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Karadur Inacu 

Distraction, or Valid Point?

Our teacher clearly needs to read up or take a class on how to avoid bias in writing. I'm a bit concerned about how a good third of the first page of my report deals with how it's difficult to cleanly define "normal" and "abnormal" in a group of people, because we weren't asked to discuss that in the assignment outline, and I worry that I may be getting off-track, so I went back to check her email, and noticed the following:

[...] explore and discuss how their mental functioning would be different from ours (I hate to use the word but 'normal intelligence' people). I would like you to define Piaget's stages and explain how theirs would be different from ours [...]

Punctuation aside, how does she know that all five people in the class have the same mental functioning? I'm not saying that we don't, but I know for a fact that I think and feel differently than one or more of them, and I'm equally sure that they have different thought and emotional processes compared to me. Piaget's stages would definitely be different as well, but that's where it all starts to unravel, or I'm just reading too far into it. Aside from brief moments of synchronicity, such as when two or more people say the same thing at exactly the same time, if everybody is different - even people with Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and Asperger syndrome, which I have chosen to research - then the research base for this report will be unfathomably large, and nearly impossible to condense enough to write a 3-7 page report about, while still maintaining the integrity of the information. I understand that I may have the wrong idea, and that the assignment is to mainly research the disorders, and not the specific people affected by them, but I kind of feel like the teacher should be the one to make that clear, and not leave it to us to figure out. At any rate, I have about a page and a quarter done right now. My goal is at least five pages, not including titlepage and references, because it's right in between 3 and 7, but I still feel like I did before, in that I won't have enough time to complete this. I was going to ask Mom if we could go grocery shopping today, so I could have all of tomorrow to write, but I may just not go this week anyway, and take a break between 7 and 12 tomorrow night to wash the dishes and enjoy at least a bit of my day off. Similarly, I emailed Michele before I went to bed last night, because it's almost March, but told her that I wouldn't be available until the 7th, because of my report first of all, and because I want to have Tuesday after that completely off, because I don't work, and don't want to have to wake up early to go there. In her reply, she only said that she would need my help in March, and would see me on the 7th then, so that's all arranged. Now I have to start thinking about plans...

It's not quite the same as the above, but I was also thinking more / once again about going to London between now and May yesterday, and came to a decision, that depends primarily on what I feel like doing in April, and also when the last day of my night course is, and when we have our final exam. Should those permit, then sure, I'll go again, but try not to spend more than $200 total, including ~$56 for the train ticket. If Melissa approves my request to have time off in May, I might even make it (going to London) for the 26th, and thus have just enough time to take care of things at home and at work before I go off to Toronto. Fun idea, but there's still the thought that I could do the same here and save myself some money, which, same as before, has less appeal than that of going away. I'm finding this quite draining to talk about though, because it concerns ideas that won't come into play for a couple months regardless. I'll just think about Tuesday for now.

Otherwise, I want to try giving myself something to continue writing about when I get home from work tonight (in my report, that is), so I'll give myself 30 minutes for that, and then work on cleaning up my room (I still haven't fully unpacked...), and relax for a bit. We have a new closer tonight, which is unusual for a weekday, and I'd rather not be stressed about other things at the same time. Oh, and almost completely refuse to believe The Weather Network now, but I'll have to elaborate on that in my next entry. Let's just say it feels cooler than they say it is...

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