Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

All the Wrong Things

With the time I had up until now, I could've been at least halfway packed, and had a grocery list for tomorrow in the works, if not finished, but no, I feel like I've been doing everything but. I made that cheesecake pie this afternoon instead of yesterday night, because I was too tired, then vacuumed my floor, and talked to Dan about specific plans for tomorrow night, but otherwise, I've just been playing Tales of the Abyss and doing other less-important things, which currently leaves me with about half an hour to go before I head off to work, unless I decide I'd rather arrive there just in time, and not leave until ~7:20 might not be a bad idea, actually, considering all the time I had to sit in the dining room and be immensely bored anyway. I originally got ready to head out at 3pm, but just before I locked up my room, the thought that I hadn't meant to leave until 4pm flashed through my mind. Had I still gone out, things would've been more or less the same as they ended up going, but I'd have had an extra hour before my shift. As such, I sat down again and did things on my laptop until 4, and then set out. The first stop was work, where I put my uniform in the staff bathroom, and had a quick chat with Mary, wherein she asked me to see if EB Games had a Wii game called "Country Dance", then set out again. EB Games was my first stop after that, where I bought Tales of the Abyss for a whole ~$25, and was told that they didn't have the game Mary asked about, and probably wouldn't get it back in stock, because it didn't sell very well. From there, I went directly over to Dollarama, deciding not to go to Payless for a new pair of shoes yet again, and spent ~$13 on snacks. Then I went just up to Real Canadian Superstore and spent another ~$16, then walked all the way back down to Bulk Barn, and purchased exactly $17.98 in candy for the party / furmeet on Saturday. My last stop before going back to work was Tim Hortons for some supper, which I took back to work to eat, but was kind of surprised by the amount of customers in the dining room. I'm not sure if it's normally that busy at suppertime during the week, or if there were just a bunch of people out for supper because it was Valentine's Day, but it was busy, and I felt out-of-place, being the only one in there eating food from Tim Hortons. The rest of the night was kind of in and out. I had fun playing Tales of the Abyss, but I got up to Engeve before it started to get boring, then switched over to Super Mario 3D Land to beat a couple levels before going in to start my shift, which was about standard for it being busier than normal. A good pile of dishes, and cardboard, and garbage, but it's another night done, meaning that there's only one between now and going to Toronto.

As for tonight, I want to say things mostly depend on what time I get home. Much as I would like to go to 7-11 or Tim Hortons, I'm going to save those until I'm on the way to the train station tomorrow, but I don't want to come home and go straight to packing either. Tales of the Abyss is starting to pick up (I wonder how long it'll be until I start referring to it as "TotA" again...), and I'm still feeling tired from walking around yesterday, however, so yeah. Fun predicament, but from one way of looking at it, I have the entire ~3 hour train ride tomorrow to play that game if I want. Packing should come first, or at very least, collecting everything together so I don't have to go running about (figuratively) tomorrow would be good. It's hard to believe that at this time then, we'll probably be on our way out to Food Basics and Dollarama, but that reminds me, I need to check my wallet to see if I still have subway tokens from December. That, and stop at the bank going to or coming home from work so I'll have some cash. I think I might just leave right now, as it's nearly 7:15 anyway, and see what happens when I get home. Two out of four, at least~

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