Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think I Broke It

Right, so... I'm playing Exodus in an emulator, yes? I'm also using the cheat search function to see if I can find addresses for all of the powerups, and... I was almost successful. The two I can't figure out are for fired shots ("words", by the game's terminology). One makes it so that they go further, and the other makes it so that you can fire more in quick succession, but they're proving quite elusive to make cheats for so they'll always be at maximum. In trying to accomplish that, I made it so that it's possible to walk all over the level (including inside the outer border), and really messed up the enemy movements (they were walking into objects, and then rapidly spinning in circles until they got out), but the rest were successful, and are as follows:

Infinite Staves003EFF
Stop Timer004AFF
No Blast Damage004BFF
Holy Oil Always On00B8FF
Sandals Always On0048FF
Quota Collection = 255003FFF
Always Have 5 Questions075F05

The last two alone make it so that you need only pick up one question or piece of mana to make the exit square appear, however, there are certain drawbacks to the others. For one, the infinite staves cheat must be turned off in order for the level to end. The game counts remaining staves toward your score, and if the value remaining is being held at 255, that count never ends. Secondly, using any of the cheats`to enable a certain powerup will make it so that the normal music plays until another powerup is collected (it doesn't matter what kind it is), when the special music will play instead, but the normal music won't come back for the rest of the level afterward. Pausing and unpausing the game will make the special music play again, but that's not the same. Finally, and this should go without saying, falling objects (aside from mana) are still fatal. It may be possible to forcibly prevent that as well, but that would assume the game has a different state for being hit by a falling object, and then assuming that were possible, there might be an issue with narrowing down the possible values to find the one corresponding to that specific state. Otherwise, I would say "Go have fun", but I'm probably the only one reading this who knows what the above refers to without having to look.

Moving on from games now, I have four days off next week. Not just two, or even three, which I might not see as greatly unusual. Four, as in Monday-to-Thursday, which is going to be interesting. There's class on Monday night which will give me something to do then, and as my toner came today, I hope to make plans with Manoah to have my hair bleached for the first time on Tuesday, but then Wednesday and Thursday? If we get the details of our third assignment on Monday night, I'll obviously work on that, but otherwise, what could I do? Perhaps more, if I weren't trying to wait until at least next Thursday to spend money anywhere. After taking care of expenses today, and collecting what Brandon and Manoah owed me, I have $120 left in my wallet, and the rest is either on my Visa, or in one of my bank accounts. Of that hundred-twenty, half will be deposited before work tomorrow, which should bring my checking account balance up to just over $800, which I'd like to maintain if at all possible, account fees notwithstanding. $60 should be enough to last until April 6th, and having the extra hundred dollars is clearly preferable. As it's somewhat related though, for the past couple days, I've had an idea in mind for an interesting, meaningful, and maybe even profound picture that I'd like to commission from somebody, for which money would be one of the two issues. If I went through with it, I would ask Pachabel if I could commission her again, because I really prefer her art style, and I technically don't have money to spend. What's more, I also feel this is the sort of thing that would make me genuinely hypomanic again if I were to see through, so I am all-around not sure. I mean, I would like to, but I also would've liked to eat the remaining four pieces of chicken that I bought at Food Basics last week earlier tonight, with no regard for trying to stick to reason, but I didn't, and feel better for it. Maybe all the same though, because back when I said I was done with commissions, I did note that I would still get them if and when I had specific need.

I'm really tired all of a sudden though, and my teeth hurt enough to be distracting (I'm starting to think the effects from drinking too much pop are cumulative, rather than immediately noticeable, and only for a time), so I'm going to bed. If nothing else tomorrow, I'd like to clean my desktop up before I get distracted again (I meant to do that tonight), so I need to be sure I have time for it, and hope I get a better sleep. I swear last night I was using one of my other pillows as a blanket at some point, and managed to wake up at 12:30 feeling like I'd slept for more than eight hours, so it was a fairly disorienting experience. Maybe I'll put a big pillow in the window before I lay down this time...

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