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Not Quite the Last Minute

Brief updates about things, because it'll be 10pm soon enough, which means the 8th is almost over, and I want to write about various bits of interest that have happened since yesterday before I clean my room, in case that takes too long.

a] Walking home an indirect route. What started with plans to just walk out to Woods St and back down Lacroix to Wellington quickly switched to plans to go all the way out to St. Clair College, then walk down Grand Ave on the way back, on the side of the street closer to the river, to enjoy the wind. However, I got out to about ten steps before the intersection of Grand and Keil, and decided that that route would be too short, and that I would like to go out to Park Ave instead, then straight through to Queen, and home from there. That went as far as the intersection of Lacroix and Park Ave, where I decided to take a right, and go all the way out to Indian Creek, then over to Queen, and all the way back down to the part of Wellington that our house isn't on. Once there (at the intersection of Wellington and Queen), I turned left, walked over to Tim Hortons, and purchased a bottle of peach juice. Then I walked straight home, and was rather surprised to see that it was only ~3:40 (for reference, a map of the route can be seen here. When I pulled out my PSP to listen to music on it, it was ~2am, and I was about one-third of the way to Sandys St along McNaughton starting at St. Clair, so what does that mean? That I walked ~13km in one hour and forty minutes, making my speed approximately eight kilometers per hour. The wind definitely helped, but really? My top speed before that was about 7, and I find it hard to believe that I took a clean hour off of what Google Maps estimates to walk the exact same route. Then today, starting from Heart and Stroke, I went up to Via Rail, then down that little side street at which there is the stairway that leads down to the sidewalk of the underpass. I took that all the way out to Grand Ave, then took Grand to St. Clair, turned left, and went to H&R Block. Following that, I walked just up the street to work to collect the $65 Brandon owed me, and then it was back home (the map of this route is here). I haven't gone out walking (at least not purposefully) since then, but do my legs hurt? Not really. My ankles and heels, however, are going to be very disagreeable tomorrow.

b] I presume that my help is appreciated, but going to Heart and Stroke is starting to feel pretty silly. When I went there yesterday, I did about three hours of work, and neatly finished off the pile of envelopes / receipts I had been assigned. Today, I continued the same job, and finished it, at 4:15 this time, so Michele said that would be it for the day. I went off to get ready to leave (actually, went off to check Via Rail's site for ticket prices one last time), and on my way out, asked if she would need my help next week. Her response? She'll have to email me. Yeah. This is what happens when P2P receipting is broken up and its sections are assigned to different people. I'm quite capable, and in fact might even excel at repetitious tasks like that, because I did most, if not all of the work (receipting - not canvassing) on my own three or four years before, but now, the amount of work that gets left to me is positively silly. I don't yet know what I'll do if she emails me this coming week or the one after that to say that the rest of the work is covered, and she'll see me after the summer. That's what happened last year, and if I recall, once she asked me to come back in February, I was there for all of six days, and that was it.

c] Expenses today. In order, starting from walking to Heart and Stroke, I bought a Café Mocha at Tim Hortons, which was $2.45, I think. After finishing up at Heart and Stroke, I went to Via Rail, and spent an additional $196.62 on train tickets to go to London for the day on April 26th, and to Toronto from the 1st to the 10th in May. My next stop after that was H&R Block, which cost ~$96 this year (and I'll only be getting ~$450 back...), then work, where I was given $65, and that's all for the first part of the afternoon. As for groceries though, those cost ~$18, plus ~$5 spent at Dollarama, and another ~$8 toward one of KFC's new spicy Double-Down sandwiches. The total? About $330, and the day is not yet over. It's not likely that I'll go out again tonight, but who knows? Depending on how long it takes to clean up files on my laptop, I may go out to Tim Hortons again. Not 7-11 though, because I want to try to continue only going there on my way home from St. Clair. It's less money spent that way, and with any luck, the near-20km of walking I've done since ~2am this morning just might be enough to counteract the majority of my overeating last weekend.

Otherwise, there is much to be done, and I'm afraid not enough time to do it in. Or at least it feels that way, so I should get started. At least I can be thankful that I don't have a report to work on tonight as well...

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