Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Focused on the Future

I think today's entry is going to be significantly shorter than others on the grounds that my mind is too filled with one thing, and not enough of the other. The former can be described as anticipation of general thoughts, and things to come, while the latter is concern for the present, which is to say that I'm too much distracted by thoughts of what going to London in April, and Toronto in May will be like to focus on what's going on right now, although in fairness, today has been a quiet one. I put some new music on my PSP, emailed Brandon to ask him to leave his hard drive at work on Monday night so I can pick it up on the way home from St. Clair, and made my desktop look a little bit tidier, but those are more or less minor accomplishments. Maybe I've been spoiled by the extraordinary circumstances of the past couple days. That would make sense, because one of the things I noticed earlier was that I felt decidedly underproductive because I wasn't at Heart and Stroke, and thus wasn't getting nearly as much work done as I did on Wednesday and Thursday. Probably the one thing I'm really looking forward to about tonight is closing with Manoah, both because he owes me $100, and because I haven't yet had the chance to discuss what I would like done with my hair with him, but what does that mean for this extra hour? Little, I think. I could use this time to make up that listing of music that I mentioned a couple entries ago, but I still can't focus on the task enough to actually start on it. Maybe this always happens around this time of year, because I do get that feeling, but I suppose I could find something else to do. All that really remains for backing things up is to finish uploading my movies from February so I can put those and the pictures from the trip on my external drive, and make a backup of my Palemoon profile, but as I spent several hours on that yesterday, I would like to take a break now.

For later (as in, when I get home from work), I will hopefully have more to say regarding plans for my hair between Manoah and I, and hopefully good news to report about my physical state. I'm rather surprised that I don't feel too tired or sore today, but that could all change with the walk to work, and how busy it is there. Tomorrow will be more interesting, because I have different, absolutely necessary plans for when I come home, but those particulars don't need to be discussed right now. StepMania is loaded and waiting, and I'd rather not take too long to get into it~

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