Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Fitting Show of Gratitude

Even though it may be approximately four months after the fact, I'm just now realizing that the $10 gift certificate I was given for Boston Pizza at Heart and Stroke may in fact be directly related to how little work I do there nowadays. I suspected before that Michele would email me this week to say that they're all caught up for another while again, and that's exactly what happened. Just a couple hours ago, she emailed me to say that she will need me to come back after the long weekend in May to help with other recepting, but until then, things are caught up. Given that, maybe it's also fitting how even though I would like to use that gift certificate tonight, as I feel like having something different for supper, the only things I can find on the website that look worthwhile cost more than $10. To make matters worse, I have less in my checking account right now than I thought I did, so while I would consider ordering from Pizza Tonite, as that's where Manoah and I got our snacks at work from before, I technically can't afford it. I have ~$440 in my account, and $40 in my wallet, where the latter should be enough to last until next Thursday, but the rest is all a muddle. Getting those train tickets definitely didn't help, but I'm still glad to have them now, and as for the rest? Hair supplies, mostly. $22 on two of the bleaching kits Manoah recommended, $15 on special shampoo, $15 on dye, $25 on toner, and, unrelated, $30 on a new box fan. Expensive? Quite. At least it's only a matter of waiting now.

Unfortunately, there isn't much else yet to say for today. I want to go out to Value Village later tonight to use the gift certificate I have from my birthday, following which I have Brandon's hard drive to drop off, and then another lengthy night of waiting for things to return to normal. Too bad I couldn't get in contact with George and ask him to come over here on such short notice, because I have new downloads for him and his brothers as well. He, however, has still not responded to the email where I asked him how that cheesecake pie was, which reminds me that I told Manoah I would make one of those for his birthday, making for the need to spend another $15 or so. I absolutely do want to do that, but wouldn't it figure that I'd forget about some expense. Maybe I should put that Boston Pizza certificate on the fridge for whoever else to use (if), and decide on another pizza place depending on how the night goes after ~9pm. I can think of plenty to do - the problem is finding something to hold my interest. I haven't played Tales of the Abyss in nearly a week now, but only because I want to get through the fight with Sync and Largo (two bosses) without any of my party members dying, which hasn't happened thus far, and in regards to the rest, I'm still waiting to discover what the pervasive distraction is this time. Should I finish typing my notes from class last night? Probably, but it doesn't feel like that would do much.

At any rate, I should at least start with that, then check the course syllabus to determine whether or not we have class next week. The way our third test was mentioned yesterday made it sound like we don't, but the Monday before last, it was also determined that there would be class during the week of March Break, so I'm rather confused. What's even better, the teacher didn't have enough time to grade all of our assignments, so she will tell us what our mark was by Thursday evening, and we won't get the actual reports back until some unknown point thereafter. I am interested to know what my mark was, yes, but I also want to see the specific comments. I have been having certain dreams lately, and it would be nice to know if they are true or not...

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