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A Couple Hours Too Late

Not that this matters for anything, but I just thought of another example of the placebo effect that I'd have rather used in my answer to one of the questions on the exam tonight. The goal was to describe what the placebo effect was, and give an example, so I gave a description, and wrote down the example covered in class about having your doctor prescribe medication to cure an illness, and becoming better again, even though in actuality, the medicine was nothing more than a sugar pill, but another one came to mind just now, which may or may not be an example of classical conditioning as well: hearing the sound of air being blown through the air ducts in your house, and feeling a slight decrease in your body temperature, even though there is no air blowing on you. It's an example of the placebo effect because hearing the noise might make you think there's air blowing on you, and it's also an example of classical conditioning (at least as I understand it) because that sound of air being blown is associated with a fan running, to keep you cool, therefore, even when a fan is not running, you will involuntarily feel cool, because of prior association with that stimulus. Sadly, I only wish I could say I was as insightful with the exam tonight. I think I did mostly well with the multiple choice questions, and fair with the true / false section as well, but I couldn't think of some of the answers to questions in the fill-in-the-blank(s) category, and when it came to the short answer set, spent longer thinking about my answers than writing them down. All in all, if I got ~80% of the questions that I answered right, I would estimate my grade to be 65 to 70%. Not to be hard on myself either, but I just feel I didn't do well on it, and didn't have enough time to finish, even though I was given an extra ten minutes, on top of the hour between 6:30 and 7:30. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of that, I got 87%, or 13 out of 15 on my written assignment, which is pretty good. Even so, it wasn't without its faults, as noted by these comments on the last page:

Loved your introduction and conclusion. Very clever and interesting way to begin your paper. You write very well, and I can tell you did alot of research for this paper. Overall, great job - however I would have liked you to discuss a little more about why it is important to be aware of cultural differences in emotions and expressions - be more critical. I also would have liked it if you would have brought in a few other terms we have discussed in class. Other than this just make sure you are using proper APA format.

Great job! Loved reading your paper!

To which I say "Don't get me started". Aside from certain parts that I agree were cluttered, I followed the guides I was using for APA format as closely as possible, and I would have liked it if she had been more specific about which issues she felt were present. We did cover some things in class tonight, but from what I recall while I was writing this report, most, if not all of the things she was requesting were her personal preference. For example, the running head is supposed to be right-aligned, and page numbers are supposed to start on the first page of the report - not the title page. Also, regarding the running head specifically, we agree that it is supposed to be a shortened version of the paper's title - in my case "NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION IN CANADA AND CHINA" versus "Nonverbal & Gestural Communication in Canada and China - A Study", as the actual title for the paper, but on the first page of the report proper, there's a note up by the heading that says "short form of running head now". She also apparently feels that the word "however" should be used to begin a sentence, instead of to join two sentences together. How it goes in my report is as follows, in a cut, because I want to include the rest of the paragraph for context:

In particular, visitor to China should be careful not to use large hand movements, as because Chinese people do not speak with their hands, such movements may be distracting to their host. Furthermore, personal contact should be avoided wherever possible, especially between women in public ("China Business Etiquette, Culture, & Manners", 2012). Chinese people do have an excellent sense of humor, however. Provided they are comfortable with the other person, they are readily able to laugh at themselves, so a visitor should be prepared to do the same, given the proper circumstances ("China - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette", n.d.).

Going by her notes, she would prefer the sentence in bold to read "It is interesting to note that Chinese people do have an excellent sense of humor. Provided....", with which my issue is that it sounds disjointed. Maybe if I had a reference / citation for it, yes, but it doesn't flow with the text before, and the text after, which I find really frustrating, because it comes down to her opinion against mine, and I'll gladly provide pictures of the reports as evidence for why I prefer my style of writing, but the most effective thing I could do about it now is send her an email about my concerns, and I'm not about to start quibbling over that when I got a decent mark already. Two points missing is negligible, and generous for the amount of writing there is all over my report now, but I do need to ask if things of this sort will count against me in future assignments, but even if they do, I don't know how much it'll help, because once again, it feels like more of a matter of opinion to me. Also, see that "as" in pink? She put a line through it, which I assume means she wants the sentence to read "In particular, visitors to China should be careful not to use large hand movements, because Chinese people do not speak with their hands, such movements may be distracting to their host." Read it over a couple times, and tell me if you don't think the "as" needs to be in there. Maybe I should've found a better way to say that, sure, but it made more sense the way I had it. As for assignment 2 though, I've just barely started research on it. Once I'm able to determine how my paper will be laid out, I'll have a better idea of what to look for, but it's tricky trying to think of ways to correlate two different disorders, and I don't think she'd accept the paper being divided into two parts.

I need to have a shower before I go to bed though, because tomorrow will amusingly be an early day (I've become used to sleeping in again just in time, it appears), due to having to go to Tilbury for a haircut, but first, an important update about plans regarding May: when I got home from St. Clair tonight, Dan informed me that he had been successful in renting the party room for May 5th, so all that remains for me now is to let Melissa know as soon as possible (or Mary, if she can put the note somewhere Melissa will definitely see it), and then start saving up. I was fantasizing earlier about what it would be like to take an entire day there just for myself - go out to the zoo, head out for some supper after, go browse around one of the several malls that I now know of, etc., and do so entirely on my own, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. It pretty much always goes that when I'm out on my own, I go directly to my destination(s), and not stop to enjoy myself along the way, which is to say that without Dan, Xion, or Chris to accompany me, I would feel rather lost, and as if I wasn't accomplishing anything. I would still enjoy myself, and probably buy a couple lasting things to remember the day by, but sharing the experience with somebody else is evidently at least half the fun. I will still go out on my own to someplace or another, of course, but it would likely not be for the whole day. With that though, I have other things to do, so I'm off to do them. This neck hair is really becoming bothersome...

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