or not, and it took a couple seconds for what had happened to register, but skip ahead to now, and I just ran my fingers through my hair to find one, possibly two tiny pieces of glass, which is just annoying. Dad's only reaction was to say that he had replaced the bulb just before I told him what had happened, which was interrupted by Cinnamon meowing quite a lot because her water dish was empty, and I'd set it aside in my mind until finding that bit of glass just now. Similarly, where the relation this time is things that should be more obviously pointed out, I intend to ask Melissa if we can get a "No Smoking" sign to put up in the drive through when I see her next weekend. Even Manoah agrees that people who don't bother to put out their cigarettes before they pull up to the window are an issue, and having a sign would be more effective than having to passive-aggressively tell every customer who was smoking "Your order will be ready in just a minute", and closing the window as soon as possible. I also want to make one of those cheesecake pies though, because both this past Friday and the one before it, she's asked me if I made anything for her, so I will, and then she can be placated. It would be interesting to see how quickly one of those disappears, too. Probably quickly, but that'll be something to do on Thursday, assuming George comes over tomorrow.

Right now, I'm not sure what's going on, because he has to call his new workplace in the morning to see if they want him to work, and if not, well, I hope he'll come over here after my class, because that would be something to look forward to during it, and I strongly prefer the idea of having more time than we need. I'm slipping back into how I usually write though, so let's see... The original title of this entry was going to be "I Give Myself Away", because of two things. One, by looking in my RSS feeds right now, you could see that I've skipped ahead in one that I only read the oldest post in once a new one is posted, to read the post titled "Building Social Software for the Anti-Social". By no means do I consider myself antisocial - where people I don't know are concerned, yes, to an extent, but not otherwise - and by the beginning comments to that post, would be more properly defined as "asocial", but the topic still sounded interesting. I can understand why millions, if not more people use Facebook and Twitter (I consider myself not to have a double-standard as I haven't posted anything to mine in nearly a year), but can't see the appeal to using them for myself, hence the interest. There's a certain satisfaction gained from reading something that appears to be personally relevant, I suppose. As for the second, I completely removed Cracked from my RSS feeds because I found one of their recent posts really depressing. The giveaway there is that of those several recent posts, the depressing one is the only one I read, and thus is the only recently loaded URL from that site to be found in my history, but I'd honestly be surprised if anybody would have reason to go back and see where I stopped keeping an eye on that site as me. More or less, it's an attempt to avoid bouts of anxiety stemming from seeing that site mentioned from here on, in that by saying why I removed it from my list in here without trying to hide it, I've taken that off my mind. I can only hope it actually turns out that way though, because I could just be lying to myself.

Otherwise, I estimate about five minutes until the internet stops working again. That's exactly what happened earlier, and prevented me from posting the entry I wrote yesterday afternoon, but alot of that stuff is no longer relevant. Tom had the absolute gall to ask "Between Cheryl and I, who would you prefer to close with?", which I wish I'd answered with "Now that you've asked that, Cheryl", then there was having successfully purchased concert tickets for Brandon, at a total expense of $122.25 to myself, and Windows being difficult and refusing to allow me to install the apparently updated wireless card driver, all of which are interesting items on their own, but don't have the significance they did before anymore. Tom needs to keep his insecurities to himself, the concert tickets are being mailed to me, so Brandon and I have to meet up at some point before he goes away, and Windows can almost certainly be coerced into allowing me to install a driver of my choosing, but I'm waiting to see if it crashes before this coming Saturday to take any such measures. I suppose one different thing I could mention is that the bubbles problem I'm having as now pro/regressed to the point where they taste slightly... buttery, and have an unusually firm, brittle texture to them. Clearly something is changing, so hopefully it's for the good. I do have to go to bed now though, as it's nearly 7am, so here's hoping tomorrow is a success, both for meeting George, and for our first test and proper assignment at St. Clair not making me feel like I'm too out of my depth. I think I remember most of what we were taught, but I'm anxious anyway. I'd better not dream about that the entire time I'm asleep...

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