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One of Us Doesn't Get It

Supper at home tonight was those pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon that I bought a bag of for myself before. I never encountered any great issue with preparing them, so I thought nothing of it when I came home from St. Clair to find two in the fridge, which were microwaved for one minute. I then took them upstairs, got settled in, cut a piece from one and put it in my mouth, and felt an unpleasant texture. Mushy chicken, to be exact. At first I thought it might have been potatoes, but cutting the rest of the piece of chicken in half yielded more of the same, so I ate the bacon, and just went downstairs to ask Dad what happened. His response? They needed to be microwaved for more than a minute, and he was defensive beyond that. Sorry, but no. I've made them four times using the stove, and the only problems I ran into were the first time when I used cooking spray to coat the pan instead of oil, and the second time when I accidentally reversed the cooking temperatures, and both times, they were still completely edible. Maybe I'm making it more of an issue than I normally would for reasons unknown, but it's irksome.

Along the same lines, but to a far greater degree of uncertainty as opposed to annoyance, I think I may actually be able to contest something we went over in class tonight. One of the presentation slides defined reverse discrimination as being really nice and giving preferable treatment to individuals or groups that were discriminated against before, which doesn't match up with another definition for the same term I found while conducting research for my assignment. My definition (in its most basic form) says that reverse discrimination is when an individual or group representing the majority of people who comprise a specific grouping (such as being of a different race or gender) is discriminated against, instead of the minority. Both seem equally plausible, and the textbook corroborates the definition given in the presentation, so for now, I'm waiting on a reply to the email I sent the teacher about the matter. I would like to know if one definition or the other is actually correct, or if they're both true, and just circumstance-dependent before adding it to my notes. Until then, I find it hard to believe that reverse discrimination could possibly be treating victims of discrimination extra-nicely, as it fits the literal interpretation of the phrase a bit too well, however, I am biased (although I should say prejudiced) because I found "my" definition first. As for other things from class tonight, I did pretty poorly on last week's test / quiz, as expected, and we've been given an extension of a day and an hour for our assignments. They're due on Thursday by 4pm, but I still hope to finish mine by the end of Wednesday, as I would like to have Thursday to do whatever I want. In addition to that, next Monday is our last proper class. Monday following that (the 16th) will be devoted entirely to review for the final exam, which will be held on the 23rd. Aside from the more direct implications of that, the moment the 16th being our review night was decided upon, I also made the decision that that will be the night I bring cookies in. I want to do that before the end of the course, and what better night to do it on than one with a (hopefully) open format? I think that should be fun.

As for things from earlier today, I started writing an entry shortly after I woke up, but stopped, because the topic I started with was based entirely on a random observation, and would have been of interest only to me in all likelihood. As there are already two paragraphs above this one in this entry, however, I will try to remember what I said at the beginning of the day. The Weather Network currently has a poll on their site asking for the definition of "fetching", but they've seemingly neglected to mention that they want to know what fetching is in the context of dogs, as the only options are "When a dog brings a ball back to its owner", "A boot-camp that owners do with their dogs", and "Both". While those choices make sense given the implied narrow field of view, "fetch", and its several conjugations have several other meanings. "Fetching", for example, can also be used to describe a characteristic of attractiveness, and according to Google's definitions, "fetch" is also the distance any vessel designed to travel on water needs to go to reach open water, or the total distance traveled over water in one trip by said vessel. Simply put, there are quite a few other ways to define it, so I feel very strongly that a fourth option of "Other" should be added to that poll, but even if that were to happen, it will probably have been replaced by a new one by the time I wake up tomorrow. On that note, it's time for bed as well, just as soon as I sort out my sheets. I'm looking forward even more than normal to sleep tonight~

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