Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Wonder Why They Bother

Mom bought a package of blueberry muffin mix yesterday, which somebody used while I was at work, yes? Of the ~18 muffins that should've come from it, there are all of two left. It's nice that there are some, but I have plans to make some cookies once I'm done here, and think it would be quite fitting if I left two down here along with the muffins, and took the other 6 or 7 dozen up to my room. Still, that's probably what I'll do, as I don't want to make them just to leave here in the kitchen to be eaten as other people please. I wanted something different to do when I got home from work tonight, because I've been having an extremely monotonous and grating string of days recently (guess when they started...), and to go straight upstairs again upon returning home would just be a continuation of that. So I will make cookies, some of which will be shared at work tomorrow night, and some of which will be taken to St. Clair on Monday, because even though none of us know each other all that well, I would enjoy taking even just a few in to share. Let's go back to the previous sentence now though. Specifically, to the part about having had a monotonous and grating string of days. I came to the conclusion earlier (before work) that it was several things all happening at roughly the same time that ate away at my energy, instead of the usual just one that consumes my mind to the point of exhausting frustration. I've come up with a way to deal with one for the time being, but the others? Let's see here...

a] Canada Trust woes. From my current balance being upsettingly low to further dislike of the Value Plus account that I have now, matters concerning money are a concern.
b] Increased daylight hours. I'm slowly becoming used to them, but this feeling of constantly being tired from my body trying to adjust is unpleasant.
c] The weather. Dear March: you shouldn't be so warm. It's to the point where I'm strongly considering rearranging my room next time I have a full day off
d] Overeating. Between that and finances, I want both to be corrected or at least made better by the end of this month. I'm not fat, but I know could be better.
e] Myself and jealousy. Not envy for once, which is nice, but it's pretty plain for anyone to see that I'm jealous of the way a certain manager (who I normally get along with) and new employee get along as if they've known each other for years.

There's one more too, but it involves insecurity, in the same context as something I've been through many times before, so it's not yet worthwhile to write about. Besides, my main point that has helped me feel as okay as I do now is purely opinion, so I'm not so much over it as just pushing it away for now, so it could eventually come back, and I'll write about it then. Otherwise though, I've missed four days, and my theme has changed. Well done, I think. Hopefully things start going a bit better now, but I have cookies to make first, and just before that, a quick, interesting thing that happened at work tonight. Laura was there when I started, so I told her that I'd heard she'd done a poor job of cleaning the dining room a couple nights ago, in reference to something that came up on Wednesday. She immediately got defensive, went into the back, and that was the last I really saw of her. Thankfully Mary was the closing manager, and Laura was done at 8, but it struck me as interesting. I now have cookies to make though, and it's already 4:40, so it's time I got busy~

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