Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Can Be Productive

In two and a half hours this afternoon, I went through four or five stacks of receipting envelopes (minus two individual envelopes that I had problems with after Michele left for the day), as if it was completely familiar. There weren't really any ways to save time either, aside from only changing the latter five digits of the receipt number when searching for the next receipt, instead of typing "5039" as well, and holding the tab key to mark ranges of receipts as void, instead of pressing it up to 20 times. The unusual thing I noticed about that though was how after completing only a few envelopes, I knew exactly how many times to press the tab key, or how long to hold it in order to mark all 20 (or however many were void) without going too far over, just like yesterday night, I kept thinking that tomorrow was Friday, because I'm so used to not having Tuesday off. I think normal perception has been restored now, with exception for still needing to get used to the extended hours of daylight, the temperature outside, and the fact that for the past three-quarters of a year, I haven't been doing multiple things in one afternoon / evening, as I am today. The change is nice in a way though, and my only complaint would be the usual observation that going to Heart and Stroke again is pushing the things I have to do at home (mostly on my laptop) into the "Not enough time for everything" category. I should try to assign priority to one or two tasks, but really, I only have three major things to complete. Number one, upload my pictures and movies from when I was in Toronto in February. Two, organize my torrents (mostly music), and three, complete a general backup. I would devote the entirety of tomorrow to working on those things, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll have as much time as I would prefer.

For one, I'm going back to Heart and Stroke again tomorrow. Just from 2 - ~5 again, but after that come a couple other things I want to do, the first of which is going up the street to Via Rail to get tickets for both April and May (I still don't want to get ahead of myself with buying them early, but feel that now is a good time, because I'm below my desired limit, from Manoah borrowing $100, and Brandon wanting a shirt online that cost ~$65 with shipping). Following that is taking a longer walk up to H&R Block on St. Clair to take care of business there, and then once's that's done, I would like to come home, make up a grocery list, and ask for a ride out to Real Canadian Superstore for everything I will need to make cookies to give to Manoah's mom on Sunday. Then, once all of those tasks are complete, I can try to find a balance of relaxing and doing work at home, because after Thursday, I work from Friday to Sunday again, and might not have the benefit of time to spare next week, because if Manoah takes things about my hair as seriously as I am, he'll make the necessary calls on the weekend or early next week, so we can have that underway by either the end of the week, or by the 19th at latest. It's kind of a convoluted way to explain what I have in mind, but I would like my hair to be the same color as this guy's, but in this style (without the layering, but I still like my hair to look somewhat unkempt), with a single streak of the color seen in this movie (or as close as possible as can be found), beginning in the front-center of my head (that is, at the beginning to my hairline above my forehead), and extending down to one side, with about an inch of white hair between my face and the streak. Complicated? Most definitely, which is helped even more by Manoah not being online right now, and me not knowing if he works tonight. The exact process of dying one's hair is also still somewhat of a muddle. I understand that you start with a mixture of either 30 or 40 volume peroxide and powder(ed) bleach, which stays in your hair for up to an hour, and is supposed to lighten it in stages, from black / dark brown to light brown, then to red / orange, then to pale yellow. After that, you're supposed to apply a purple toner to counteract the yellow color, which essentially completes the process, but it's also advisable to use a purple shampoo after that, to maintain the white color. That in itself is straightforward, but there comes the issue of time being required, and whether or not this is going to happen at Manoah's house, or in a salon. In both cases, I'd prefer to work as many sessions into one day as possible, but there's also the issue of bleach being hard on one's hair, which is why I want to get it started as soon as possible. All in all, unless something happens before then, the soonest I'll be able to talk to Manoah is on Friday, so hopefully that goes well.

Otherwise, I'm just taking this time to relax a bit before work tonight. I'm looking forward to going there and telling Laura that I have something to say that she won't like (being that because I didn't work last night, and therefore wasn't able to clean the grease trap, it will be done tonight), and, for the first time in a while, maybe walking home a longer route, because it's been a while since I did that (had I gone out for snacks last night I probably would have though), and this feels like a good day for it. Were it not already 6:20, I would also make up a list of newly-uploaded music, as I uploaded some to my MediaFire account last night, and figure making an actual album listing in here would be a better way to share it. That is of course dependent on my mood when I get home though, not to mention the time. It might give me somewhere to start later though, so in the meantime, I need to find something not related to typing to focus on. 40 minutes of distraction should be plenty to get me ready for work~

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