Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

An Interesting Sort of Dream

I remember when I used to have nights like that all the time - go to sleep, and wake up feeling not only completely rested, but like I'm waking up to a different space and time, which, in this case, was largely because of what I dreamt about. I was, well, not in Toronto that I could tell, but was with Dan, and we were talking about what we wanted to do that day. My brain presumably picked up on him inviting me to the party / furmeet in a couple weeks back in December, because he asked me if I wanted to go to another furry event with him, but didn't say specifically where or what it was. I also have no memories of the dream from being at that actual event, but then as we were heading back home, I got the feeling that we had just been at MFF. Weird, right? In spite of not currently wanting to go to another one of those in real life, I seem to recall having enjoyed myself in the dream, and was glad that I'd gone along with Dan's proposal, because nothing else we could've done would've been as much of an experience as going there was. On our way back home though (for the current part, we were just walking to a destination), we had a third person with us, who was Xion, as far as I know, except that in the dream, I only knew him as somebody I met at the convention, and had become friends with. I told him about how prior to going there, Dan and I didn't have any plans for that day, so I said yes when he asked if I wanted to go to a furry event, only to then find out that we had to travel three hours away. Literally, it was as if in the dream, Toronto and the hotel we only three hours apart, and I'm almost certain we were able to take some form of public transportation such that you'd find in Toronto from one to the other. I do remember seeing the subway in my mind, and I want to say that the longer part of the trip was taking the subway from the apartment to as close to the hotel as it would go, and walking the rest of the way, because we were. Nothing terribly unusual or unfamiliar, unlike actually being at MFF though. The still image in my mind right now is of the three of us walking up a path behind some apartment buildings, really much like going out to Subway for supper with Xion and Chris was when we went to Wonderland last year. I didn't know exactly where we were then, in terms of our surroundings and all, but did feel a strong sensation of exploration, curiosity, and safety, because the other two seemed to know where we were going, and it didn't feel unsafe to just follow them. Getting back to the dream, though, the next memory I have is of us being at the other end of the trip again - back near the apartment - except that as almost always seems to happen when I have dreams about being there, the apartment wasn't as I remember it. Trying to place it to something I saw in real life recently, it was like a brown-bricked version of the apartment seen in the "Wallflower" episode of Fringe, except that we approached it from off to the side instead of from the front as in that episode, and I am positive that in one of the windows on the ground floor, I saw a lit sign for EB Games. Unfortunately, the dream ended there, but as we were walking up to the apartment, the lesser-known Xion asked me what attracted Dan and I to MFF, and I told him essentially what I wrote above - that Dan had asked me if I wanted to go to a furry event with him, and I agreed. Then, smiling out of amusement, I added that until we got on the train / method of transportation, I didn't know that it would take us three hours to get there. Seriously, if it took only three hours maximum to get there in real life, and it was possible to get there by what I see as conventional means (public transportation, more or less), that would be amazing. Well, moreso than that, being in a central location instead of off to one side would be better, but much as I like fantasizing about these things, it's also improper of me to think about how much better it would be to go to events that I previously said I no longer had interest in.

Still continuing with that though, as noted, waking up was also different than normal. I think I woke up two times before I actually woke up, but can only remember one of them, however, it was during that one that I woke up simultaneously feeling rested and relaxed, and more tired than when I had gone to bed, which I've never felt before, kind of like my body was rested, but my mind was still in the middle of sorting everything from the past day out. I know I went back to sleep fairly quickly after that, but then when the point of waking up to stay awake came, it was like, well, as if my body and mind were slightly out of sync again, because in waking up, it felt for a moment like I was literally in the dream setting, because there was a distinct feeling of pulling out / coming-to. I suppose it could make sense if hiding under my blanket made it so that I couldn't breathe, and thus actually passed out for a bit, but I don't feel anything else that I would imagine is associated with that right now. A very very slight headache, frustration about needing to hear from George, and anxiety over the report I have to write, but nothing that can't be explained naturally. Up until I wrote this, it was as if something was tugging on my heart the further memories of that dream slipped away. It's not actually special, in that it was just a dream, I want to say, but sometimes that happens - sometimes I have dreams that seem more meaningful than just being something that happens when I go to sleep. Another good thing about that dream / sleep, aside from it giving me something interesting and satisfying to write about, is that I feel more calm and focused than when I went to bed. Not enough to see a clear path to finishing this report in such a way that would guarantee me decent marks - I know that I want to contact the teacher to ask if she'd accept results from Google Scholar as scholarly resources first, once I finish this - but for the moment, today feels like a fresh start, almost exactly like how I felt / feel the day after coming home from London or Toronto, except that the feeling hasn't been quite as strong in recent trips to the latter. What's even more good news is that Brandon's concert tickets came in today, and he actually responded to my email to say that he works tonight, so I'll just bring them in to there, but that's about where it ends. I'm not particularly excited for work tonight, only because I don't yet see anything different between it and closing over the past weekend, and am in the same place as yesterday regarding cleaning up my desktop - I know it needs to be done, but feel that concentrating on that would be a distraction from what I should be working on, although what I didn't mention last night is that if I can find all of the drivers I would need, I might revert to Windows XP at some point, just for something new. It's nearly 5pm though, and I'd like to get an answer from our teacher about resources before the end of the night, as well as that I would like to eat something because I am hungry, so it's time I went to take care of those. Maybe she'll have responded by the time I come back up here~

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