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Answers to Several Things

I definitely need to make a proper checklist to go over for if and when I go away for another week or so. It seems like every time I go there, I find myself wishing that I'd tried to have the weekend come in the middle of the trip, so we could save some money on transit fare, or thinking that I should've asked for an extra day off from work, so there would be less to rush about upon coming home. This time, both happened, but in spite of that, the week went well (yet again), and being home from it now, I think my first shift back went okay too. Tiring and long, of course, but I was expecting that. More interesting, however, is that it being my first time working since Wednesday before last made it so that several genuinely interesting things happened (not all of them good), which I want to write about, assuming I can stay awake and maintain a train of thought for long enough.

a] Within a couple minutes of starting, I up and asked Melissa if I would be able to have more time off in May. She said that would be fine, and asked when she had ever refused to give me time off before, which I responded to by saying that I felt it was still polite to ask. Having obtained permission from her is far from the only step to take, but assuming Dan sees my messages in the morning, plans for the future might be in the works already. Here's hoping they hold through.

b] It couldn't last forever, I suppose, but I am, or rather I was annoyed with Canada Trust. I went there on the way to work to deposit some money, as mentioned before, and the teller said I had no choice but to select a different account type for my checking account (other than Plan 60), because I wasn't over 60, and the only reason I had that before was apparently because Dad's name was on it, and he is. I'm even more frustrated with myself, on the grounds that if I'd only kept the money Brandon gave me for expenses over the next several weeks, nothing would've happened, but again, the change would've been made eventually, and maybe it's just good that it was done while I was there, instead of without my knowledge, as they did when they presumably did away with the preferred holder accounts. As such, the one I'm on now is something like $10 a month, with 25 transactions, which I still feel well entitled to grumble about, but that might work anyway, provided the fee can be avoided by maintaining a certain minimum balance ($2,500, according to the site, which is attainable, but not a change that I would particularly enjoy having to make), and I try to pay for as many things as possible with cash, withdrawn once every pay or so.

c] Because an entire week went by without getting a reply from him, I asked Manoah the questions I had about getting my hair dyed a second time in person, and came away from the discussion with promising results. Regarding my hair being dark right now, it would probably end up being that there would be an intermediate step between having it as it is now and turning it white, which is fine, and I expected that. So long as it could definitely be made white, and I wouldn't have to go back more than three times to complete the process, the idea of having to make return visits doesn't bother me. As well, regarding the permanency of it, while I hesitate to trust his answer completely, he said yes, it would be semi-permanent, in the sense that it would remain white for six to eight months, until the natural color of my hair started to creep through again, which, as far as I'm concerned, is just perfect. Half a year is just the right amount of time to become used to the difference, and to see it as normal, before it starts to revert back to how it was. For the moment, I told him it was something I would definitely like to do, but would still think about it, and get back to him sometime in March or April. Apparently it shouldn't cost more than $100, which is fair as well. Tom, apparently eavesdropping, said that one way or the other, it would cost alot, and while I agree that $100 is a substantial sum, he still hasn't seen my back. It's not that I have money to throw around, but clearly we have different opinions on price.

d] Most likely shorter than the others, but I've decided which topics I'm going to research for my second assignment: Asperger's Syndrome, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. As I see it, both are somewhat personally relevant, so as well as hopefully giving me more interesting subject matter to research, they will be more personally gratifying. Maybe I'll find more evidence to say that I fit into one category or the other, but all the same, maybe the only information I'm able to find will sound too much unlike me. I still have a good amount of typing to do, and then there's going for haircuts on Tuesday as well, which will surely interrupt my research, but at least this time the minimum required pages is lower. I would really like to write more than three pages, but if worse comes to worse again, I will just do my best without worrying about how much I've written. It's fitting though, how that assignment is due on March 5th, and I have Tuesday off after it. Being able to relax will be nice, but for now, I should begin preparing for what will likely be another stressful week.

I think those four things are all for now, and not a moment too soon, because I can't keep myself up for much longer. Sleeping in tomorrow would be nice, if I'm able, but I want to finish typing my notes then as well, so I shouldn't say anything just yet, and on that note, I am done for the night~

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