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One Passed, One Failed

At least that's how I feel about tonight. We finally got our second assignments back, and aside from various remarks throughout, the following comments are written at the end of mine:

Very good. You did a thorough job of explaining AS and OCPD disorders and how they differ from normal development. The only thing I would have liked more in this paper is if you would have explained Piaget's Stages and then talked about how AS and OCPD people differ in their development from that stage and the one Piaget thinks people should be cognitively at that age. Otherwise, it was very well written. 13/15 = 87%.

Upon reading the assignment outline again, I find that explaining the different stages was a requirement as well, which I wish I'd seen now, because it would've been an easy way to fill a page or so, but still, I have to think I did well for that being the only thing she said she would've liked me to have written more about. There are notes in the margins of the other pages as well, but they range from suggestions on grammar to saying that she liked how I argued that I wouldn't suggest ways to cure either disorder, as neither of them were life-threatening on their own. My large paragraph about defining "normal" apparently also went unnoticed, because she only put a couple checkmarks in it, so altogether, that's two down, and one to go, which I am extremely dismayed to say is in fact due next week. Fortunately, we've been given an extension, making it due on Wednesday the 4th, as we were originally to have two weeks to write it instead of just one, but right now, my energy for all things concerning that course is practically nonexistent, because of the test / quiz we had tonight. Right away, I didn't study. Technically, I did for about fifteen minutes, but reading through some notes between ~5:30 and 5:45 while feeling more an more anxious over how slowly time seemed to be going by doesn't count, so when it came time to set our things aside, I did pretty dismally. To look at it the same as I did the midterm, if I got half of the questions that I did answer right, my grade will be about 50%. I couldn't answer either of the short-answer questions, and for a fair portion of the others, was just selecting whichever answer sounded most right. It gets better too, but from then until the end of the night, class more or less improved. What happened after that, however...

Same as always, I stopped out near the front door to get my PSP and earphones set up, but the first time I turned my PSP on, it failed to load some plugin or another from the memory stick correctly, so I had to remove the battery to get it to turn off. It's happened before, and I think it's because of the low microSD card class, so I knew what I was doing, but when I tried to turn it back on after reinserting the battery, it wouldn't. I took the battery out and tried again - and again - and it still refused to turn on, so, frustrated, I packed it and my earphones up again, and stepped outside, contemplating which way to take home, as I didn't much feel like stopping in at work first, but knew I should anyway, to take care of some of my notes from tonight. In the end, I just went straight home along Grand Ave, stopping at Wendy's along the way, where I spent $12.52 for all of two sandwiches and saw Cindy for the first time in several years, then somehow still didn't make it home until 10:30. Since then, I've considered starting research for our third assignment (there's more to it than this alone, but we're supposed to pick a case involving discrimination in North America, and write about it), nearly fallen asleep at ~11, had a bath, finished a couple more Exodus-to-Joshua levels, and tried to clean up everything new that I have downloaded for George and Brandon, as Brandon gave me his external drive when I went to work to talk to Manoah before going to St. Clair. Aside from the spreadsheet list in Google Docs, I have another text document that I'll probably end up using from now on, to keep closer track of indivudual episodes of various series. To give an example, this is what I have for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

| [×] Season 1, Episode 4 (Mickey Goes Fishing)
| [×] Season 1, Episode 8 (Minnie's Birthday)
| [×] Season 1, Episode 11 (Daisy's Dance)
| [×] Season 1, Episode 12 (Pluto's Ball)
| [×] Season 1, Episode 13 (Mickey's Treasure Hunt)
| [×] Season 1, Episode 14 (Pluto's Puppy-Sitting Adventure)
| [×] Season 1, Episode 17 (Mickey's Treat)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 36 (Donald's Special Delivery)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 37 (Daisy's Pet Project)
| [×] Season 2, Episode 38 (Clarabelle's Clubhouse Carnival)
| [×] Season 2, Episode 39 (Mickey & Minnie's Jungle Safari)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 40 (Mickey's Art Show)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 41 (Mickey's Camp Out)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 42 (Mickey's Round-Up)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 43 (Mickey's Big Job)
| Season 2, Episode 44 (Pluto's Bubble Bath)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 45 (Mickey's Silly Problem)
| Season 2, Episode 46 (Mickey's Thanks A Bunch Day)
| [×] Season 2, Episode 47 (Secret Spy Daisy)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 48 (Pluto to the Rescue)
| Season 2, Episode 49 (Sir Goofs-a-Lot)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 50 (Minnie's Mystery)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 51 (Mickey's Comet)
| Season 2, Episode 52 (Clarabelle's Clubhouse Mooo-sical)
| Season 2, Episode 53 (Minnie's Rainbow)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 54 (Space Captain Donald)
| [×] Season 2, Episode 55 (The Friendship Team)
| Season 2, Episode 56 (Mickey's Message from Mars)
| Season 2, Episode 57 (Pete's Beach Blanket Luau)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 58 (Minnie's Bee Story)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 59 (Pluto's Playmate)
| Season 2, Episode 60 (Donald's Ducks)
| Season 2, Episode 61 (Goofy's Coconutty Monkey)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 62 (Choo-Choo Express)
| Season 2, Episode 63 (Mickey and the Enchanted Egg)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 64 (Goofy Goes Goofy)
| [ ] Season 2, Episode 65 (Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland)
| Season 2, Episode 66 (Goofy's Super Wish)
| Season 2, Episode 67 (Mickey's Big Surprise)
| Season 3, Episode 75 (Minnie's Pajama Party)
| Season 3, Episode 80 (Mickey's Little Parade)
| Season 3, Episode 83 (Minnie's Bow-tique)
| Season 3, Episode 87 (Mickey's Show and Tell)
| Season 3, Episode 90 (The Go-Getters)
| Season 3, Episode 94 (Goofy's Thinking Cap)
| Season 3, Episode 95 (Minnie and Daisy's Flower Shower) [April 2, 2012]
| Season 3, Episode 96 (The Hot Dog Problem) [April 6th, 2012]

