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I Could Do With Some Humility

It isn't so pronounced anymore, but I was feeling quite sure of myself at St. Clair earlier tonight. Not only did I get 18 out of 22, or 81% on the test / quiz we were given last week; I was also the only one to hand in a report, because it turns out everybody had the same problem accessing the site we were shown in class, and as such, an extension, until 3pm on Thursday, was granted. Nothing was really said about that, outside of me asking our teacher if she would take marks off for my page numbers being in Arial instead of Times New Roman, but then at the very end of the class, we all got ready to leave, but then the other four people crowded around the desk up front discussing something, while I walked over toward the door, and turned around, waiting for somebody else to leave, so I wouldn't look bad. Instead of that happening though, I was told that they were trying to come up with a make-up assignment, to compensate for bad grades received on last week's test. I honestly didn't know I would get the mark I did, and yet at the beginning of the night, the teacher told the only other person in there at the time and me that a couple people did well on the test, and a couple others didn't, and she (the other person) said "If anybody, I think it's you and [the other guy taking the class], because I...", and as it turns out, she was right. Could I have done with taking the make-up assignment anyway? Most definitely yes, because if nothing else, it will reinforce things not covered previously (or so I would presume), but instead, I just walked out, which surely conveyed a message of "I did well on the test, so I see no reason to stick around. You all suck", which bothered me for most of the walk home. Also, our teacher asked each of us for our email address, saying that she'd email us the details of our second assignment in a day or two, which I am of course overly concerned about already. Why are we being told what it is so early? Will we need all the time between then and now to collect conduct research with which to complete our reports? I don't want to have to go out and start surveying people or whatever else. If it is that sort of assignment though, the advance notice will help, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I also feel put on the spot about how she (the teacher) said "Oh, good, I'll have one to mark!" when I told her I was handing in my first assignment tonight. I don't mind being the first, but I do mind the thought of my report not being up to standards, while perhaps largely imaginary, is worrying.

On a better note though, and something that I was considering using as the title for this entry, self-validation is nice, and I've now come into some more from one of the things talked about tonight. Specifically, somebody referred to only by the last name of "Gardener" theorized that there were eight different kinds of intelligence, being spatial, linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic. To take descriptions of those from the presentation slides (edited for grammar), the meaning of those is as follows

These people have an enhanced ability to visualize with their mind's eye. They see something in their mind, and then make it happen. People with this intelligence often become artists, designers, or architects.

These people are good with words, either written or spoken. They excel at reading, writing, memorizing, listening, and telling stories.

Those with this type of intelligence are good at abstract thinking, reasoning, patterning, and scientific thinking.

These people learn the best through movement, and through actual experience, most often by physically doing something, rather than hearing about it in a lecture, or following steps.

These people have the ability to sing, play musical instruments, and compose music. They tend to learn best through songs and rhythms.

This type of person successfully interacts with others. They are at their best and communicate effectively when working in a group, and enjoy class discussions and debates.

These people have a deep understanding of the self, including what makes them happy or sad, and what their strengths and weaknesses are, etc.. Often times, people with this intelligence become authors, psychologists, and / or counsellors.

These people are good at nurturing and relating information to one's natural surroundings. People with this intelligence are very often determined to improve animal and plant life, etc., and often become farmers or gardeners.

Side note: I need to change the CSS for this theme so that anything bold appears in pink instead of blue. That's getting rather tiresome. Back to the question though, our in-class assignment did indeed pertain to those eight different intelligences, in the most obvious way: pick which ones you feel represent you, but unfortunately, we weren't given enough time to explain why. Now that I do have the time, however, this is where it becomes special. I still would like to figure out what makes me me, and until this day, I hadn't considered that there might be different types of intelligence, let alone did I consider that there might be one which described me exactly. It's right up there, two from the bottom. Intrapersonal? Yeah. That's me. I'm also a little linguistic, definitely bodily-kinesthetic, a tiny tiny bit musical, and the same amount naturalistic. By far the biggest two are intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic though. Definitely. It even covers the "Often times, people with this intelligence become authors, psychologists, and / or counsellors" bit. Furthermore, but unrelated to that, while looking for information to use in my report last week, I happened across a site which explained the meanings of different colors, but of course I can't find it now. That said, the relevant part about it was that I found the description for the color brown quite relevant, and sure enough, both my shirt and pants are that color, and I haven't consciously made the decision to continue wearing them because of that. It just makes me think that maybe that says something of my state of mind back when I wore blue jeans and an off-white shirt, or better yet, whether I could influence the same by forcing myself to wear the color of clothing said to imply the traits which I wanted to have. It also gives another possibility as to why I can buy several shirts from Value Village, and only end up wearing one on a regular basis. Next time that happens, I'll have to take notice of whether or not the one I choose fits the way I feel.

Those things aside though, the last remaining point of interest I have to mention before I go to bed tonight is that I sent Manoah an email earlier, because he wanted me to take a picture of him in the dining room at work and send it to his email, so I did, and also asked some questions about what I wrote about yesterday night: "On a different note, I was doing some research, and have two questions about what we were discussing on Sunday regarding my hair to ask you in this email first, and tomorrow at work, should you not see it before then. Number one, would my hair being as dark as it is now create complications for dying it white in one go? One of the sites I was looking at said it would only work to go from the original color to lighter brown first, and from there to the desired color, and two, considering it's more or less going from one end of the spectrum to the other (brown isn't black, but it's close enough), would going from dark brown to white be a permanent change, or would that wash out as well?" He hasn't responded, and probably won't have by the time tomorrow night comes, but I am still interested, so it wouldn't do to wait for him to bring it up again, as that could take years. Otherwise, it is time for bed, a little early tonight, because I'd like to wake up at 2pm tomorrow. Provided EB Games gets Tales of the Abyss, I will want to go to more places than just there, but the best I can do is - as with yesterday - leave that until tomorrow. I hope four hours will be enough...

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