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That Would Explain It

I cannot find the next episode of The Big Bang Theory for Brandon (season 5, episode 20) because it hasn't been aired yet, and until now, I didn't have the thought to check the dates. It's really not a big deal though, because that's just next week, and I emailed him to request that he bring his external drive in last night, only to get to work and find that he has the next three days off. I have quite a bit ready for him now, so he might as well wait longer and get even more. Then there's George, who I need to contact by the end of this month (either him or his mom), because contrary to how it was looking before, I was able to find and successfully download a fair few of the episodes that were missing from the first torrent I found for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Unfortunately, between having some of those downloaded but contained only on this laptop at the moment, and some others being on a USB stick which is over by my other laptop, and having a new series of episodes to rename for Brandon, everything is becoming hard to keep track of, so instead of going right into the one thing that I want to do this afternoon (once I finish here), I should work on those. As for what that one thing is though, it concerns one of the topics I wrote about last night. Specifically, as I still have a level editor for Joshua, I want to use it to recreate all of the levels from Exodus, but in that game instead. I think it should work, as the differences in gameplay are negligible. I might even move on to Crystal Mines (the original) after that, depending on exactly what sort of effort is required to go through Exodus. I suppose we'll see, because it would be a neat project to work on, and I'm sure Adam would appreciate it. In the meantime, I have a continuation of something else from my entry yesterday, in the form of new cheats, this time specific to Joshua, as they activate powerups only found in that game.

Faster Movement Always On077EFF
Enemies Frozen00DEFF
Louder Trumpet Always On00DDFF
Shovel Always On077FFF

Four more is good enough, yes? They're really not that difficult to figure out, although it's a shame the shovel and enemy-freeze powerups aren't both in Crystal Mines or Exodus as well, because having the ability to walk through nearly anything, and making it so that the enemies don't move from their starting positions would be most helpful toward mapping them out and recreating them in Joshua. Oh well. As noted, it's a project which I believe I will work on for now, because it's different, and thus far seems to be a diversion which would create something that doesn't exist as yet.

Other than that, however, I think I'll just get right to renaming / organizing TV show episodes. The only other things on my mind concern work (Tom was once again pushing it last night, both with customers and with asking if I would be changing my availability once my night course is over, and I was way too chummy with Laura), and those aren't partcularly interesting. I need to study for a bit today too, so maybe I'll be able to take care of everything in the next three hours. Depending, of course, on just how many episodes are in this newly-downloaded series...

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