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Only One Day Overdue

So, I'm not sure how applicable these are now, but as I've had a short list of things to write about typed out since Tuesday night, I might as well make use of them. In no particular order, there are the following:

a] Asking Mary About Changing My Availability
Just after we closed on Tuesday night, I had the thought that because the date for our final exam had been announced, I also knew when the last night of the course was, and thus could ask for my availability to be changed, so I did. I wrote Mary a two-paragraph note explaining my request, and saying that I'd follow-up with her as soon as possible, all while Gabby kept periodically looking over my shoulder, which was amusing. I didn't expect to be able to talk to Mary anytime soon, but as it turned out, when I went to Manoah's house for the second time to use the other bleaching kit I had yesterday, he needed to call her himself, because she's officially the new general manager, and there were a couple things to discuss pertaining to that. I took advantage of the opportunity to talk to her myself once Manoah was done, and as such was able to hear her confirm that my request will not be an issue, but that it won't take place until after the 26th, to provide that allowance for going to London. So that's changed, easily enough, and I'm grateful to Mary for it, but I also have the feeling that once Tom gets wind of the change, he'll assume that I did it for him, because twice now he's explained that come summertime, he'd rather have Monday nights off. Oh well. My own thoughts regarding that part of it are that I asked to change my availability because after the 23rd, I have no reason to not be available to work on Monday again. Him being benefitted by it is a factor too, but it's more of a side effect, and less a direct influence.

b] Four More Coming Up
It was only last week that I had four days off in a row, yes? This week I have two, which I'm on the second of right now, while next week I believe I have either one or two, and then comes the week after that where, as before, I work on Sunday, and not after that again until Friday. Lovely, no? I could go on about how I won't get paid as much as I'd like because of that, and how less pay might make it more difficult to do things in Toronto, but as with most everything else, there's a silver lining to that situation. For one, I can use that time to study, as our final exam falls on the Monday after that, and two, I may or may not (but hopefully may) be able to go out to various places around here as I plan to do in London, with the idea of getting whatever I like (snacks, etc., not to mention I want to see if Dollar Tree sells anything more interesting than the previous dollar store that was there did), but not touching any of it until I get home from Toronto, so I have both the trip to anticipate, and something at home to look forward to getting into, instead of making the return trip just something that has to be done, however unwilling. Money would probably be an issue, but I think I will still look into doing that, as it would be something different and fun.

c] Interesting Results of Research for my Assignment
Right off, the report is complete. As of about 11pm yesterday night. I sent it to the teacher as a PDF, because I could think of no other way (outside of separate images for each sheet), and advised her to let me know if she encountered difficulties, so not having heard from her yet, I assume she was able to open it without issue. The first interesting page I found was one on Contact Hypothesis, which is essentially the idea that under the right conditions, direct contact is the best way to reduce prejudice between members of majority and minority groups. It's not really self-applicable in any way, but to have found that page, which was exactly what I needed, and attributed to somebody mentioned in class was frankly near amazing. As mentioned before, my style of researching for both the report I just finished and the other two has been that I come up with something I want to say, and then look for a resource that supports that statement / says the same thing. The second interesting result is this page on Re-evaluation Counseling. I proposed that as an ideal method to help people who were victims of discrimination, but didn't find it severe / distracting enough for it to become an all-consuming issue, and really looking into it, it's quite interesting just how much I agree with that style of dealing with problems. That's what I want when I'm in that sort of position. Just to be able to talk about what's bothering me, why it's bothering me, be emotional if it comes to that, and move on. It's also less formal (as preferred) if the other person has a similar emotional obstacle of their own to overcome as well, because once it's out, both people can move on. There would likely be no need to return for a follow-up session, and it overall sounds like it's less about one person who's trained to help people with those problems doing so, and more about both people getting it out of their systems in a way that's mutually beneficial. It just seems like a really cool method of therapy.

Aside from those though, what else happened yesterday? My hair was bleached for the second time, making it even lighter than before, for one, but I do have concerns about whether or not the toner will work. I told Manoah that if it doesn't, I will want to go up to Shoppers for some brown dye (specific shade to be determined), and put in streaks with that, because it would still be different. I also hope the toner is the sort of thing that, assuming it works, but starts to wear out before I go to Toronto, I can re-apply after just washing my hair. Following being there though, I mostly worked on my report from then until it was finished, ordered supper from Pizza Tonite because I didn't want to wait, and then had a fairly long (four hour) chat with Xion about some things that were going on there. Overall, I'd call it a fairly good night, but even with my report finished, I feel like I have too much to do today. Again, in no particular order, once I finish writing this, I have the following to do: go to the bank to withdraw money for Mom and Dad, along with $40 to put on my Visa, and $20 with which to go to 7-11 later, followed by actually going to Money Mart, then going to Dollarama in the mall for some more gum and to check if they have something else I want, as well as actually going out to 7-11 at some point after the sun goes down (I don't want to go when I'm out, as that would be too early), along with typing up my notes from class on Monday (the teacher still hasn't responded to my asking about reverse discrimination, but I can easily skip that slide for now), cleaning up my desktop, downloading newly-aired episodes of various TV series for George, Brandon, and myself, writing an actual email to George, and last but not least, try to initiate a conversation with Xion again, because I told him I would be willing to talk tonight as well, based on how his situation changed (if at all) in the meantime. Oh, and to make it even better, half of the money I want to put on my Visa will be loaded into my Nintendo eShop account so I can buy Snapdots, and probably one or two other games from my wishlist depending on my balance after that, so I will want time to play my new game, but I also just bought VVVVVV yesterday night, while I was waiting for my supper to be delievered, and have played it for only twenty minutes at most. Is there far too much to do? Yes, so at this point, I need to separate things that need to be done from things that would be nice. I'll start with going to the bank, and see what happens from there~

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