Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Dreams Should Be Real (Again)

The one I had last night involved a group of people (me included) walking down Grand Ave West. I was walking closest to the road, keeping my eye on the curb, because I kept finding various coins, both ordinary and unusual. I remember picking up a few quarters, as well as loonies, and a couple that looked like quarters but weren't thick enough and so on, which was unusual, and therefore neat. At one point along the walk, I stumbled and dropped a couple loonies into a little pit of sand in the grass, so I bent down to pick them up, and wound up uncovering more than I'd dropped. One of the other people noticed what I was doing, and asked how much money I had found, so I counted, and came up to a total of $19 in coins that I could identify. I only wish that would happen nowadays. Last time I found money in a public setting was last summer, when Dan and I were on our way to Canada's Wonderland, and since then, nothing. One guess as to the cause of that dream would be quite a few people dropping change at work last night, either by my fault, or theirs. It wasn't a whole lot (I went out to collect it as soon as there was a lull at the end of the night, and found only about 50 cents), but coins dropped there, and coins dropped along the side of the road would seem to be related.

In other news, I would be more or less looking forward to walking to work tonight, if I didn't want to ask for a ride in order to be able to talk with Manoah in more detail. Both Friday and Saturday night, random people (it may have been the same person) have yelled at me while I was walking across the bridge to St. Clair (the street), calling me "cat brother", and saying they "love what I do", because "that's awesome". I was even offered a ride on Friday night, because it was raining, and apparently "cats don't like water", but I declined, and that was that. Then there was last night, where I was walking home on the other side of the same bridge, and people drove by in the same direction I was walking, made barking noises, and threw a glass of water or pop or something at me. There was ice in it, at least, but it didn't hit me, so I gave them a thumbs-up even though they were nearly out of sight, and nothing happened. It's curious how nothing of the sort can occur for weeks, then suddenly those like-minded people apparently come out all at once, but if I do get a ride to work tonight, things will obviously be different. I hope Manoah understands my desire for expediency as well. We don't have the benefit of a mutual day off this week, but that doesn't mean that all chances of making plans are lost.

Aside from those things, however, I'm just hoping for a quick night at work, to have more time to work on my report when I get home. It seems within reason to say that I could finish explaining two or three sources of prejudice and discrimination based on religion and race as they concern the case I'm researching, and explain how prejudice and discrimination affect people in general, and I presume we will cover the chapter of the textbook on therapies in class tomorrow, meaning that I can use what I learn there along with what's in the textbook already to complete the last question of the report. Of course, this is still a case of something that sounds good in text. I came home last night with every intention to get right back to work on my report, but decided to relax for a bit while I ate supper, which continued right through until I decided to go to bed. I'm not pleased, but the deadline is quickly approaching, and I hope the reality of the report being due in only a couple days will push me to finish it up after class tomorrow. Until then, it's time that I was getting ready for work, and oh, remember how I wrote yesterday that Brandon was going to bring his drive in so he could get a TV series I forgot to put on it last time? He did, but took it home at the end of his shift, because he would be "bored" without it. Apparently it takes too long to copy even one series over, so I think I'll just disregard requests like that now. If I forget something, it can wait until the next update, or he can come over here in person and wait until the files have finished copying. That's only fair, right?

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