Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Confirmation of Several Things

In order of immediacy, I know the following things as of right now, at latest:

a] Our in-class review night is still on as previously scheduled. According to the teacher's announcement, it will probably be only a couple hours at most, which works perfectly with something I want to do after class that night, and also allows me to go through with making cookies, as hoped. The caveat is that we will be required to write our exam in a different room, so I'll have to confirm its location before I leave, assuming the room number is mentioned next week.

b] Following the above, my assumed four days off have been split up, as a result of Mary confirming with me yesterday that I was able to work the Wednesday night that I noticed Manoah was originally scheduled to close by himself on. Really though, that's fine. I should theoretically be able to do at least one of the things I want to after class on Monday night, and otherwise, it's just a matter of walking out to the places I want to visit between Tuesday and Thursday. I could even have a look at what Dollar Tree has to offer on Wednesday night by leaving for work an hour early.

c] Continuing along the lines of work, schedules until the end of the month are all up now, so I know what to expect in advance. Regarding going to London, I close both Wednesday before, and Friday after, so it's going to be a pretty unusual day off, and following that, I close Saturday and Sunday, as normal, then have Monday off, which should hopefully make packing less of a rushed affair. I want to say that had I known that would happen, I would've just asked Dan if being there from the 30th would be fine, but it's of no great concern, because I can put Monday to equally constructive use here. I think I will try to do the same thing as before - make an afternoon out of going out to Dollarama, Real Canadian Superstore, Bulk Barn, and so forth, on the last day I work, but I could always use part of Monday to, say, make a cake to take to work before going to the train station on Tuesday. I need to check how many people work that day first though, because I don't want to give them something too large. Also, mostly unrelated to the former, Mary confirmed that my change in availability will take effect when I return in May. Quite painless, and in fact, she seemed more concerned that she couldn't remember what I'd asked to change specifically.

d] Not directly related to work at all, but remember that 1TB external drive that I thought was broken, due to the clicking noises it made? As part of reorganizing my room yesterday night (for I went through the entire thing), I took the external part of the drive apart (the plastic pieces housing the actual hard drive), and eventually managed to free the hard drive itself from the additional circuitry. Upon doing so, I noticed that the connectors looked suspiciously like the ones on my newer 2TB external drive (the one that has a detachable base), so out of curiosity, I tried disconnecting that drive from my laptop, and attaching the base to the 1TB drive, and it worked. After some waiting, presumably for Windows to go through its "New hardware detected" process, the autoplay prompt opened, displaying the same drive name as before, and roughly the same capacity. Thus, what needs to be determined now is if the external hard drive enclosure I have already is in use, and if it is, look into buying a second enclosure with SATA (I'm pretty sure that's what they are) cables. It does work fine with the base from the other drive as noted, yes, but it doesn't seem practical (or safe) to switch back and forth depending which one I need.

Aside from those four items, I have three additional things to mention once again today. The first is that much to my surprise, it's today already - the day where, if I'm to go to the 9am staff meeting on Thursday, I have to stay up all night. I was up until 6:30 last night, and could've gone longer if I had a reason to, so in tonight's case, I will try to do the same again. Staying up isn't so much the problem as is staying busy, and there's still some optional cleaning in my room to be done. The second additional point of interest is that to my delight, I received a cheque in the mail today for $93.96. Along with that we're going grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow, that means I can buy a new pair of shoes, and still have an extra ~$30 for any expenses between now and next Thursday. Lastly, I won't let today end (or in other words, I won't go to bed) until I've emailed George. It is now one week after the date I said he could expect to hear from me by, and of the list of things I had to do at this time a week ago, that is the only one remaining. In fact, I'm off to start right now, because half an hour is plenty of time~

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