An empty box ([ ]) means that the episode is downloading, while a ticked box ([×]) means that it has been downloaded and renamed with the proper episode number and name, and lack of a box means that I haven't yet looked for that episode. In addition, dates in square brackets after the episode name indicate the airdate of that episode, so I don't have to go back and forth to Wikipedia to check when the next one will be available. It's fitting as well that I would choose the series that certain episodes of are difficult to find though. I went through the entire list of season 2, searching for torrents with the episode name, and any that don't have a box next to them I could not find at all, at least in my initial search. Is it worth that much trouble when it's not something that I'll benefit from? Not really, but all the same, I've been (t)asked with / to download that series and others, so I'd like to do as complete a job of it as possible.

Returning to things about class tonight though, something interesting about the two assignments that I've written thus far occurred to me: I gave both only a cursory proofreading before printing out the final copies, and did not write a rough draft of either. Same as when I write these entries, I'll edit as I go along, but what's written at the end is usually the finished copy, aside from small changes here and there. Maybe all four other people wrote theirs that way too, but it's interesting how I can get a good grade in spite of that. Also, one of our in-class assignments was personally relevant, in a way. Remember how one of the things that got me so worked up about stories before was the notion of a person of one gender wanting more than anything to be the other gender? We were essentially asked to state how we would act, as the parent of a child finding themselves in such a position. Back in the midst of the aforementioned issues, I would likely not have been able to answer, but now, I find myself readily able to, and the way I approached the matter shows clear signs of how I act in regards to other matters as well. Since I typed my answer at first (instead of writing it down), and saved the file, this is roughly what I said, although I streamlined it a bit when I wrote it on paper to hand in:

I would allow the child to act as they feel they should act, within reason - so long as they do not force how they feel onto other people, then they should be allowed to do what they feel comfortable with. They will, however, be expected to be aware and understanding of how other people may react, therefore will be responsible for anticipating and managing whatever reactions (good or bad) other people may have.

A child likely won't have the mental faculties needed to defend themselves to other people, granted, but just as other people should be expected to keep any misgivings to themselves, the child would (after a certain age) be expected to know that the way they have chosen to be seen / see themselves is different, and that not everybody will be as accepting of them as they might like. Still though, I really don't like our teacher once again, for giving us only ~5 minutes to answer that question. At least for me, there is a hell of a lot more to answering the question than just saying "I would let the child act as they wish, provided they don't force other people to accept their actions, and take responsibility for reactions from other people". If I were a parent and had a child who identified with the opposite gender, I would be as supportive of them as I could comfortably be, but the above paragraph took me a good fifteen minutes to type, so how am I supposed to properly (which is a synonym for "thoroughly" in this case) address both that and my original answer in one third (if not an even smaller fraction) of the time? It's probably a good thing in-class assignments are worth only 10% of our mark.

That said, however, it's already quarter to 7, and I don't want to be up as late as I was yesterday morning, so I'm going to end this just as soon as I mention how talking to Manoah went. He gave me his cell phone number (go figure that we've known each other as friends for a good two and a half years, and I still didn't have it), so tomorrow night around 6:30 or 7, I will call him to see if he has any plans for the evening. If not, I will go over there, and we will commence with the first session of altering my hair. On the other hand, if he's busy, I'll go over there on Wednesday night instead. One way or the other, something should happen by the end of the week, but that also means that I need to go through all of my notes from tonight tomorrow afternoon. It'll probably be a good thing to do though, because right now, the only thing I can remember of class is that we discussed psychological disorders. It's all written down / captured in digital picture form, but my memory? That's a completely different matter...

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