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Karadur Inacu 

I'd Rather Have Last Night

In regards to dreams, specifically.

The one I can remember from today involved two parts: going to 7-11 in search of a PSVita, which they somehow had, and buying it, then almost immediately feeling remorse for spending a significant amount of money on something that I didn't really actively want (because even though I wanted one of my own after using Xion's, I can think of nothing further that I would use mine for). Following that, the second part involved Dan and I being back here, at this house, not having much to do because it was a rainy day out. I think I remember him being in the TV room doing things on his laptop, and eventually I got bored, and went back into Mom and Dad's room, sat down on the bed (which was pulled out from the wall, as opposed to pressed up against it as normal) and played a game on some handheld console, hoping that we would catch wind of my boredom, and propose an idea to go outside and do something together. Instead, however, he did eventually step into the room, but only to ask if I remembered some specific girl from a recent party, and when I told him yes, said that he was going out with her to bike around the zoo (the one in Toronto), because they had bike paths, which my mind conceived of in a way that currently eludes me. He added that he would invite me along, and in that state, I would've jumped at the opportunity, but couldn't, because he and she both only had their own bike, leaving me stuck at home, worrying that I could be doing more. Before he left, I asked if that meant that we wouldn't be able to go out and do the same thing on another day that week (I do recall specifically mentioning a week), and he shook his head, said no, also adding that even if that were possible, he didn't have a helmet to spare, and apologized. After that, he went off, and I considered heading up to Cloverdale mall and just wandering around, so I'd have at least been outside. Thinking back now, I'm not sure why I didn't just decide to go to the zoo and walk around on my own, but maybe that could be attributed to the blurring of the two settings.

As for yesterday night's dream, I can only remember one specific part of it, and could no longer venture any guesses as to how it was triggered. I was in Toronto with a couple other people (but I can't remember who), going to what I think was the CN Tower. Instead of taking the normal elevator up though, we were invited around to the outside of the tower, and strapped into this long bench, split up into separate seats, which we were told people were not supposed to have access to, but we were either lucky, or part of a special group, or something. At any rate, up the side of the tower we began to ascend, and despite explicit warnings to keep all objects secured during the trip, I pulled my camera out, and recorded a movie of the ascent, angling it downward and trying to hide it behind my hand, so nobody would notice. We must have reached the top of the tower and continued on, or something, because the next thing I remember after that is still being on the bench-elevator, but freely gliding all around, sort of like the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory does. At one point though, which seemed to go on forever, we were angled diagonally down toward the ground, and, not being strapped in any longer, I feared that I might fall out, so I pushed myself back further and tighter in my seat, and held on, while still trying to make sure my camera was capturing everything. Unfortunately, that didn't last too long, because I did eventually start to slip out, when we were still a fair distance above the ground, but I told myself that no, that couldn't possibly happen, and I would do everything possible to make sure I stayed in my seat. It wasn't particularly frightening though. Exhilarating, yes, because it truly did feel like we were flying around, but even in the face of starting to slide out of my seat, I still told myself that I would remain safe. I wouldn't call it a lucid dream, but more just that I was having fun and enjoying myself so much that for anything to go wrong at that moment would be utterly preposterous.

There was something else too, I'm sure, but for now, just... yeah. I actually have something to go on in regards to answering the second question stated in my report, because out of frustration with not having been able to write a single word from when I got home last night until ~5:30am, I just wrote what was on my mind about the topic, without worrying about finding / citing references to validate my statements, because that's where I get caught up. It should be perfectly possible to write without having to worry about adding references until later, but for me, I can't do that, because I worry that if I go ahead anyway and have the full report done, then go back to find references (scholarly or otherwise) that say the same things as my paper does, I won't be able to find (m)any. I do like writing in the way that I tried last night, because it's easier to not worry about tone or any of those considerations at first, then go back and flesh it out / make it more objective afterward. Maybe that's actually the whole point to writing a rough draft of something first. Instead of just trying to pull the finished product out of my head from the beginning, write whatever I feel about the topic first, and smooth it over once that draft is finished. Oh, and now I remember. That thing about not trusting The Weather Network that I mentioned yesterday? After looking over the page, I realize the inconsistencies may be due the forecast for Chatham being based on what the weather is like in Windsor. It just doesn't make sense that sometimes they say it should be warm or cold, when stepping outside or opening a window for just a moment will show one that that isn't the case. Besides, the only times I really take notice is when I'm going away, or have special plans for some day in the future, so I know what it will be like, and also, whenever there are warning or alert banners up at the top of the page. Last night had the most active weather I've seen in a little while (apparently there was an absolute blizzard the first night I was in Toronto in February, but all of the snow had melted by the time I woke up...), so I'm hoping for another severe storm warning or such. Going back to only really paying attention to The Weather Network if I'm going away somewhere or have special plans, the idea of going to London has come together a bit more.

Last time I went, I just walked from York street down to White Oaks Mall and back again, stopping at various places along the way. Should I go again this Spring, however, I would also walk up Wellington just a bit, to what is now known as the "Citi Plaza". Last time I was there was as a kid, with Mom, who wanted to show me the glass elevators, among other things, and I might have gone there on my own one of the many times I went to London for the furmeets, but thought that it was closed or going out of business or something. Maybe that was when it was known as the Galleria... Also, after significant confusion with the transit site, I have been able to confirm that bus 13 runs from just north of York street (it goes further, yes, but that's the stop I'm interested in) all the way down to White Oaks Mall, which would save a significant amount of time, provided I choose not to walk. Four hours isn't a whole lot of time, so it might be better if I went up to the Citi Plaza first, took the bus down to White Oaks Mall, and walked back to the train station from there, but regardless of specific plans, it's definitely coming together. It's a shame that April is still a month away, but we're into March now, which is progress.

At any rate, I have about half an hour to work on my report, because I am going grocery shopping with Mom today, because I want to stop at work on the way in, and apologize for forgetting a couple things there last night (flatbread that I was going to make grilled cheese sandwiches for my supper with, and almost a full bag of 3-cheese, that should've been put back in the walk-in), as well as asking Melissa if she got my note. I presume she did, because it wasn't where I left it when I checked last night, but once again, I'll never take anything for granted. Better to ask and be sure, than to not ask, and wonder~

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