Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sometimes, Change is Good

I feel like I'm liable to lose track of time and be late for work with this, if anything, though. Instead of using FocusWriter to write this entry, I'm using Q10, and it's literally just a black background with white text, and a nice clicky noise to accompany each key-press, which is kind of neat. It's ~6:10pm right now, which means I find myself in pretty much the same position as I did yesterday - having to leave for work approaching quickly, and, different to last night, repeatedly thinking that today is Sunday, so the night will be shorter, but at least I can explain that. At work last night, I told Manoah that I was frustrated, and eventually got around to explaining that it was because of my report, in about the same way as I wrote it yesterday: once I start into something new and unfamiliar, and really get going with it, I cannot switch back to anything else to save my life, except for cases such as having to go to work, which then leaves me feeling all agitated and irritable. Fortunately though, the report is almost entirely complete. The absolute only thing I'm not sure about is whether the page numbers are in Arial or Times New Roman (the latter is the proper font), but I'm not going back to check. If I lose marks for that, then sure, I'll wish I had, but literally, they're numbers from one to eight, and only appear once on each page. Will that really matter? As for how that ties into feeling like today is Sunday, I told Manoah I would bring in the first draft of the report tonight so he could see what I was talking about, but on the way home, started thinking that it might be too busy tonight for him to have a proper look, so I might be better off bringing it on Sunday instead. Maybe I should just take both to St. Clair on Monday, and hand in only the newer one, then show the old copy to Manoah when I stop there on the way home to finish writing my notes. It's not like it's even a requirement at that, but talking about it last night led into a different conversation about how he's noticed me doing the same thing at work (in a word, obsessing), and wanted to say something before, but didn't know if I would take offense to it or not. I like to think I'm aware of most things (even the odd ones) that I do, and really, they don't strike me as something that would make me upset for somebody to point out. Pointing it / them out and telling me I or them are wrong, however, would not be appreciated. According to him it's also a good thing that I can admit it, but yeah. I'll bring the report in tonight, and if he isn't able to take a look at it then, just wait until Monday, because I think I can skip going to 7-11 and Tim Hortons on the way home this time, and thus not have to worry about getting there before all their sandwich bread is gone. Maybe they're just out completely, but I went to two in one night earlier this week, and they were out at both places. It might be good to try and save my money though, because of the $80 Manoah gave me last night, it's pretty much all spoken for already.

From now until leaving for Toronto, there is almost certainly going out for a snack after I finish my cleaning on Monday. Normal stuff, along the lines of cleaning up my room and vacuuming my floor, and tidying up files on my laptop, in order to be ready to go. Snacks after that would cost ~$10, hopefully, leaving $70 to spend. Following that is Tuesday, and the long-awaited (for me) release of Tales of the Abyss for the 3DS, which, even with my $20 preorder deposit, will cost ~$25. That leaves $45. Let's assume after that that I stop at Bulk Barn on the way back to work, to get candies for the furmeet next weekend. I have a $15 gift card for that, but in order to be generous, let's assume I spend another $15 cash, leaving me with $30. Wednesday shouldn't be a problem, because I can see my sole concern after work being coming home and packing up as much stuff as possible, but then for Thursday, I would of course like to buy some snacks to take on the train, including a sandwich from Tim Hortons, which, to be generous once again, would cost ~$15, leaving me with a total of the same to spend, which would go toward subway tokens. I think $10 buys four, and as for the remaining $5? It will remain to be seen. I might still have some tokens from last time I went there, but I'll need to buy more either way. It's kind of nice to have it all laid out and planned-for like that, but I do hope Tuesday comes soon, so I can have something new to distract myself with. I need to check wtih Dad as well, because I think $20 of the money I gave him on Thursday should be given back to me to pay for the internet this month and next, but the problem is that I can't remember. I know he paid for December, but was that November and December, or December and January? Probably the latter, because I think I remember mentioning in here that I had that extra $20. I just hope he's at home right now.

On that note, I am off to look around for him, and then probably relax for this last ten minutes. Or I could leave for work early, but no, there's nothing to leave early for tonight, and if I arrive there before Melissa leaves, she'll give me a hard time about still not having any treats, and although I'm probably going to make something to take in on Thursday, I don't want to have that as the start to the night. I'd rather avoid it entirely, and just have the surprise in the end~

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