Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Not Done Yet

I don't want to say this, because it sounds very much like overstatement, but having to write this report has destroyed all sense of normalcy for me. I decided to switch cultures from Sweden to China back on Wednesday night, because I couldn't find enough scholarly information on Sweden to write with, but even now, I feel like the only thing that can correct this sense of disorganization that's clouding up my mind is handing in the report, if not waking up next Friday in Toronto, as opposed to here. I need that difference, but there's still work to be done first. Particularly, I need to cite one more scholarly resource, and make sure the report itself conforms to APA standards, mostly in the form of adding page numbers. I have the resource (it's a book titled "Business China: a practical guide to understanding Chinese business culture"), but need to figure out where I can work it in, and the biggest issue with page numbers is realizing that if I put everything - title page, report, and references - in the same document, it'll work out without having to fuss. Unfortunately, I don't have the time for that tonight as it's already 6:00, although I wish I did. Thoughts like that are what prevented me from writing anything in here yesterday though, which I am again dissatisfied with, because yet again today, I find that I would rather let this go in a attempt to have my report properly complete by the time I leave for work. Unfortunately, even if I were able to, the only working printer in the house is connected to Dad's laptop, which took nearly half an hour to work itself into a usable state the first time I printed something off yesterday night, and I don't have that kind of time right now.

In other news though, George came over yesterday, which, although what I was after from the beginning, leaves me less than pleased with myself now. He wasn't able to come over on Monday because he got called in to start at 7 in the morning on Tuesday, which I think I already mentioned, but did I know that he had been working ~13 hour shifts since then? No, and I want to ask who am I to dictate that he should come over here instead of having time to himself after such a long day. I know I would want to. I suppose if it's any consolation though, he has only ~30GB free on his drive, which won't last very long if he doesn't delete things as he watches them, so maybe, in a good way, it will be a little while before I see him again. He did get that cheesecake pie though, so going by my original plans, I would've gone out last night to get the stuff to make another one, but I've decided to leave that until next Thursday instead. I'd rather give one of those to people at work just before I go away, than I would taking it there on a night that I work, and eating probably more than one piece. Tonight might not be as good as it could be as such, but I rather feel that the only thing on my mind will be finishing that report. Is it normal to be so wholly concerned with things such as I am right now? It's like I literally cannot stop thinking about it until I know it's done and printed out and ready to go, in a form that I feel is as complete as I could make it, which is a complete reversal to Monday night of this week. Since then, it's gotten in my head and run amok, and I don't know what to make of it. I went out to Tim Hortons after I printed out the first draft last night, because I needed to get outside (not only as a result of the report, but also because I didn't start the dishes until 2:30 in the morning, and was too distracted by the thought of not having properly completed the former to focus on anything else), which I still think was nice, but this coming week, well, I'll probably treat myself to something after class on Monday. Too bad most places will be closed then, because something other than Tim Hortons and 7-11 would be especially nice.

Two other things that happened yesterday involve going grocery shopping for one, and talking to Dan online for two. Where grocery shopping is concerned, pop was once again on sale, and instead of passing it by on the grounds that my bubbles issue has still not cleared up, I bought five cases, four of Pepsi, and one of orange, which I'm doing the same thing with as before - they're under my bed right now, and absolutely will not be touched (aside from moving them to vacuum) until I get home, and even then, I really will try to stick to one can a day, if not less, because those should be a treat - not a substitute for water. As for talking to Dan, he wanted to let me know that there will be about 50 people at the furmeet / party next Saturday. He referred to it as a party, which I find amusing because I think he might still believe that I feel the same way about those as I described before (I do, in the sense that I wouldn't go to one to meet up with friends and whatnot, but would enjoy going to help out), and that I would respond negatively if he referred to it as a furmeet. Honestly, the biggest concern I have it cookies, and I think it's safe now to say that there won't be any more new comments to the post Dan made about them, so I can look through it to count the votes. Oatmeal, no-bake, and coconut white chocolate cookies seem to be the most popular, so those are what I will make. Probably a cake as well, because I want to use the box of cake mix that I've had here in my room for close to half a year now, and if I feel more treats would be nice, chocolate peanut butter balls as well, but those would probably be too much. Ingredients for oatmeal cookies will probably cost ~$50, no bake cookies will be ~$20, and coconut white chocolate will be about the same, making for roughly $100 in groceries. Fortunately, I can afford that, so the real challenge will be seeing what the rest of the week brings. For now though, I'm going to try to figure out where to work in my other scholarly reference in this report. Half an hour might be enough time to have it ready for printing by the time I leave for work, so I have my fingers crossed. It would certainly make for less to think about there...

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