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Maybe I Should've Gone

It's 10 in the morning right now :s I've all but decided to go to bed. I'm in it right now though, so whenever I get tired enough, I can just close my laptop and my eyes.

A couple hours ago, I was still downstairs, and Mom and Dad came down. Asked them where they were going, and they said "Out for breakfast, and to do some running around". They asked if I wanted to come as well, but I said no, because I figured I'd be heading to bed soon :p

Work wasn't too bad actually. The worst part of the night came about as a result of having too much food to eat (two steak taquitos, and a hard taco shell with nacho cheese), but other than that, we weren't really busy, and we got things cleaned up nicely, and in good time, at that. The truck for the order pulled in right after Glenda set the alarm and locked the door, and both her and Steve took off, but I asked the guy if he saw anyone tonight, and he said no, so I got in the van, and we went home :3

No work tonight, which is good, because I badly need to wash my uniform. I have a feeling that if I'm going to get Guitar Hero II at all as well, today's going to be when I go out there.

Beat Trauma Center ("Vulnerability" at least) earlier this morning, so I can either pick up one of the (many) old games I bought but haven't beaten yet, or go out and get a new one. Guess which one I'm choosing :p

Time to go to sleep though. I can tell I'm rambling, so I'm going to stop right now :s

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