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I wonder if having access to the recommended resources would make this easier... I am now trying to conduct initial research for my third assignment, but find that it is more difficult than I expected it to be to find many examples of discrimination in North America. For the record, this is the assignment as the teacher typed it:

Given what we have already learned about cultural influences, I want you to take the knowledge that you have already acquired from the beginning of the term, and the knowledge that you will gain from reading chapter 10 and research from this assignment to complete a paper based upon discrimination and/or prejudism. For this assignment I want you to give me a well known case of either discrimination against a certain group or culture or a case based on prejudism that took place in North America. I want you to tell me how discrimination/prejudice comes to exist, how it effects that group, strategies and ways of maintaining/decreasing discrimination and what the outcome of your case was and whether you think that justice was applied or not. Then I want you to tell me about what kind of therapy you think would be best for a victim of discrimination and why. Make sure to include other concepts that we have learned throughout the course, as well as, from chapter 10 such as social perception, biases, conformity, roles, attitude, etc….These are just examples to get you guys thinking. You don’t have to use all of these terms, and you can use others that you find applicable for this assignment. Again APA format and I would like this to be 5-7 pages in length double spaced.

Were it not for the "well known" bit, I would be better off, but I want to say it's kind of a misnomer too, in that any case of discrimination / prejudice should classify as well-known the moment I'm able to find enough information on it to complete part of a research project. Therefore, while it may not be in my best interests, I'm ignoring that bit for now. I've singled out a case titled "AutoZone Inc. vs EEOC", which is apparently not only fairly recent, but interesting as well, and has a fair bit of consequences / reparative actions to write about. Unfortunately, that is only one part of the problem. The other is that according to the above description, we're supposed to read chapter 10 of our textbooks first, and use information and terms learned therein? Why, then, did we not cover that chapter this past Monday? I will obviously read it - probably as soon as I finish here - and have started writing the assignment by the end of the day, but it seems strange to essentially say "Write an assignment about issues we haven't covered yet", when the past two have been writing about something discussed the previous week. I would be lying if I said it wasn't distinct consolation to know that this assignment is the last. Writing about interesting topics from a critical perspective is fun in a different way, but having to find some interest or point of reference in an otherwise uninteresting topic first, and then write a 5-7 page report about it is not.

Also, completely unrelated, I had a somewhat distressing dream last night. I was in Toronto, walking back to Dan's apartment, and made it to the overpass that crosses over Kipling and Bloor. Normally, there's a sidewalk only on one side (the left, from my point of view in the dream), but that time, there was one on the right as well, which sloped down and went straight out, so off I went, happily walking along it, but eventually realized by my surroundings that I wasn't where I expected to be. Instead of buildings to either side of the street, and plenty of traffic in between, it was utterly desolate and dark. In a panic, I ran (practically flew, by the speed scenery was passing by) back to the overpass, and was extremely relieved to see that there was a sidewalk on the other side, and it did lead to where I wanted to go. Then there was part 2 of the dream, where our entire family was in Toronto on the same street, apparently walking down to Mississauga to go to a family get-together that Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob were hosting. Mom and I were walking more quickly than Naomi, Adam, and Dad, and thus were at least a block ahead of them, and I was all excited about pointing out the places I'd been to with Dan, Xion, and Chris to Mom. I remember making it to Food Basics, and suddenly feeling uncertain, because I hadn't ever walked farther than that, and then it hit me: we could've taken the bus. Not that I knew which bus to take, but I told Mom that we could make the rest of the trip easier on ourselves, and she asked pretty much what I just said. Which bus? Where does it stop at, and is the fare the same as traveling inside Toronto? I told her we could all go back to Dan's apartment, where I would ask him and find out, but she didn't want to walk all that way back for something that only might work. I think I woke up before making a decision, but as unrealistic as it may have been, I hope I don't ever find myself in that sort of position in real life. I would, however, guess that that dream was prompted by an email that I received from George yesterday, where he told me about how things have been going for him at work since we last talked, and asked me how my trip to Toronto was. I want to tell him, and I want to respond to the things he said about his work, but I feel as if I have too much to do, and can't focus on any one thing, not to mention tonight is the night I'm supposed to be meeting up with Manoah. As such, I'm going to start into writing my report now, and see how far that brings me through reading chapter 10. Maybe once I've established some progress on that, I won't feel quite as distracted~

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