Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Most Unsettling Precedent

Today will be the third day in a row where I've somehow woken up feeling worse than when I went to bed. Every time, I wake up around noon with a headache, then fall back asleep for another couple hours during which time it dissipiates, but today was (and still is) something different. To start, I laid down to go to sleep, and what felt like only a short time after that, woke up on my back at the edge of my bed, staring at the shelf that all my games are on, and felt so horribly uncomfortable and out of place in those couple moments. I panicked, because until a certain point I was still somewhat asleep, and didn't know what I was looking at, but once I fully woke up and realized that I was just staring at the ceiling, I rolled over in confusion as to why that had happened. I usually don't randomly wake up like that, and certainly not with the suddenness that was present in that one case. I did get back to sleep after that though, and then around noon, or so I would guess, I woke up much more slowly than before, feeling really cold, even though I was wrapped in two blankets, and could feel heat around my neck. I was shivering / shaking slightly too, but hoping it would go away if I just laid still and fell back asleep, I did just lay still, but didn't fall back asleep. Turns out I had to go to the bathroom, so I did that, and on my way back to bed, unfolded my comforter to use, which was better, but still not ideal. It was as if all of my body's natural resources for fighting cold were utterly depleted, but between that and closing my window, I made it through the next couple hours. Finally, when I woke up with the intent to stay awake for the rest of the day, the back of my head and my ankles hurt, and still hurt as they normally never ever do under these circumstances. If I go on a long walk, then aching legs the next day are to be expected, and if I have a headache, a certain amount of overall head discomfort is involved as well, but I can think of nothing that happened to prompt those. Am I becoming ill? I don't feel physically unwell, and since I woke up, I'm finding it somewhat on the warm side, but presumably only because it's warmer today than it's been for the past couple days. I just wonder what work will be like. We have an extra closer, but that says Mary expects it to be busy, and even if it's not, the notion that we have that fourth person because my body isn't cooperating is somewhat far-fetched.

Another unsettling thing, but less in regards to precedent is Manoah. I let him borrow $100 back on March 28th, and then gave him another $20 on request this past Wednesday, making it $120 that he owes me altogether, yes? While I was at his house on Wednesday, I asked if he would have that money for me on Friday, and he said he would try to have at least some of it, so I obviously asked again yesterday night. His response? That he didn't, and won't be able to until we next get paid. That's it. No apology, and no asking me if I minded, which I'm still annoyed about. I'm clearly being taken advantage of, so depending on what he says when we next get paid, assuming I'm paid back, I may very well instate a 25-cent-per-day late fee, past the originally-agreed repayment date. Even in this case, it would mean I get only an extra $3.50, but that's fine, as it establishes that I will seek additional compensation if I'm not paid back on time, and I will thus be able to increase the amount if it continues past that. I will still be considerate, of course, but I won't have this laziness where it's left up to me to determine that the other person can't hold up to their end of the deal. In other words, instead of waiting for me to ask, and brushing me off at that, Manoah should've told me as soon as possible. He had plenty of time to tell stories about Tom last night, after all. Really though, last night was a mess from beginning to end. I was an extra hour after 3am washing dishes, when I had been working on them constantly through the rest of the night, between customers. Manoah assured me that both he and Dan would help, but ultimately, he didn't touch a single one, and Dan put some away. Stupid. I came to the determination on the way home that Manoah cares only about making ends meet - that is, getting from the beginning of the night, which is one end, to getting to the other, unless he has some incentive to do extra work. And where that's concerned, guess who continued to wash dishes while the two of them ate pizza and chicken wings for a good twenty minutes? I think the only good part was that I was far more brash and direct with Dan. Where I would normally not make an issue of, say, bagging orders improperly (filling the bags too full for the most part), I wasn't having it with him. Thinking though, maybe that's one of the reasons I was in a tense mood until I got home, and could also explain my headache, because I went to bed with those things still on my mind. Does it make any difference that yesterday was a holiday, and we were paid extra as such? Not as much as before.

Otherwise, I am also regretting not typing at least some of my notes from class on Monday while I was in-class. I'm nearly finished (three slides from the end) now, aside from the one about reverse discrimination, which I don't want to fill in until the teacher clarifies which definition is correct between mine and hers, which isn't likely happen until this coming Monday anyway. I told her that the aforementioned question wasn't extremely important, and it could be left until next week, so it's fine that she hasn't responded yet, but you'd think that regarding assignments, she would at least send an email to say "I got your report, and was able to open it without issue". Has she though? No. At least I have some plausible deniability if she says my assignment was late because she wasn't able to open the PDF. I need to finish those notes before I go to work though, and I think so that I have something to look forward to tonight, I'll stop at 7-11 on the way in. Speaking of which, there's a staff meeting coming up next week, for which we were told to choose one of two times that we would rather attend, so I chose one for 9am on Thursday. It works in that I close on Wednesday anyway, and it's been a while since I stayed up really early then went out someplace like that. I wonder who else will opt to be there early...

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