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Differences are Everything But

Last time I was here, one of my entries included a mention of Dan saying that maybe one of the people looking for me in Chatham didn't know that I wasn't / don't identify as furry. I was rather pleased then, because it showed that he paid attention and listened to what I told him, but then tonight... we went out to Food Basics to get groceries, then when we got back home, I went back into Dan's room, as that's where I'm sleeping once again, and during taking things out of my pockets, glanced over at the monitor to his computer, and read a bit of one of the chat windows that were open. Kind of snooping, I agree, but if it should become an issue, I will apologize, and see what that leads to. For now though, the relevant part of the conversation has him telling the person he was talking to that he had to leave, to go downtown to "pick up a fur who came from Chatham to help at the furmeet on Saturday". Once again, and do read this very very carefully, I am not furry. If you personally want to think of me as such, then fine, go for it, and I'm not so bothered by this as to be offended by him telling that to somebody else, but this is where I want to draw the line, because it's where the confusion starts. Why couldn't I have just been referred to as a friend? As far as I can tell, main evidence being both Dan and Xion meeting me at Union Station again tonight, I am, and I don't think it was ever once said that the only reason I've been invited here this time or any other in the past was because one or both of them consider me to be furry. That said, there's something related to that which I like, but by liking it, I'm somewhat of a hypocite, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Unlike last time, on two pages pertaining to the furmeet (Who's Going? and Food), I am right up near the top, which I find to be a nice change, but more than that, specifically in regards to the food page, we went out shopping for all of that just earlier tonight. Dan bought four cases of pop at Food Basics (originally he was only going to get two, but Xion pointed out that those probably wouldn't be enough), Xion bought chips and I spent ~$65 on things needed for baking, which is rather a perfect start to how I want Saturday to be. Apparently Dan will be given the key to the party room tomorrow, so what does that mean for me? I'll be there before the beginning, and after the end. Not just for the afternoon and evening like before, even though that was fun too. Maybe it helps that nowadays, I could get myself to the zoo instead of having to rely on somebody else to drive me. Oh, and since I didn't remember to stick it in above, I think I'm the first one to have given Dan the $2 he requested per person to attend on Saturday, to offset the cost of renting the party room. He looked rather confused when I gave it to him, and to an extent, I could argue that I should be able to pay my way with cookies and candy and other food of that nature, but no, I don't really care. $2 to him is the same money I would probably have spent at Tim Hortons on the way home from getting groceries had I not given it to him while we were waiting for the Subway.

At any rate, something completely different: I want a PSVita now. Xion bought one just recently, and told me to try it out and see what it was like earlier tonight, so I did just that. Played Lumines, which was... interesting. He brought it up while I was on the train here, and mentioned that it was really hard, so I assumed that there might be different controls or mechanics to the game, which would make it more difficult. That, however, is not the case. As I understand it, there are new features, only one of which I've seen for myself (the block that randomizes the color of all blocks on the playfield), but the underlying game is the same, so... even though he'd been playing it for a fair bit before me, I managed to get him from level 1 to 10 in one 1-hour run on the standard mode, also raising the high score significantly (to ~360,000), and realizing that the larger screen (presumably) makes my eyes tired after a while. I do still want one though, for Lumines, the Katamari Damacy game coming out for it, and DJMAX Technika, assuming that sees a North-American release, so I have my work - and by extension my saving - cut out for me. I took $200 from my savings account before I left to ensure I'll have enough for the week, but that will be paid back by the end of next Thursday regardless. After that, unfortunately, will come complications. I want to go take care of things at H&R Block by the end of March, which depend only on me having the money for it, and then there's just generally trying to save again. I've been thinking about maybe going to London for the day a second time, just to get out and have fun doing something on my own like that (not to mention I can't entertain this worry about being punched again forever), which would cost roughly $150, maybe $200 if ticket prices to get there have gone up too, which is a fair bit of money, and if this wanting a PSVita thing holds through, I would likely look into getting one while I'm there, thus raising the overall cost up to $400 ~ $500. Unpleasant, so I don't know. I'll think about it. It's not like I couldn't just go out to EB Games in Chatham, and that would certainly be less expensive and more safe, but I want to do something different, aside from the things I do at home, and coming here every so often. Maybe I should try to be happy with what I have, because surely there's some reason in the thought that I want a PSVita right now mostly because I was able to try one for the first time today, and I want more. Besides, I still have questions about it. For example, can it be used as a music player, like the PSP could, and if so, how does it connect to the computer? According to Xion, the card it uses is a proprietary one, making for difficulties (not that USB readers won't be created, I imagine), and it's a bit big and fragile-looking to expect to carry it around in one's pocket. Meanwhile, my PSP still works just fine, and unlike the PSVita, I know how to do everything I want to with it. Still something to want though. There always has to be something.

Otherwise, it's just been a relatively normal day. Taking the train to Toronto isn't quite normal, granted, but I feel acclimated to it. Being here is comfortable, instead of unusual and unsettling (but I will reserve full judgement on that until Sunday), and it no longer bothers me that there are 27 floors above my head (although I was really distracted by a light at Food Basics that was flickering), and I don't feel so much like a guest as someone who is just... here for the week. It's nice, but I feel like I said that last time, if not the time before that, so to move on... Tales of the Abyss is still coming along rather slowly. I left off at having to find Anise, because I couldn't, and mostly only played DJMAX Trilogy and StepMania on the way here, so there isn't much to be said about games. There's a new TV out in the living room, but it was purchased on Boxing Day, and in fact, Dan and I went out to Best Buy to look at them in December, and a new computer set up as well, which I think is going to be used to play movies on Saturday, which is fine and all, but kind of unremarkable beyond that. Chris isn't here though, which is a letdown, but apparently he had work to do today, so maybe I'll see him eventually. I don't want to say it's time for bed just yet, because I'm sure there's more to write about (such as how I want once again to know how people at work liked that cheesecake pie, and also to discuss Laura telling me that we aren't getting raises this year because of the food costs), but I want to do all of my baking tomorrow (which is... a cake, two cheesecake pies, and at least five different batches of cookies (where "batch" is defined as an entire recipe's yield)), which will surely take a while. Cake will be about an hour, cheesecake pies will be about the same, and cookies... six hours, and even that's conservative. Therefore, if I wake up at 1 and start right away, I might finish with time to go out for something to eat (of which the irony is not lost on me). The bed needs to be cleared off first though, and then I need to see about sticking my laptop down underneath of it without it coming unplugged. Hopefully I can do all of that quietly...

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