Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Transition Has Begun

I didn't write anything in here yesterday because I was focused on writing my report, even though I didn't get a whole lot done in it, and today, the same thing is happening, but I feel like I'm finally starting to get into what I want to write about. At the moment, I'm at nearly four and a half pages, and am just starting into explanations of some of the causes of prejudice and discrimination, which is reasonable, but still leaves much to be done. I have to conduct more research to answer that question, and in addition to that explain how prejudice and discrimination can have an effect on people, which won't be more than a couple sentences at most. I may change the structure of the paper to better accommodate that if I have time (right now, I've written most of my answer to the aforementioned question under the "How Do Discrimination and Prejudice Come to Exist?" heading), but the priority at the moment is to get this done. I well and truly did waste most of the extra time off I was given this week, but fortunately, we have an extra two days to complete this final report as well, which I need to take advantage of. I really really want to to go 7-11 or Tim Hortons for a treat, because that would put me in a better mood to write more, but that needs to stay as an incentive for something to do when I finish, as I'll have extra time to relax this week as well.

In short, it's not as unusual as having four days off this past week was, but on the schedule for next week, I have Wednesday and Thursday off, and on the following Tuesday (the 10th), work only a short, 3 hour supper shift. I fear I've lost my monopoly on closing, but fluctuations are to be expected what with Melissa's imminent departure, and I really only care about not having more than three days off a week. May is an exception, of course, but it doesn't come for another month. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to having a chat with Brandon tonight. I returned his external drive yesterday, assuming he would be grateful for all of the newly-downloaded files, but instead of that, I received an email from him this afternoon saying that he couldn't find the series he asked to have downloaded as soon as possible. I forgot to copy that folder over, yes, but is this really what we're coming to? Me offering you effectively limitless use of our internet connection, and time and dedication required to ensure that everything is in order before I put it on his drive? He was supposed to drop it off on his way in today, but never showed up, so now I have to wait until I get to work, then probably bring it home at the end of the night, copy the remaining series over, and bring it back tomorrow, when I could just as easily tell him to watch what he has for now, and wait until the next update to get that series he wants to see. What's the point to downloading everything else if he only wants specific items from his list?

At any rate, the only other topic of interest on my mind since Thursday has been how people would react to my hair as it is now. Everybody here seems largely uninterested in it. Mom and Naomi were surprised, but neither Dad nor Adam made any comment, and nearly everybody at work somehow knew to expect a difference already, probably as a result of Tryphena or Manoah saying something, since they both worked yesterday. Brandon already knows what color I'm aiming for, even though I haven't told him yet, and Tom's first question was how much it cost. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when the best time for the second step will be, as I won't see Manoah until tomorrow (if he doesn't go home early), and even then, he works both of the days that we were originally planning to meet up again. Something might still happen next week, because I told him I would be available as early as 2pm, but I won't know until tomorrow. I think that's all I had to say for now as well, so with my last half hour, I will try to write something about how prejudice and discrimination start that I can pick up on again when I get home. Every little bit helps~

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